Saturday, January 21, 2012

Pod Problems . . .

Just before Christmas we started having terribly stubborn highs . . . correction after correction and Nate was still high.  Not super high but he would linger too long in the mid to high 200's with no movement and often develop ketones.

I never give up on a pod - EVER.  I've never had a pod just not work!  There has to be a reason it's not working . . . bent cannula, occlusion, bad insulin or even a little boy that randomly removes pods without my knowledge.  I could not get to the bottom of this!!

These highs were baffling at 1st but then I remembered the Apidra issues that others had blogged about. So I started watching for the highs and low and behold right around the 48 hour mark Nate started going high for no reason.

What the what?

No . . . Please no!!  This cannot be happening.  Pod changes are so bad already!  I cannot imagine having to now do them every 2 days.

I knew at 11a on Christmas day that it was the 48 hour mark and I should change the pod but the little man was having so much fun --- I just couldn't do a pod change on Christmas day.

 I should have done the damn pod change!!

 Later that day I had a mini meltdown as his PDM read HIGH (over 500) after a day full of carbolicious treats and after numerous corrections his Dexcom said HIGH with a double arrow up.

I have to say just as I was falling into my diabetes groove something like this pops up and just totally ruins my good groove.  So annoying!  I was totally hating diabetes on Christmas day.  I cried a little.

I started thoroughly inspecting the pods.

Most of them looked like the above picture.  They were occluding but not enough to set off alarm. We did actually have one occlusion alarm but just one.  Insulin was still getting through --- it was almost as if Nate's body was having a reaction to the cannula or the insulin.  Normally the cannulas do not look like that when I take off a pod.  I have no idea.  I think he wasn't going super high because I kept correcting so some insulin was able to get through but not all.  I really had no idea so I called my fabulous OmniPod peeps and they arranged for us to get some Novolog to see if that helped until we could get through the holidays.

I really struggled with changing from Apidra back to Novolog.  We've been pumping with Apidra for 18-months and I LOVE IT.  I was not looking forward to going back to Novolog but I was also struggling with changing Nate's pod ever 2 days.  What to do - what to do?!?!

And without doing a thing --- just like that . . .

As quickly as it started ---- it ended.  No new insulin, no new pods, no change to anything.  Diabetes just started playing (somewhat) nice again.

Seriously wanted to pull my hair out and then wham all is back to (diabetes) normal.

All I can say is what the what and that's just because my grandmother still reads my blog and she gets mad at me when I say what the fuck?!?

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Catching up . . .

Clearly I am way behind and have a lot of catching up to do.  Big changes happening over here at the Houston house.  For now I'll just let you know that I'm so far behind that my Christmas decorations are still up and Nate insists on turning the Christmas tree lights on still (embarrassing!).  They were supposed to come down this last weekend but . . . well that's another story for another day.

We had a nice Christmas --- it was crazy and hectic but it was great.  It's always nice to see Christmas through the eyes of the littles.

Since I'm so far behind  . . . here are our Santa pics --- Nate really enjoyed meeting the big guy!

My 3 Littles . . .

Hopefully, I will get around to taking the Christmas decorations down this week and find some time to blog a bit this month!

I miss my friends that live inside of my computer!

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