Friday, April 22, 2011

Good Friday's 15

I'm super tired but wanted to throw together a post about today's 1 thing -----

15.  (4/22/11)  Today was a good day.  Another day of pretty numbers --- I think that makes us day 3 of  'in range' numbers.  I think you really have to be a d-parent to understand how good that feels.  Highs stress me so much that I seriously need medication. I hate HIGHS.  So, today was a good day with no highs and no spikes!  My goodness - - - why am I taunting diabetes by being a braggy braggerton???  I'm really not trying to be a braggy braggerton ---- it's just that 'in range' numbers really make me happy ---- can you tell??  FREAKING HAPPY!

We had a good day with my parents coloring Easter eggs.  I really enjoy spending time with my family. It makes me SMILE.  Jim came home early to spend Easter with the family so all is right in our little Houston world.  Yea!!

Super Sweet Sophie

Nate and Daddy
Me and the Girls

Papa and The Girls
GaGa and Nate

My Little Artist, Emma Leigh

And . . . although I hate this picture of me the reason I do what I do everyday is right here.  I love the way Nate is looking at me in this picture. Pure Love.

Happy Good Friday Y'all!



Misty said... the pictures! Happy Good Friday to you Braggy (You've earned the right to brag - awesome numbers)!!

Cdejulius said...

Gee I posted and it disappeared! It was a GREAT day for us too . . .love the continued tradition of dying a zillion eggs here with the kiddo's in their Easter aprons . . .which by the way are getting smaller on them each year! Happy Happy Happy that Nate is rocking those numbers! That makes this Good Friday an especially Good Friday . . .Looking forward to our wonderful Easter weekend!! xxoo

AjsMommy82 said...

You looked so cute in your apron!!! :)
And that picture of Nate looking up at you was priceless!!!

Alexis Nicole said...

I could eat you all up!!! Beautiful fam!

Justice saw your blog header and said "So,whats the problem!?"


Reyna said...

Me too...on what Lexi said. I could eat the whole lotta you up. You are gorgeous btw...xoxo

Roselady said...

You do have a beautiful family, and it's great to see your face shining back in your kids' faces. I definitely see you in them!

Amy said...

What a true blessing to capture a moment of your child's adoring love for his Mama! That is what it is all about . . . and the cute apron is awschum ;)

Heidi / D-Tales said...

Beautiful numbers! Beautiful tradition! Beautiful family!!! :)

That photo of you and Nate is wonderful. :)

The girls' manicures are super cute, too. Madeline would be jealous. :)

Lora said...

I love the egg bugs :)
And all the fun pics...