Thursday, April 28, 2011

Blogcation - Not Dead Yet

It's true - I'm going to have to take a little blogcation.

Don't worry - I'll still be finding my one thing everyday.  If there are any good ones I will be sure and post them here when I return. 

I need to take a little break.  Not from the DOC - Oh no!  I will be missing you all very much.  I just need to spend some time with me.  Oh and a good book or two.  Before D and UC came into my life I was an avid reader but somehow I never find the time to read much any more (I'm not counting - Think Like a Pancreas, Pumping Insulin or Breaking the Vicious Cycle).  I think it's more the fact that I would rather be here reading blogs, writing posts or checking out the D scene on Facebook and Twitter.

BUT, because the folks at Pro Sports Communications were kind enough to send me a copy of Phil Sutherland's memoir, Not Dead Yet and I am super excited to read it I think I will take this opportunity to get it done.  Phil Sutherland was diagnosed with Type 1 when he was 7-months old and is the is the founder of Team Type 1, a team of championship bike racers. I've only skimmed through the book so far but because he has dedicated it to his mother I like it already.  To read more about Phil, Team Type 1 and Not Dead Yet check out

I personally find professional athletes with type 1 A-MAZING! I think how hard it is to control the blood sugar of my little man when he's just running around in circles making himself dizzy. I can't even imagine racing a bike across the country.  A-MAZING!  So, I'll let you know what I think when I'm done.  :)


20.  (4/28/11) Today my good thing was watching Reyna's Karaoke Vlog.  Haven't seen it yet?  You're missing out . . . Go Check it out NOW!!  Laughed so hard I cried!

Also, don't forget about Blogger Basal - send your submission to Misty @ Life is Like a Box of Chocolates.  Her email address is

Oh and check out The Princess and the Pump. Hallie and Sweetpea have had the worst week imaginable but the awesomeness that is Hallie is still hosting an awesome Sugarfree giveaway in honor of SweeetPea's 2-year diaversary.  Good Luck!

Peace Out Peeps!


Happy Reading! I, too, love to read but can't remember when I was able to find time to do it! I will miss commenting at the same time you are!! ;) Enjoy your time and come back soon!!!

Unknown said...

Happy "BLOGCATION" Laura! I know what you mean about not reading as much as I used to. I am more of a blog reader now. Maybe I could use a "blogcation" soon too. I think it is a good idea every now and again.


And thanks for the "shout-out"! Clearly I have some "issues." :)

Penny said...

Happy Blogcation hon! Let me know about the book. Bennet reviewed it too at - check out what he had to say about it too.

Michelle said...

Happy Blogcation! Enjoy your reading and some "you" time (something us D-mamas need every now and again, but rarely give ourselves)!

Misty said...

Hope you are enjoying your Blogcation! Miss you :) And that book looks really interesting, can't wait to hear your review!

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