Friday, April 8, 2011

Submit Your Kit - VLOG

A few of my D Mama friends (Reyna, Hallie,  Wendy, Lexi  & Jen) have shown me theirs - now it's time for the Houston family to show you ours ---
and oh yea . . . did I mention that we Vlogged (is that even a word?) it!?

Forgive the craziness of the video . . .
I had all 3 children, my mom's 3 dogs and my mom helping out.  :)
Oh yea ---- if you look closely you can see Nate run by with his new Batman Waste Pack from Tallygear.

So, that's pretty much what my life looks like 24/7.  My mom always calls my house "The Zoo".  I have no idea what she means by that??  Anyway - here is a run down of what's inside - - ->

NOW! It's your turn!
Here are some details about the project,
and a link to the instructions so 

Submit Your Kit 

We’re currently trying to understand the needs of people with Diabetes so we can improve the process and tools they use to manage their everyday lives. Whether it's monitoring blood sugar levels, administering insulin or logging records, our goal is to design a solution that will improve Diabetes care. Your thoughts will inspire our design and help us develop a great solution.  

Check out THIS LINK to find out more.  

If you know anyone who has Diabetes and might be interested in helping out, then please forward this along.

That is all.


Penny said...

Your family is just adorable!!!! And you look like every other family out there with 3 kids - craziness!!! You carry a lot of stuff with you - wow! LOVE the OmniPod checkered bag you have that fits everything and the zippered pouches within it. Where did you get it Laura? I've been looking for something like that other than the standard black Pod bag that is SO hard to close! Great video and I love seeing you live and your kids are the cutest!

Unknown said...

OMGoodness your kids and you are SO CUTE!!! I love your accent. I loved the checkered bag that Penny is referring to as well. Where did you get it? It seems to hold the "essentials".

Tell your camera lady (aka your mom) "HI"! for me.

Love ya and your uber-awesome kiddos.

Cdejulius said...

Hmmm, maybe we Texans with our accent should move on out to Hollywood! (What accent?) Cute kids and such a great video operator!! We could make westerns!! :) It turned out good! Laura got the bag at our local Market Street not too long after Nate was diagnosed. If there is a name on it, it could probably be googled to track it down. It is a great organizer for all of his supplies!

Stephanie said...

LOVE, love love your video!! So much fun to see you guys "live!"

Anna said...

oops, posted my d-bag comment after your Tally Gear post. Great video!

Jen said...

Adorable ! I am enjoying everyone's Vlog's ..hope there are more to come!

OMG I love it..such a pretty mama!! And the girls are precious!! But now Im beyond in love with Nate. Ship him to me now!

Great bag! Love the lil polka dot one!

Btw I didnt have the balls to Vlog but I did show you mine. Crackers included love u! ;)

Leigh said...

Love, love, love your vlog! You guys are too cute!! And seriously, what accent?? I don't even remember a y'all in there!! LOL! :) Thanks for sharing!!

Unknown said...

LOVE THE VLOG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I totally love Nate's directing. He was CRACKING ME UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Meri said...

Well I grinned the entire way through. :) You have the most precious family ever. Love you guys...and way to go well prepared mama!

donna said...

Laura, Thank you for supporting tallygear...Tally & I sat and watched your vlog....We loved and the kids are awesome....Donna

I'm smiling. Your VLOG was so much fun to watch!!! All three kids are adorable, and all of your little your bags are cute, too. :)

I've never heard of those protein puffs. I need to go google them!.

How have I not seen this before??? AWESOME! Love you and your "crazy" family! And thanks for the bag... YOU ROCK, Mama!

NikDuck said...

I missed this when you originally posted!!! I love it! You and your kids are adorable and I so am buying that bag on ebay. You can't ever have too many cute bags right?!

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