Monday, March 13, 2017

Overcoming Anxiety #SuperNate

This little man ❤️!! He loves #football 🏈 so much & he scored his first #touchdown today. He also played #defense like a boss! I'm so proud of him. He used to have terrible #anxiety about his #diabetes and playing #sports. He's come SO FAR! His teammates and his coach are all amazing so #typeonediabetes has fallen into the background for him while he plays! He truly is #SuperNate

Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Emma's 13th Birthday

International Women's Day -- what an appropriate day to celebrate this beautiful girl that is turning into an amazing woman right before my eyes! Happy 13th to my #1 girl, Emma Leigh Houston! 
Here's to STRONG WOMEN. May we know them. May we be them. May we raise them. 
I tried to pick 13 of my favorite pics but you can see how that turned out -- it didn't.  Looking back at pics and sharing them is totally my jam! 

I'd say she's had a great birthday! Last night she had a special date night with her dad (shopping and Perry's Steakhouse), this morning she woke up to cake and gifts, Dry Bar, lunch with GaGa and Poppa, shopping, shopping, and more shopping! And Friday a special date night with her bonus dad, Ian. 
Turning 13 seems like BEST. DAY. EVER. 
And the mushy part! She's such a great kid! She's always been so easy and now she's so fun, funny, caring, empathetic, kind, strong, independent, and just so amazing! 
To top it off she got a special note in the mail today from one of her teachers thanking her for being an 'awesome kid' --- 💥Proud Momma 💥.

These 2 make me laugh every single day.  #BonusDad #BirthdayGirl#BirthdayDate #EmmaLouWhoDrew @emma_leigh_03 @ianivory #LittleBlueBox #13 #SpoiledRotten @ The Hivory Home ️️

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