Thursday, April 14, 2011


Don't worry I can only count to about 12 in Spanish so I'll have to come up with a more clever way to title these posts after a while.

7.  (4/14/11) Pancake. We got a new puppy today. One of my mom's friends was looking for a loving home for her 5-month old little shih tzu puppy and believe it or not she chose us!!  His name was Pugsley but we renamed him Pancake.  Trust me when I say Nate could not say Puglsey - his P sounds like an F and his G sounded like a K. So, Pancake it is.  Love.

6. (4/13/11) Today was easy. The DOC always lifts me up. Thankful. Lunch with my mom. Yummy. Side Walk Chalk with Sophie. Fun. Renata is thinking about doing 1 a Day too! Wonderful.

5. (4/12/11) I spent time with my dad (Bobby not Jerry - yes, I know it can get confusing since I call them both dad) and my Uncle David today on the East Side of Ft.Worth. It brought back such wonderful memories of my childhood. I even drove by my grandparents house (they've both been gone for close to 20 years) and felt like I was driving back in time. Nostalgic.

4. (4/11/11) My mom bought 2 Freestyle meters for the price of one at CVS (on sale and with a coupon). Silly but this made me happy because we were down to only our PDM for bg checks. I gave away a meter to someone in need and then our other one crapped out. Maybe this is really 2 good things for today! Exciting.

3. (4/10/11) My kids made me mud pies. Awesome kids.

2. (4/9/11) We had a wonderful day at the zoo and no low bgs for Nate. Fun and Happy.

1. (4/8/11) I witnessed a terrible hit and run accident while taking the girls to school Friday AM. Literally 1 or 2 seconds later and it would have been my truck that was hit right where Emma sits. The driver of the car that was hit was ok and luckily, he had just dropped his son off at school. I later found out from the insurance company (they called me for a witness statement) that another witness was able to get the license plate number of the runner. Thankful.


helen said...

LOL. Sam says that a lot too.

Pam said...

It took me a minute, but then I laughed out loud when I figured out how Nate would pronounce Pugsley! Good choice to change the name! So cute?

Michelle said...

So cute!!! I'm sure Pancake will bring lots of love, laughs, and smiles into your home :)

Denise said...

LMAO...good idea to change the name :-)
cute addition to a cute family!

He is seriously cute! Too bad you don't live nearby. We could have kid and puppy play dates. My little Alex is probably about his size.

Good thinking on the name! ;)

Enjoy the new addition to the family!!!

Unknown said...

A PUPPY!!!!!!!!!!!!

Just what you need :) A sweet, cuddly, furry, loveable friend!!!!!

Unknown said...

I kinda prefer Nate's take on the original name (come-on, you knew I would). Can't you just hear him chasing him down the street Yelling "FuKsley!!!! Come here boy!!!!!" OMG...I am killing myself - hehe.

Awesome on the dog Laura. Oscar has been such a wonderful addition to our family. I hope that you find the same with Pancake.


Lora said...

"FucKsley" is so cute!!!!

I had to control my laughter when I read this since I was supposed to have gone to bed early!! I love that I can read all the blogs on my phone but I can't I wrote the names down on a post it so I could comment later! Silly, silly!

Anonymous said...

Yay for puppies!

Tracy1918 said...

We want to meet Pancake!!!

And you, too! : )

Sarah said...

thank you thank you thank you for making me laugh about the name change, I needed that!

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