Monday, April 18, 2011

Catching up with The Houston Family

I bet you thought I forgot about my list! Or gave up?  Or possibly you thought I ran off to that island vacation I've been dreaming about --- ???

Nope, I'm still here.

Counting my blessings.  Some days are easier than others - -

11.  (4/18/11) Mom's fried chicken, mashed potatoes, gravy, green beans, corn on the cob, salad and strawberry shortcake. Fat and Happy!

10. (4/17/11) Sunday was another good day.  I had about an hour to myself to go do some shopping.  My mom hinted that she really thought I should by myself a new dress.  (I don't think she was terribly impressed with my dress selection for my grandmother's wedding a few weeks back).  I haven't bought a new dress in  . . . . well, I tried to remember when and it's just been tooooo long.  So, I bought a dress or three on Sunday so that my momma would be happy with me on Easter Sunday. Relaxing. Quiet. Nice. 

After the shopping I headed to meet my D Mama friends (Joanne and Jessica) at a JDRF Mentor training seminar.  We decided that it is finally time for us to give back in the T1 local community.
Joanne said it best --- we get SO much support from the DOC it's time to give some back in real life.  40 children will be diagnosed with type 1 today and if I can make it just a little bit easier for a new D Mama then sign me up!

The most interesting part was that there were several PWD attending the seminar and although I really thought I wouldn't cry (Joanne and I had a $1 on who would cry first) when I heard the PWD speak about how they wanted to help mentor CWD and also speak about how wonderful their lives are . . . I cried.  It brings me so much comfort to see PWD reaching out to children with T1 and telling them ----- Hey, there is nothing that you can't do!  Happy. Relieved. Blessed.

9.  (4/16/11)
Saturday was WONDERFUL. We started the day by taking pictures in the wild Texas Bluebonnets.  It's one of our family traditions and we always have so much fun.  This year GaGa and Pancake made the trip with us since Jim is still away working.  Fun. Happy. Blessed.  Beautiful. Love

As if that were not enough, that evening my best girlfriends (Amy, Helen, Sally and Vanessa) threw Emma and Sophie a surprise (pajama) birthday party. Remember my very feeling sorry for myself post about Mommy Guilt?  Well, my wonderful, amazing, spectacular, fantastic friends (who knew they read my blog??) decided to throw the girls a party and I didn't have to do one single thing.  Not one single decision was made by me and therefor it was the best birthday party EVER!

It was so fun!  Amy painted all the girl's nails, they did crafts, they had a pinata, ate dinner, ate cake, ate lots of candy, played games and watched movies.  Did I mention that it was fun?

On days like Saturday I forget all about diabetes and crohn's and all of the issues that we are dealing with and just enjoy every. single. moment.  I seriously never know when my friends read my blog but hellllooooo if you are reading it today ---- thank you.  Thank you from the bottom of my heart.  You will probably never know just how much you act of kindness meant to our entire family. BLESSED!

Sorry girls . . . this is the only picture I could fund with all 4 of you in it . . .

Amy, Helen, Sally and Vanessa - - - Emma took down the pinata!

Sam and Nate weren't too terribly impressed with all of the girliness going on inside so they decided to hang outside and hit a few balls . . .

That is all.


Unknown said...


I love this post. Your pals are SO THOUGHTFUL! How incredibly sweet to organize that party!

What special friends.

Warm fuzzies :)

PS -- LOVE THE PICTURES!!!!! I remember seeing some from last year. LOVE THEM!

I am crying!! What wonderful friends you have!!

You so deserved this wonderful weekend, and now I am totally "ok" with us not chatting for 3 days;)

Gorgeous pics!!

PS: I still want your house:)

Stephanie said...

This is a great post, Laura. My heart is filled with happiness for you, and what amazing friends and family you have!

P.S. Keep me posted on what the JDRF mentor training is like...I'd love to get involved like that!

Beautiful flowers, beautiful friends...and I'm sure beautiful dresses! How wonderful. Keep them are an encouragement with your thankfulness. Thank you for sharing! :)

Meri said...

That is the most wonderful gift ever!

Love looking at our blessings!

I love this post! Love it! Your friends are awesome! How incredibly sweet!! And those kids.... Darling!
Ps- J says if that putting green is at your house he us jealous and we are coming to visit!

That is so incredibly kind of them! What a lucky gal you are to have friends like that!

I've been serving as a JDRF mentor here for a couple of years and it truly feels rewarding to give back. I just went through another round of mentor training, and like you, I was really moved by the PWD.

Penny said...

Blessings all around and what wonderful friends you have!

Jules said...

What wonderful friends!

Lora said...

I heart these posts... and awesome friends :)

Michelle said...

Wonderful post! Sounds like you've got some awesome friends! Looks like a great time for everyone! Love the bluebonnet sis does the same thing every year (she's near Houston). Also I think you just provided me with some bday inspiration for C this year...she's SO into anything Paris or Peace Sign and those decorations and cake were adorable!

Gabrielle said...

What a great post. I love the pod decorations. We are considering the omnipod for my daughter (going to try it right after school is out) and for my husband. Is the T1 mentoring workshop through JDRF? I'd like to get involved. Thanks!

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