Wednesday, December 8, 2010

A Breakfast Post

Some would say it is a love - hate relationship but it is really just a hate relationship for me.  I hate breakfast.  Not because I don't love me some pancakes, waffles, eggs, bacon or coffee - - - nope, I love all of the yummy-ness that is breakfast.  What I hate is that no matter what Nate eats for breakfast it looks like this:

(Sorry Facebook Friends - I know you have already had to endure this roller coaster ride today)

* Above photos were taken today after Super Bolus, no correction, and 7g of banana uncovered around 10:15 AM.

I am obviously trying to eliminate that AM spike but it seems no matter what I do it's always there.  I do believe it has a lot to do with the massive growth spurts that Nate goes through and the increased alkaline phosphatase when he is having these major growing spurts (note to Nate - please stop growing!  You are my baby boy!!) I have increased his basal starting at 5:30 AM, reduced his I:C ratio for breakfast and for the past two days tried the Super Bolus trick I learned from Lorraine.  

I received a lot of feedback today on Facebook from other D-rents that all said that with the wee ones -- their DexComs look like this is the AM too.  I hate to say it but it is so true - - - misery loves company!!  Thanks everyone for your words of wisdom and encouragement! Seriously, I am relieved to know that I am not the only one that is riding the roller coaster every morning. 

I haven't given up!  I increased his basal again so we will see what it looks like tomorrow and I will keep you posted.  

Wish us luck!! 

*** Adding this information for a good question asked . . . 
We always pre-bolus at least 10 minutes before breakfast but prefer 15.  Nate wakes up saying 'eat, eat, eat'. And we pump with Apidra.


oh dear! What a ride! Hope you find what works for you babe! Have u tried no carb bfast and see where he spikes? Then address that and then attack the evil carby bfast food? Our issue was justice was spiking after bfast time without eating and then a again with food! Im babbling good luck love!

Anonymous said...

How soon do you give the insulin before eating?

LaLa said...

Kelly, we always try to pre-bolus at least 10 minutes before Nate eats. Sometimes it is tough - he wakes up saying 'eat, eat eat!!'.

We pump with Apidra.


Joanne said...

This is what ours looks like at dinner. Breakfast for us has been a dream. I'm about to freaking lose it if I can't figure this out.

Sorry for the comment-rant. I think I'm losing my mind over here.

Unknown said...

Laura...I am so glad that I didn't have a CGM when Joe was a preschooler. I would be under lock and key in a padded room, crouched in a corner, banging my head against the wall, while sucking my thumb, and mumbling "Mama...Mama...Mama".

Joe's CGM graph looks similar to this still...but he only spikes to the mid 300s AND he doesn't do the low thing 3 hours after breakfast. I remember having our basal around breakfast cranked up...only to be turned off (or at 0.025u/h) from 9:30 to 11:30 to prevent the drop...he also had a "free" snack at like 9ish. It was CRAZY!

I love you. You are doing an amazing job day-in and out. This is an unexplainable thing we do. Unless you live truly cannot even begin to imagine what this life is like. Misery does love company girl...and I am glad I am in your wonderful company.


Tracy1918 said...

Oh my! I hear breakfast spikes can be a bear. For some reason, we don't have them.

But never fear....we have other issues!

Why is it always SOMETHING?!

You are doing an awesome job of staying on top of it and correcting. That's what it's all about.

Rachael said...

Oh Goodness! Poor little guy! Im sorry things are crazy for you at Breakfast. I can understand the frustration. As an adult diabetic, I gave up eating breakfast for the very same reason. My doc says its common for a lot of folks! HUGS to you, and all the hard work you do! Hang in there, and know that your are in the prayers of a lot of people!

Heather said...

I know it sounds too simple but we got rid our out breakfast spike by changing the I:C Ratio. Don't know why that worked this time and not other times but I'll take it. I hope you figure out how to get rid of that or at least make it not so bad.

hugs to you my friend!

Sarah said...

when you figure this out let me know...not only are we seeing this huge spike but I noticed when going over numbers that Isaac's carb intake has doubled in the last two weeks. DOUBLED!!! And we're not eating a lot more junky carby foods, he's just eating that much more and more often. So, I'm finding growth spurts are unbearably difficult, BUT it's a reminder to me that the insulin is working to help him continue to grow and be a healthy boy. Just going with the flow around these parts, fighting the highs and lows that I can and for the rest really trying to just figure it out ;)
Enjoy your weekend!

Same issue over here with post breakfast spikes....unfortunately, there isn't much of a pattern here to make sense of. Some days, Alex is in the 2's two hours post breakfast bolus, and somedays he's in the the lower 1's. If he's in preschool and in the lower 1's, I need to give him 12g with no bolus at 10am to make it to lunch. Btw, he eats the same exact bowl of cereal and milk every morning at 8am, so that's not the issue. Diabetes is so unpredictable! Thanks for sharing your insights. I look forward to learning more from you!

Hi Laura, here are a few things that come to mind but that you may have already been mentioned or tried? really crank up the basal like 1 to 2 hours before he wakes (as much as possible without going low), bolus and wait like 30 minutes before eating, super bolus and maybe trying a higher fat / low-carb breakfast like bacon and eggs (not always easy with kids).

Hang in there you're doing awesome !

Isn't it interesting to hear how others are experiencing exactly what we are, yet we thought we were all alone? I'm still getting comments to the Super Bolus for Breakfast post about how the spike was/is an issue for the wee ones. It does provide great comfort to know that we are not alone.

Alicia said...

Laura - those could be pictures of Ainsley's Dex graph. It is driving me to despair. Really.

I have had some success in reducing the height of the high and the duration of the high by playing with Superbolus techniques. A traditional Superbolus doesn't work for Ainsley IMO because her basal rates are too low. So I took the concept and have been toying with things like +30% basal for 1.5 hours/shutting off basal for 1.5 hours to catch the low (we're presently using Novolog). That type of thing. It's helping but we're nowhere near where I want to be.

I will blog on this topic if it can be of any help to anyone else. Maybe we can come up with a cloud solution, lol.

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