Sunday, August 28, 2011

iPhone Upload - 8/28

Don't ask about the Barbie massacre --- I have no answers.

Keep calm and carry on -

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Are you there CPS? It's Me, Laura

I'm hoping CPS isn't on Facebook and I'm praying they don't have a caseworker reading my blog already because you know ---- Super Nate strikes again.  Today he decided to face plant flat onto the floor -- front teeth 1st.

The above pictures were taken after the indecent happened, we went to the dentist and then he passed out. He fell around 4:00 PM, he slept until about 10:00 PM when I woke him to treat an oncoming low bg, gave him some Motrin and put him back to bed.  Poor little guy is miserable.

The dentist took X-Rays --- that was fun --- he fractured the root on both teeth and possibly the bone.  Both teeth are very loose and wiggly.  We go back Thursday for further X-Rays and will be referred on from there.  The thought of losing those adorable, little teeth makes me so sad.

Ugh - if we end up doing a double root canal we will have to change his name from Super Nate to Hillbilly Nate.

For your hillbilly-white trash reading pleasure . . .

Just before Nate's face plant he had a little tinkle accident so I took off his pants, cleaned up the tinkle and sent him on his way to put on a clean pair of undies.  Well, apparently that never happened.  When he decided to dive into the living room floor he had nothing but a t-shirt on.  Luckily, someone grabbed some underwear on the way out the door but that's it.  So, screaming Nate was at the dentist with nothing but a smile, a t-shirt and some undiepants!  Yep - that's just how we roll down here in Texas. 

Can't decide today ---
Keep Calm and Carry On or Freak Out and Run Amok

Monday, August 22, 2011

Big Nate, Sweet Sophie, and Emma the Wonderful - 1st Day of School

Here's what it was like at my house this morning --- how about yours?  All 3 of my kiddos were SO EXCITED to go to school.

Emma is entering 2nd grade, Sophie kindergarten and Big Nate is starting pre-school.

The girls were thrilled to start the school year!

The girls, the girls, the girls are easy peasy lemon squeezey!  Sophie's 504 is in place, all of her teachers know what's up and she has an awesome 'GOTTA GO' pass that she can use at anytime.  She is feeling good (update on Soph later this week) and ready for a fantastic year in kinder.

Oh Oh Oh - and then there is my Super Big Boy Nate giving my plenty of grey hair already.  I was terrified to send my sweet boy off to school today.  I slept maybe for an hour last night --- I went over every scenario in my head over and over and over.  I was up emailing the school nurse at midnight and making more laminated lanyard tags to put on his backpack and D Bag.

After we dropped the girls off at school I started getting a bit weepy just thinking about taking Nate to pre-school.  Nate was running on the low side while at school with the girls so we carbo'd him up but when we got to his school his bg was 57.  Holy can't do this Batman!  We gave him some apple sauce but he was so busy playing and pushing us out the door I wasn't sure he was going to eat it all.

The nurse checked in an hour later and he was 71 so they gave him 15g of carbs which is ok but snack was coming and at this point they are not bolusing for snacks.  I sent 30g --- whoa nelly I knew he would be high at pick up.  Oh yea - 370!  Hello Roller Coaster!!  Normally he needs the uncovered snack to cover the tail end of his raging breakfast basal and bolus but today the combination of the 30g he got uncovered before snack and the 30g he got for a snack we ended the day high.  The good news is he had a BLAST.  He got in the car telling me all about playing with his friends, singing songs and playing with train tracks.  And 2 hours later he was back in range. 

Oh yea - Did I mention that he was WIPED OUT after school? 

As for me I had 3 hours by myself for the 1st time in almost 2 years and although it was quiet and somewhat peaceful I could not relax until my little man was home.  He took a 3 hour nap which was nice for the both of us.

So, how did I get here? I have to say it wasn't easy.  If you've read Nate's dx story then you know he was attending a mother's day out program when he was dx.  Since it was just a little church school they were not equipped to care for a 14-month old T1.  Then last year I remember being so sad when the girls went back to school.  I so wanted him to be able to go but again there was just not a mother's day out program that would take him.  Now my little guy is 3 and is able to go to an early childhood school is our (public) school district.  Hello federally funded, 504 accepting, full time nurse having school!!

It's not an easy step to take --- letting these little ones head off to school.  Letting go of the diabetes control is soooooo hard but turning over that care to perfect strangers is even harder.  Trusting that our babies will be safe is almost overwhelming --- there were times today that it literally took my breath away just thinking about Nate being there without me.

I am not the 1st D Mama to send their child off to school.  There have been many others facing this day just like I am today.  They have done - they have kept calm and carried on!!  So must I!!

I am so thankful for the parents that have helped me through this new phase of diabetes and I love that I can look to them for guidance daily.  Not only have these wonderful ladies given me the moral support I needed to get through today but they also helped me prepare for this day by sharing tips on health care plans, Section 504 plans and awesome other must-haves for sending type 1 diabetes to school.  If you too are embarking on this journey and are looking for some help I haven't had a chance to upload our docs to the blog yet but I can tell you that I got a lot of help from Wendy, Lorriane, Hallie, Heidi, Reyna and Tracy. Seriously ---- these women were so helpful in planning out Nate's 504, his care sheets, his EVERYTHING, even lanyard tags for his bag ---- hello Heidi!!   So, thank you to all those that have taken this path before me and shared your knowledge, shared your wisdom and shared your support.  Even if you are not listed about --- you all know who you are ---- Thank you.  Let me say it again and please know I mean it when I write it --- Thank YOU!

And instead of signing off with my normal keep calm and carry on --- let's face it today was more like this . . .

Thanks, Mallory --- LOVE IT and LOVE YOU!

Sunday, August 21, 2011

iPhone Upload - 8/21

Keep calm and carry on . . .

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Just Keep Swimming

All 3 of my kiddos are little fishies . . . they had such a great time swimming this year!  Here are a few pictures and videos to show off their mad swimming skills.  I cannot believe summer is almost over.  Boooo!!

Ummmm ---- yes, I know the little guy in the background is grabbing his junk.  It's ok --- that's what boys do.

Some me showing of Nate's mad swimming skills videos:

Sophie too:

Yea - Emma got the shaft this summer.  She's been swimming since she was 2 so she doesn't get a lot of video action.  She did however; win her 1st BLUE ribbon in an individual event during her swim team season.  She's one fast little guppy!!

Keep calm and swim on -

Oh and thank you for tolerating my braggy braggerton videos!

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

The Pajamas

Jim got Nate ready for bed the other night . . . when he came out of his room he looked like this -

Sweet boy.

The minute I saw him it hit me. I was a little sad and all the sudden tears were streaming down my face.

My mind wandered back to his diagnosis --- I knew why I was crying but it took me a few minutes to make the connection.

I remembered Penny's post about her Sweet Grace --- when she outgrew the sleep pants she was wearing when she was diagnosed with T1D (If you haven't read her dx story you should --- well if you want a good cry).  I have no idea why that post stuck with me but I remember when I read it I knew exactly how Penny felt in all of the moments she described from dx day all the way to the point where Grace had outgrown the pants.  Same - Same.

I know exactly what Nate was wearing at dx -- I still have those clothes tucked away in a safe spot. 

Nate wasn't dx'd in these jammers but he wore them in the hospital --- I can see him so clearly in that metal crib with the IV tubes sticking out.  I remember now how overwhelmed I felt.  How much he cried.  How much I cried. How scared I was.  How sick he was.  How desperately sad I felt looking at my sweet boy knowing our lives would never be the same.

Sometimes there are moments that still take my breath away.

They are few and far between but there are still moments of tears and desperation for our old life back.

I had put those jammers away once they were too small in a pile of things to save.  How Jim and Nate came to find them I'll never know but it just took a little glance at how much my sweet boy had grown to see too how much I have grown since Nate's diagnosis.

Although there are still moments of sadness . . . they are just that . . . moments.

Keep calm and carry on . . .

Sunday, August 14, 2011

iPhone Upload

I'm going to try something new here on my blog and actually try to stick with it.  Maybe.
My friend, Jerod created a page on Facebook called iPhone Photography where he uploads pictures from his iPhone regularly ---- Love it! 

I'm going to try and do the same here weekly.

I take a ton of pictures with my phone and they usually just sit on my phone until I upload to Facebook or my phone gets full & I delete them.  So, I'm going to start dumping them here on my blog.

Usually there are a lot more --- you got off light this week.  :)

Keep calm and carry on -

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Inspiration Through Art - FKA Littlest Heroes Project

A little about Inspiration through art from their website --

Inspiration Through Art is a non-profit organization dedicated to empowering young people to give back, and make a difference through the beauty of art. We are artists with a passion for giving and inspiring others. Through our own artistic talents we are able to come together as one, to let children around the world know that they are loved,despite the challenges they face everyday.

Inspiration Through Art was founded in January 2008 by Felicia Reinhard, made up of professional photographers, artists, children, and other volunteers nationwide that provide free programs and services to our nations heroes. Through the power of photography and the gift of art we are giving back and taking a stand for these children who sometimes feel forgotten because of their illnesses. We are here to let them know that they are heroes to many, and to share their inspirational stories and photos with the world.

If you have a child, or know a child, who suffers from any type of serious illness or life altering disability we are here to help. Inspiration Through Art provides our special heroes with complimentary photo shoots, special cards and mail, gift packages, and various  other programs, events, and fundraisers.

 Last year we signed up for Inspiration Through Art (FKA - The Littlest Heroes Project).

To make a VERY long story short we heard back from them and then we didn't and a year later we just had our pictures taken by a wonderful photographer here in the Dallas/Ft. Worth area.  Brooke Lowther from MaddiePie Creations

Brooke did an amazing job!  We met in mid July --- outside --- in Texas --- where it was about 100 degrees outside.  Yea - what was I thinking?

To make things even better . . . Sophie had just come out of remission and was not feeling well AT ALL.  Luckily, there was a restroom at the park which Sophie and I spent a lot of time in while the others were hanging at the park and taking pictures.  The restroom was a God send but the restroom was also a brick building (oven) with no a/c and it was about 350 degrees inside.  I won't go into all of the details here but if you've read anything about Sophie's UC you know when she has to go to the restroom it is NOT a quick trip.

Sophie and I were absolutely melting.  It was sweltering in that bathroom.  As you can see from the pictures Sophie was her beautiful smiling self throughout the entire shoot.  Just a week or so later she was in the hospital.  T-R-O-O-P-E-R!

I did not fare as well.  My makeup melted down my face and I'm pretty sure the heat added about 30 pounds.  Seriously!  That can happen you know! 

Here are a few more shots for your viewing pleasure . . . 

Although it was hot as heck and Sophie was sick as can be the kiddos really had a good time.  I am thrilled to have these adorable pictures of our children and I am beyond thankful to MaddiePie Creations and Inspiration Through Art for the opportunity to share them with you!

The founder of Inspiration Through Art is an amazing young woman named Felicia Reinhard.  She started The Littlest Heroes Project as just that ... A 365 day project. As you can read here it turned into something so much bigger and amazing.  If you have applied to The Littlest Heroes Project and never heard back I strongly urge you to read the letter from Felicia and contact Inspiration Through Art and submit your application again.  Felicia is a funny, delightful and beautiful young lady that has started something so special and she is trying very hard to make it work.

Thank you, Felicia and Brooke!!

Keep calm and carry on ---

Thursday, August 4, 2011

A Quick Intro . . .

I've been busy working on 504 plans for both Sophie and Nate but I'm taking a little break so that I can share a few blogs with you . . . 

1st off a new PWD Blogger whom I've gotten to know and love ----

Please stop by and say hello to Elizabeth over at Mountaineer Proud.  We've been chatting for months via email about podding and dexing (does that sound dirty - may need to find a new term for the DexCom) and I am so excited that she has started a blog!!

And . . .

Another D-Mama in the house . . . Ida just started blogging at Wishing for a Cure . . . Now! <--- love the name!  Me too, Ida.  Me too! Ida's son, Nicholas was diagnosed on November 16, 2009 at the age of 4.  Nicholas is a fellow podder.  So, she's a Mother Podder just like me.  :)

Ok ---- I've got to get back to the 504 planning.  Nate's meeting is Monday.  

Keep calm and carry on . . .

Monday, August 1, 2011

Glucagon and Carry On

We've been in a good place lately. No HIGH highs or LOW lows.  Just plugging along through the normal challenges of parenting a T1 during summer activities such as swim lessons.  Whoa nelly --- it took about a week to get that one figured out.   Anywho . . . so today took us completely by surprise.

The girls and I were cleaning the playroom when Nate comes running in and drops the Light Bright and all of it's million little pegs all over the floor.  Grrrrr!! I was so mad at him.  I told him (loudly) to pick them up and he flat out refused, started crying and saying NO NO NO.  His behavior was a little off but not WAY off.  I took a look at Dex --- > 112 with a straight arrow.  I actually thought to myself --- I'm so kicking D's butt right now.  It was 3 hours after breakfast and absolutely no spike.  As I was very busy patting myself on the back I noticed Nate's eyes glaze over and his words became slurred.  I scooped him up and he fell limp into my arms. 

Emma ran for Nate's D bag so we could test him . . . . 44.  What the heck?
Emma ran for some GoGo Squeeze apple sauce and he refused to eat it --- GoGo Squeeze is Nate's all time favorite treat so I immediately knew we were in trouble. I ran to the kitchen -- attempted a juice box and a squeezable yogurt.  He was combative and refusing to eat or drink anything.

Again, I scooped him up and ran him into the bedroom so that Jim could help me.  He immediately took Nate and tried to force the juice, the apple sauce and even some Smarties.  We were unable to get him to eat or drink anything so we started just rubbing the apple sauce in his mouth but he would act like he was going to vomit and then spit all of the apple sauce out.  His head was bobbing and his eyes were rolling.

Jim looked at me and said out loud what I was thinking --- it was time for the Glucagon.
I ran into the kitchen and was amazingly calm as I opened the very intimidating red kit, mixed the solution together and grabbed a syringe.

Loaded and ready to go I went back to the bedroom where Jim was holding Nate.  Jim went to get more food/candy and I gave a small dose of the Glucagon.  I didn't think it was necessary to give the entire dose.  Just minutes later he was totally fine.  Telling Jim he wanted some Smarties.  His sweet, raspy voice laughing as Jim and he were play fighting over the Smarties on the bed.  It was that fast.

As soon as I heard that sweet voice I fell back onto the bed and the tears began to roll down my face.  As I walked back to the kitchen to clean up my mess I snapped a picture of the aftermath.  I posted it on Facebook and within moments started getting words of encouragement from all over the U.S.  My phone rang and as soon as I saw my friend, Joanne's name pop-up I could no longer keep it inside.  I fell apart on the phone with her.  She understood.  Neither of us had to say a word.  Same.  I went from totally calm to an absolute wreck in just a matter of moments.

So, my lessons for the day were --

* Never get complacent with diabetes ---- stooooooopid.

* Gluagon --- not as intimidating as I thought it would be but I strongly advise doing a practice  run so that you are more comfortable with it in case the need should ever arise.

* Glucagon --- in a non life or death situation a small dose works wonders.

I think I need to insert a disclaimer here . . . Always consult a physician or call 911 if you feel like you or your loved one is having a severe hypoglycemic situation or seizure.

So, for your viewing pleasure here is a video just about 30 minutes before Super Nate's super low:

And a picture of Nate terrorizing his sister, Emma 30 minutes after his low:

I love this picture because my sweet Nate is 100% safe, alive and as precocious as ever after a very scary low (ducking fiabetes) and I also love the way Emma is just totally ignoring him.  :)

Glucagon and Carry on --

Just a Mom

I am NOT a doctor, nor do I play one on this blog.

I AM a wife.
I AM the mom of 3 wonderful children.
I AM my son's pancreas.

The information provided on this blog is from our personal experiences with Type 1 diabetes. Because something works for us does not mean it will work for you.

Please consult your doctor if you have any questions or concerns about your health care options.

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