Wednesday, April 13, 2011


6.  (4/13/11) Today was easy.  The DOC always lifts me up.  Thankful.  Lunch with my mom.  Yummy.  Side Walk Chalk with Sophie. Fun.  Renata is thinking about doing 1 a Day too! Wonderful.

 5.  (4/12/11) I spent time with my dad (Bobby not Jerry - yes, I know it can get confusing since I call them both dad) and my Uncle David today on the East Side of Ft.Worth.  It brought back such wonderful memories of my childhood.  I even drove by my grandparents house (they've both been gone for close to 20 years) and felt like I was driving back in time.  Nostalgic.

4.  (4/11/11) My mom bought 2 Freestyle meters for the price of one at CVS (on sale and with a coupon).  Silly but this made me happy because we were down to only our PDM for bg checks.  I gave away a meter to someone in need and then our other one crapped out.  Maybe this is really 2 good things for today! Exciting.

3.  (4/10/11) My kids made me mud pies. Awesome kids.
2.  (4/9/11) We had a wonderful day at the zoo and no low bgs for Nate. Fun and Happy.

1. (4/8/11) I witnessed a terrible hit and run accident while taking the girls to school Friday AM.  Literally 1 or 2 seconds later and it would have been my truck that was hit right where Emma sits.  The driver of the car that was hit was ok and luckily, he had just dropped his son off at school.  I later found out from the insurance company (they called me for a witness statement) that another witness was able to get the license plate number of the runner.  Thankful.


Cdejulius said...

Am proud of you! It's amazing how it can change your prospective . . .tomorrow will be a good day too!!! ;)

<3 The DOC and my kids (and hubby) are always my one a day too :)

Lora said...

Love this post... it was like 6 days of Laura :)

Michelle said...

Love this idea! I may have to do this too...great way to put everything into perspective and think about the real important things in life that keep us going :)

Okay - I'm getting how this works now. Reading your posts backwards was not the best idea. :)

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