Thursday, May 26, 2011

Losing it all . . . and getting it back!

I had given up hope.  There was no way that I was going to get that bag back. No way.

Let me start at the beginning . . .
Monday was a very bad day.  Very bad. Nate and I decided to go for a walk/bike ride so I threw our small D bag into the little storage compartment of his trike.  We walked a mile to the park, played for a while and walked back.  I walked and he rode his trike.  He is fast!  He rides that thing like he is on a mission.  Hello - Phil Southerland --- watch out!

I did a bg check before we left the park and carbo'd him up for the ride home.

I was getting tired -- my pace was more of a slow run keeping up with him which was ok because we needed to hustle back to pick up Soph from school but I was getting a little tired.  We were almost home.  Did I mention we had the dog too?  Yea - I was running while maneuvering around Pancake and Crazy Nate.  Anyway, we were almost home when my phone came flying out of the storage compartment on Nate's trike and that is when I realized his D bag was gone.  HOLY CRAP!  I had a tired, on the low side Nate and an exhausted pooch that had plopped down and was not going to budge.  I turned around and ran back, I ran as fast and as far as I could but Nate and Pancake were done!  Done.  So, I ran home, pushing Nate on his trike and pulling Pancake on his leash.  We jumped in the truck and backtracked.  I felt confident it would be there. Somewhere.  It had only been maybe 5 minutes. Ten at the most. What the crap - where is it?  I could not find it.  I called my mom, she raced over and we were both looking.  It was just gone. And then it hit ---  the mother of all storms!  A serious, severe thunderstorm!  No hope left now.

I was slightly freaking out.  Ok, I was really freaking out at this point but I had to go pick up Sophie from school.  Panic. Panic  Panic.  Everything was in that bag - I VLOG about it here.  I had to give Nate a shot to cover lunch.  Whaaaaat?  Huh?  What's his I:C ratio for lunch again? We made it through lunch, I got Nate down and was ready to focus.  Luckily, we had a back-up PDM and OmniPod was great about making sure I got it all set up.  Double lucky, I had uploaded about 2 weeks ago and I had only made 1 basal change since then otherwise I would have been in a world of hurt.  I started making phone calls --- police station, fire station, country club, HOA and neighbors.  No luck. I asked the HOA to send out an email blast to everyone in our neighborhood with a description of the bag and the importance of getting it home safely.  Fortunately, the company that manages our HOA also manges the HOA where I felt I had lost the bag so they (after much persuasion) sent out an email to that neighborhood too.

The next day, Mom, the kids and I hung 20 flyers throughout the neighborhood.  I waited. I stared at my phone. Nothing.  No one called. I wanted my bag back.  Have you seen my bag - - - it's perfect.  Well, it is perfect for me. I've had it since Nate started pumping last March (2010) and it really felt like I had lost a part of me. As far as I have come getting past my depression over Nate's diagnosis here I was mourning the loss of my most perfect D bag.  It sounds ridiculous but I rely on that bag to keep me organized and sane and that in turn keeps Nate safe and happy.

I just have to say that everyone was so great!  People were praying for me, offering up supplies and really empathizing with my situation.  Again, friends, family and the DOC lifted me up!  I called Children's Hospital and they sent us a new ketone meter and a new multiclix.  Our OmniPod rep brought over a Freestyle meter from his own supply because he knew ours was in that bag.  I was so grateful for everyone helping us out.  It is amazing how 1 little bag can carry so much.  That one little bag had everything I rely on every single day to keep my son alive.  There was no way I could just go out and replace it all -- it was overwhelming just thinking about it so again, I am so thankful for all of the support that we received.

By Wednesday I had given up all hope.  I started trying to put together another bag but nothing was working for me.  I had everything in Ziploc bags and just felt so unorganized.  I started looking for a new bag.

TODAY!  Oh Today . . . Today was a good day.  Well, actually it was a really crappy day.  Nate was high all night and after 2 corrections I had to give him an injection at 4:30 AM and then another one to cover breakfast at 6:30 AM, he had large ketones (at 4:30), Dexcom had had the triple ? for 6 hours straight and we were running late for school.  I had to do a pod change and a Dex change so I had one pissed little boy and one grumpy mommy.  It was a full day, we took lunch to Emma at school and let the kids pick out books the book fair, then home for naps and then just enough time to get back out the door for tennis lessons.

BUT then my phone rang . . . and I answered it (my peeps know this is an exception - not the rule for me). It was him.  He had my bag. We will call him Anthony (Patron Saint of Lost Things).

So, here's what happened. We were walking home, the bag fell out, and this guy and his buddy were walking to the country club (they were have a tournament on Monday) saw the bag, picked it up and rescued the bag from the impending storm.  The buddy was going out of town so Anthony took the bag home.He lives about 20 miles away!!  He went through the bag thoroughly hoping that he would figure out a way to contact the person that lost it but there was nothing.  Finally, today his buddy gets home from his trip and sees the email from the HOA and forwards the imformation to Anthony. An hour later my mom and I met him 1/2 way and *WA - LA* all is right in my D world again.

I have my bag and my head! 

Yes, there were a lot of lessons learned ---- I'm pretty sure everyone on Facebook has already labeled their pump remote and bag now as well as uploaded pump settings.  I know I have. If you haven't GO. DO. IT. NOW.

Old PDM with New PDM which now has my contact info on the back

Love every part of this bag - even the blood stains from Nate's little fingers

Everything in place! 

All is right in my world - organization has returned

Contact Information in the bag - Go me!
Nate's name on the back and another card between the skin and the pod.  Overkill. Maybe!


Monday, May 23, 2011

A Note of Thanks

We are so very thankful for all of the donations that were made by our friends and family to Team Super Sweet Sophie!!  

This year we raised $1745.00!!

Our family was blown away by the amount of people within the DOC that supported our efforts to raise money and awareness for Crohn's and UC.   I know how important diabetes research is to each of us so the donation to CCFA really touched my heart.  Thank you!

For the Houston family Crohn's/UC research is just as important as diabetes research.  Our goal as a family is to help raise money for research for both diseases.   Thank you for helping us reach our goal this year and thank you for supporting our little girl.  

From Sophie:

From Emma:

Unless someone like you cares a whole awful lot, nothing is going to get better.  It's not.  ~Dr. Seuss

Thank you for caring.

Friday, May 20, 2011

I wont lie --- it felt good

Last week was Nate's endo appointment - - our 2nd one since going back to Children's.  I am amazed at how much I love going to the Legacy campus.  The employees are so nice and it's so close and the people are so nice - wait did I say that already?  They really are very nice!

Nate rocked the appointment again this visit.  He did everything asked of him and not a single tear shed.  He's just getting so stinkin' big!

The doctor came in and asked me if the nurse had given us the a1c results ---
Ummm - - - No.  I wasn't really nervous.  I had looked at our average on the PDM and had a general idea of what it should be this time around.  I knew we would be down from February's 7.9.

The shocking news ----- 6.6.

Say what??

I waited for the lecture.

Even I thought that was too low for Nate.

But deep down I was so damn happy.  I won't lie - I like 6.6. I feels good.

No lecture came.  They know me there - they know I check, check and check Nate all of the time.  I had called in March to report that we were having some serious lows so we discussed those a bit but we hadn't had them since March so it really wasn't as issue ----remember back in March - I thought I cured Nate--- yea, turns out I didn't.

What we have had is low tide . . . smooth sailing . . . the calm before the storm.

Do you remember Wendy's post? Waves?  Yea, she knows what I'm talking about.  So does Heather from Sweet to the Soul she writes about how diabetes can change in the blink of an eye. No rhyme -- no reason.  That is what's happening here.  All the pretty numbers ---- where are they going?  It starts slowly - - - a random high here or a random high there and then good hell the after breakfast spike --- I saw it yesterday but not today.  Same breakfast. Exactly. Ugh!

It has gone from this . . .

back to this . . .

Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh . . . Nooooooooooooooooooooooooo!
Ok - not really - - - - I think that was a sick day or something but that picture gives me nightmares!

In all seriousness I have started seeing some highs where we just haven't seen them before and yesterday was day 3 so I upped his basal during the troubled time.  Great - no problem, hopefully today we will see if that worked but I know he is entering into another growth spurt --- the eating, oh the eating . . . the boy cannot get enough to eat.  More insulin is ok - I know it's ok but it's a little bitter~sweet he's getting so big and it feels like 'big boy' basals.  Does that even make sense?  We've gone from 0.05 to 0.25 in just over a year.

I hate to use the word hate but I really hate, hate, hate highs.  So, 0.25 it is from now on.  Just praying that D doesn't get too crazy.  I just can't handle any cRaZy right now.

Dear Nate, Please stop growing.  You are my baby!  Love, Mom

Dear Diabetes, Suck it.  Love, Nate's Mom


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I'm doing blogger basal this month!!! 
Email me your favorite post for this months Blogger Basal by Monday, the 23rd.

Thursday, May 19, 2011

CCFA - Super Sweet Sophie's Walk in Pictures

Sophie & Emma before the walk

Being Silly

Excited about HER big day!

Ready to ROCK & roll. hee hee!

Aunt Sus (Fassy), GaGa, Emma, Sophie, Nate & Pancake

Me, Fassy, Emma, Sophie, Nate and Pancake

Poppa with his special girl

Daddy & Super Sweet Sophie

Daddy with his girls!

Friends and Family

Me & Helen

Friends and Family :)

Friends and Family :)

Getting ready to walk -

Jim with some guys that he works with - they came for the walk.  PS - 1 of them is T1.  :)

Good Friends!

Super Sweet Girls Supporting Super Sweet Sophie

I've known these 2 since middle school - 2 good eggs!

My Sweet Girl

Me and Soph

More Sweet Friends

I loved how our friends left notes here for Sophie!


My 2 guys!

A little dancing before the walk -

Walking for Sophie!

Sophie's Sweet Friend!!


Natey Poo and Sophie too!

The last one to cross the finish line. 

Chow Time!

It was some good chow!

Not to take away from Sophie but this was Nate's 1st bounce house. 220 - 45 in about 15 minutes!  WOW!

Messy face and all -- walking for Sophie


Let's Find a CURE

To see more photos from our great day --- please click here.

Just a Mom

I am NOT a doctor, nor do I play one on this blog.

I AM a wife.
I AM the mom of 3 wonderful children.
I AM my son's pancreas.

The information provided on this blog is from our personal experiences with Type 1 diabetes. Because something works for us does not mean it will work for you.

Please consult your doctor if you have any questions or concerns about your health care options.

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