Tuesday, April 19, 2011

#12 Not So Easy!!

Today hasn't been the easiest day but I've got a #12 . . .

12.  (4/19/11) Jill from Diabetes Sweeties sent us some superdy duperdy cute crafts to decorate pods with so the girls and I got to work this evening after dinner (& homework).  We also made some super cute Easter Pod magnets for Easter table favors. Love D-Mom, Jill.  Thankful. Fun. Cute. Quality time with the girls.

From Jill - Such a Sweetie!!

Jill sent this super cute faces for the pods!! LOVE!

Painting Pods is a messy job with a 5 and 7 year old.  :)

Turned out pretty cute - right?

I think we are ready for Easter!


Michelle said...

Love the Easter pods :) And the faces are absolutely adorable too!!!

Hope your day was wonderful and i love these!! You make me smile. Thank you!

kkd said...

Love the Easter pods and so glad I found your blog. We just received the Omnipod in the mail and have had some anxiety about it all. Nice to read your story. I enjoy how you "keep it real"!

SO nice of Jill! Cute creations! I love your pod art!

Those are absolutely adorable!!!

Amy said...

So cute!!! I love the create-a-face ones :). What a great #12!!!!

Rachael said...

So Cute! :) I need to think of an idea for all the Dexter waste. Happy Easter

Super cute! We didn't get our recycle pack with our new shipment, so we have a TON of pods...should break out the paints and supplies and get to decorating! Bean loves arts and crafts!!

Tracy1918 said...

I just hopped on here to send you a thank you and look at all the fantastic pods you've made!

Oh my word, Laura, you are SO creative!!

Do you have any idea what special memories you are giving your kids. Despite the frustration of diabetes, you are making sweet memories with them. I admire you for that.

Oh by the way, the little chick is my fav!!

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