Friday, November 18, 2011

#18 - Pod Parts #NHBPM

Nate wears a tubeless insulin pump called the OmniPod . . .

We do lots of fun things with them once he's done with them.  The girls love to make OrnaPods and OrnaMagents but Nate . . . he likes to destroy them!  He throws them down on the ground as hard as he can to see if he can get them to bust open!  He loves throwing them in the pool when they alarm and most of all he loves taking them apart and checking out all of the cool parts on the inside . . .

 This is the inside of the little pod that keeps Nate alive.  He wears his pod (insulin pump) 24 hours a day - 7 days a week.

We change his pod every two to three days!

We fill it with insulin, activate it, prime it, stick it on his little body parts and then hit start.

 Once we hit the start button it automatically inserts the cannula into his skin with that massive needle that you see above.  A lot of people think that the pod is just stuck to his skin like a patch or sticker not realizing that every 3 days we insert the massive needle into Nate's skin.  Yea - he hates that part.

All 3 kiddos love to look for the little robot man that lives inside of the pod . . .

Lots of fancy parts, a few small batteries and one big ol' needle = Life Support for Nate.

Sleeping Nate sporting the pod on this leg . . .

Keep calm and pod on . . .

This post was written as part of NHBPM – 30 health posts in 30 days:


kkd said...

This little device is amazing. (except when it would not communicate this am for about 6 different tries) Super Nate looks peaceful with his pod and undies. I haven't put L's that low on her leg before, glad to see a new spot to try. See? Always learning from you! :)

This was a great post. I loved actually seeing the inside -- we haven't disected one here at homeschool central. But, I think this is a good post for everyone to see, really makes you think how complex this whole process of providing insulin is...

Penny said...

Great post! I love that little man who keeps our kids alive - though it SHOULD be a little woman in there! Hee hee hee

Sara said...

Little robot man! That is awesome!

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