Disclosure Statement

When I started this blog in September of 2009 it was for sole purpose of self-medicating.  My son had just been diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes and I felt scared and alone.  So, in my spare time (that's a joke) I decided to blog it out.  I honestly had no idea that anyone besides my mom and grandmother would read what I had written.  Today looking at my stats I can see that my blog gets on average about 250 hits per day ---- What?  How did that happen?  My mom has a lot of time on her hands but NOT THAT MUCH time.  People I don't know and a lot of people that I do know are actually reading my blog.  This fact makes me both happy and nervous!!  I never want to offend anyone but I always like to speak my mind.  I also know that I often come across as a raging, depressed, lunatic which has my grandmother adding me to every prayer chain she can get her hands on but I always feel better after I get my feelings out --- no need to worry about me.  I am a-ok! 

All of that being said I would like my readers to know a few things about me & Houston We Have A Problem (HWHAP) -

* I am not good at writing any type of legal or professional statements -- again, this blog started out about helping me get through a very dark time

* Apparently I need a disclosure statement of some kind ---- well, because the FTC says so.

* The views and opinions expressed on HWHAP are purely that of the blog owner (me), my loyal husband (Jim) and my little servants (Emma, Sophie and Nate). I am not easily influenced so don't even try!!

* I am not compensated to provide my opinion on any products, services, websites or any other topic for that matter.  If I could be compensated that would be lovely!!  If anyone would like to compensate me --- please let me know!!  :)

* The owner of this blog (again, that's me) would like to acknowledge an existing consulting relationship with Insulet, the makers of OmniPod.