Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Diabetes, K9s & New Tires - #20

20.  (4/27/11)  I started out the day at 4:00 AM with a screaming Nate.  SCREAMING.  Oh My Goodness - I ran into his room as fast as I could -- I'm pretty sure I hit every freaking wall on the way.  I found him in his bed screaming bloody murder (whatever the hell that means) and holding his leg up like an injured dog.  He would NOT stop screaming.  I lifted him and moved him to the rocking chair with me.  Still screaming that his leg and his pod hurt.  I really thought it was a night terror at 1st ---- the screaming was strange it was a crying scream but there were no tears.

I kept asking him if his pod hurt and he would scream, scream and you know --- more screaming so I eventually just ripped the damn thing off.  Ouch.  I'm pretty sure that was a bad move but I was freaking out.  I thought for sure I was going to find a big, huge, red, pussy, swollen, infected site with a disgusting cannula but there was nothing.  Not one thing.  His bg was a bit high so I gave him a correction and did not put on a new pod.  I figured the big bolus would cover us until 6:30 AM wake up.

That plan pretty much worked except Nate never went back to sleep.  I ended up putting him in bed with me, Sophie and Emma.  Good times.  He read a little, played a little, laughed a little but slept none.

So, we all got up around 6a and went on with our normally scheduled AM routine.

Between getting Sophie and Emma ready for school, packing lunches, making breakfast, changing diapers, putting on a pod, and taking Pancake out for his morning poop there was no time for a shower.  Nice!

No shower usually equals no problem for me.  I can usually drop Emma and Sophie off and scoot home for a shower.  But, not today!  Oh no!  I had to get Pancake over to my mom's house to be groomed and then my dad and I were going to get new tires put on my truck.  No biggie I thought we would just drop off the truck and be on our way.

Oh hey - did I mention that Nate was still in his jammies?  Ok - yep - he was.

The drop off took forever.  By the time we dropped it off, I took my dad home, picked up Pancake and left his house in my mom's truck it was time for me to pick up Sweet Sophie.  Still Stinky - Still no shower. While in carpool I got the call that the truck was ready for pick up.  Awesome.  I was supposed to drop off my mom's truck for a balance and rotation when I picked up my truck. Sounds simple enough - right? WRONG!

Oh My GOSH!!!  It was horrible.  Ok -it wasn't really that bad but a little bit crazy!

Remember I still haven't showered - and to be honest I'm pretty sure I hadn't showered since Monday.  Umm - yep - I said it - I hadn't showered since Monday.

Nate is still in his jammies.

I have Pancake.

Sophie has UC.

My tires had already been paid for so I thought I was just picking up my truck and going to be on my merry little way.  My dad had already done all of the due diligence on my mom's truck OH BUT OF COURSE that guy wasn't there and another guy decided he needed to have me walk out with him to inspect my mom's tires, get the mileage from her truck, find the damn wheel lock all the while corralling (ok I was really just grabbing and screaming) 2 kids and a dog.

Oh my goodness - Nate was running all over the place in the parking lot, Pancake was barking and had completely wrapped his leash around my legs oh . . . maybe 6 times.  Sophie had a freaking explosion in her pants because when she's got to go she's really got to freaking go.  Oh yea and I stink!!!!!

He then makes me go inside with all of the mess mentioned above and sign paperwork.  Are you freaking kidding me?  It was like a 3 ring circus walking into Discount Tires at 11:30 -- the busiest time of the day apparently because that place was packed.  A bunch of showered people without kids or dogs watching a mess of a mom trying to wrangle a sad Sophie, a wild Nate and a damn dog!  We were quite the scene.

All I could think is that I really wished I had taken a damn shower.  At least then all of these people staring at me and mentally giving me the WORST MOM OF THE YEAR AWARD wouldn't be judging me for my greasy hair, pants that were a size too small & lack of proper hygiene!

Ehhh . . . what are you going to do??  Again, it really wasn't that bad --but a shower definitely would have helped.  :)

Yea for new tires! Oh yes and Yea for showers - I finally got one at 7:45 this evening! 


Kelly said...

Ohhhhh man! So sorry! It's amazing what a shower can do to help us feel better!! I've been in this kind of mess several times, less the UC :( I hope better showerful days are ahead :)

Cindy said...

Oh, I've been there! Mechanics are completely clueless when it comes to children, I think. Anyone who thinks you have the time to have a discussion/walk-through with them when you have 2 kids in tow is lacking some common sense! But, like you said...yea for new tires and for showers! Hope tomorrow is a better day!

AjsMommy82 said...

Poor Sophie!!! And poor momma too! Hope you took an extra long shower tonight, who knows when your next one will be ;)

Michelle said...

Yea for new tires and showers! I've been there (less the UC) too...totally stink (no pun intended)! I'm sure C's school thinks I've got hygeine issues some days...happens to the best of us : )

Diane D said...

Hooray for showers! I could see the whole seen & you had me cracking up :) Here's to tomorrow being better.

Diane D said...

I blame all spelling errors on d & lack of sleep ;p

Ugh! How can some people be so clueless? So frustrating!!
I've had those weeks, too, where I have to stop and think when I've had the chance to shower!! I also tend to live in the same clothes...though they do get washed a couple of times a week. But with the sun staying out longer and the temperatures rising, my black fleece is going to have to be put away. Crap! Now what am I going to wear?!?!?
Enjoy those new tires!!!

Maryam said...

Laura, sounds like a typical mom of the year day, you are super woman to me, and if it means someone sees you at your worst, so be it. They can look but they shouldn't judge because you never know what someone is going through or what is happening. You probably looked fine, you just felt "dirty" from the shower that is. But honestly, who can look at your adorable kids and think anything but awww they are soo sweet.

Unknown said...

HA!!!! Loved the scene and love that I am not the only one that walks around town unshowered. I highly recommend Febrezing yourself. It cuts down on the stench. And...slap a little baby powder in your hair to absorb the grease! :) You just gotta learn the tricks of the unshowered trade Laura! Love you.

Jen said...

Oh my..I felt like I was right there with you! You are a ROCK STAR!

Joanne said...

I have a confession, I just washed my hair yesteday... it had been a week and a half. Luckily I have great hair that wouldn't be greasy if I poured olive oil on my head.

And thanks for clearing up the source of that weird smell in the air yesterday... I was wondering what smelled!

Love you!

Leigh said...

LOL!! Praying for a much better day today!! And totally agree with Reyna on the Febreeze. ;) And that dry shampoo! Have you seen that? It just sprays right in and will totally give you another day or 2! Ha!! Yes, we D Moms need all the tricks of the trade we can get!! :)

Sarah said...

holy scnikes...what a freakin' day! And then you got on here to blog about it, now I am in awe - I'm glad you can somewhat laugh about such a hectic crazy moment. And good things you changed pancakes name because could you imagine if Nate was running around the tire place calling out his previous name, that would be like a cherry on top kind of moment!
Hope today is easy peasy puddin pie!

Melissa said...

I know what you mean about the shower I didn't get one yesterday and today I only got to get one after lunch when DD#4 was sleeping.
Not having shower really can make other things seem even worse.

I hope tomorrow is a better day.

Lori P said...

Laura, I laughed and cried reading this. I hate that it happened to you (cried). I guess I laughed because of a very similar experience I had last week in Osh Kosh. I cried at the time it happened but I can laugh now. Pee, poop, screaming kids (x5) and 2 outta control barking dogs!! Ugh.....I thought I would die (even wished for it a couple of times). Oh my goodness.....I need to read your blog more often.

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