Wednesday, November 16, 2011

#16 - Confessions of a D-Mom

1. I leave the Dexcom sensor in for as long as possible.

2. I would leave the OmniPod on too if I could.  Damn 3 day rule.

3. I only change the lancet once a day.  We have a lot of extra lancets.

4. I don't like lows but I hate highs.  They totally stress me out and I feel anxious until he is back in range.

5. I rage bolus.

6. I often end up feeding the insulin and I am ok with that.

7. I SWAG carbs a lot.

8. I feed my children 1) artificial sweeteners and 2) red dye.  Nate loves him some red kool-aid.

9. I occasionally sleep through the night time alarms and wake up in a cold sweat.

10. When I am really tired I put Nate in bed with me so the night time checks are easier.

11. I count carbs for all 3 kiddos.

12. I advocate hard for T1 awareness but have found that since Nate's dx I do not like to make new friends. I hate that awkward part where I have tell then about T1 or they stare in horror as I check a bg.  

13. As an advocate I am ashamed to say that sometimes I just roll my eyes instead of educating.  Sometimes it's just not worth it.  #idiots.

14. Sometimes I still cry.

15. Sometimes I feel sorry for myself.

16. Sometimes I don't.

17. I wish I had someone that could help me 100% with Nate's diabetes care.

18. I take that back ---- I'm too much of a control freak but it would be nice if someone besides Jim and I took the initiative to learn how to do it all.

19. I don't always check a bg before a bolus.  

20. I would live in a commune with other D Families and have a sister wife as long as she took the night time    checks!  :)

21. Ok, we could rotate them.

22. I think sometimes God has given me more than I can handle.

23.  I am a diabetes supply hoarder.  Seriously.

24. I do pod changed while he sleeps. Just did one.

25. I always forget to wipe the top of the insulin bottle with alcohol.

26. I am addicted to Pinterest. I'm not sure that has anything to do with diabetes.

27. Facebooks friends make me happy.  Especially when they rally around me in support.

28. I should be sleeping right now.

29. I never want sympathy or pity. I don't need it.  I promise.  I'm just educating.

30. I yell at my kids more than I should. I don't think I did this before D.

31. I fell asleep on the couch tonight while watching TV.  What am I 80?

32. I secretly resent my friends that live a much more care free life.  

33. I lose my temper more than I should.

34. I get really excited when our diabetes supplies arrive each month.

35. I still get nervous before an endo appointment.

36. I worry that I'm screwing my kids up.

37. Sometimes I just wipe Nate's finger on my shirt before a bg check and call it clean.

38. I slept through the alarm again last night and I also apparently turned off the TV in my sleep and have no recollection of this event.  He woke up at a lovely 97.

39.  I am terrified that Nate may disown me one day for posting his bum on my blog so much.

40. I sometimes discourage certain food just so I don't have to deal with diabetes. #macncheese

41. I am hopeful for a cure but I'm not counting on it.

42. I have a couple D-Mom crushes. 

43. I don't wear a cape, I am not a super hero, or a super mom I often feel quite inadequate and wish I did have a cape that would make it all a little easier. 

44. I rarely check for ketones.

45. I hate it when people ask me how Nate's numbers/levels/sugars are ---- it's annoying and none of your damn business.  Oh and like you even know what you are talking about anyway.  Blah!

46. I am really quite a happy person although you might not be able to tell from this blog or my diabetes rants.  

47. I laugh a lot.

48. I freaking hate it when Dexcom alarms for a low during nap time.

49. I've been sitting here trying to think of more and I think that's all I've got for today.

More than a D-Mom:

A-wesome Mom
B-usy Mom
C-rohn's & UC Mom
D-ynomite Mom
E-mma's Mom
F-unny Mom
G-racious Mom
H-ot Mama
I-rritable Mom
J-ustin Timberlake lovin' Mom
L-azy Mom (occasionally)
M-ore than a Mom.  
N-ate's Mom
O-bsessive Mom
P-ancreatic Mom
Q-uite a good Mom
R-owdy when drunk Mom (???)
S-ophie's Mom
T-ired Mom
U-nbelievably tired Mom
V-ery Tired Mom --- ok I think you get the point.
W-axed Mom
X-rated Mom ---- ummmm that's a stretch.
Y-outhful Mom
Z-ealous Mom

Ok - that's all I've got for you today, folks!

Until tomorrow . . . 

This post was written as part of NHBPM – 30 health posts in 30 days:


kkd said...

LOVE number 45!!! Great job!

Wow, what a post, what a list; both lists! And, I'm sure a lot of those things are true for all of us...well, maybe not the x-rated part...but what do I know?

Ditto on many...make that, most.

Confession from this D mama: I had to look up kainotophobia! You taught me a new word today! Love it!

Anonymous said...

per #3-ummm, I was supposed to change it when the time changed. I did not. I poke myself and blood comes out. I see this as a still perfectly functioning lancet :)

per #44-I never check ketones. EVER. The way I see it, most of the time, my bg goes high because I just stuffed my face with a half a pan of chocolate cake and milk. Rage bolus and I will be fine. No need to use my aforementioned dirty lancet to poke myself or pee on a stick to see if I have ketones.
And you're awesome. Just sayin... :)

Kelly said...

Many of your confessions are the same as mine would be...and I dont think we change the lancet but every month, so I got ya there! :)

Sarah said...

what you don't wipe the vial on insulin EVERY TIME?!
You should see how my husband has handled his diabetes care after 20 yrs of it...I still wonder how old that lancet is that he uses?!

Stephanie said...

HOw did you get into my head? I do ALL that stuff, and I never wanted to admit it because I imagine everyone else is perfect at their diabetes care. :) Hugs!

Penny said...

A fantabulous list and we are more alike than you could ever imagine :0)

Nicole said...

You know that we are taking turns!! Rotate Baby Rotate :) actually as long as you do breakfast we have a deal <3 LOVE YA

and I'm terrified that I'm screwing up my kids...UGH motherhood!!

and I totally have a D boy crush on a blogger ;)

Omg you're so one of my D mom crushes!!! Love this post. Same same!

I have to agree with almost every one of those. Except I am not on Facebook. Oh and the supplies hoarding is mandatory in diabetes care. I have over 25 meters in my closet and strips to all of them. Now batteries is another thing. Why can't all meters use double or tripple A batteries?

I have to agree with almost every one of those. Except I am not on Facebook. Oh and the supplies hoarding is mandatory in diabetes care. I have over 25 meters in my closet and strips to all of them. Now batteries is another thing. Why can't all meters use double or tripple A batteries?

Michelle said...

Love this post! So glad to know I'm not the only one guilty of all these things :)

Anonymous said...

I can totally see myself in a lot of you items. Funny, way too funny! But I feel glad I'm not the only one!

Great list. I can completely relate to most of the confessions...I just don't have three kids and my daughter doesn't have a Dexcome yet!

Jill said...

LOVE this!!!
Confessions of a D-Mom...and I am sure that most of us that have been dealing with diabetes more than a year can say that nearly 99% of those are so true in our own houses. I love you for being so honest girlie!!! (((HUGS)))

Jen said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Jen said...

Thank you Laura for your honesty. There are so many items on your list that I can relate to. I find it so refreshing to learn that there is another d-mom out there who gets that we can't always be perfect. That diabetes is a roller coaster and sometimes we need to just hold on and enjoy the ride without letting it take over our lives. Great list.

I used your post to kickoff my blog post for today. Thanks!

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE it!! So many had me shaking my head and 'yes'ing out loud.
Oh, how I've missed being able to sit and read blogs!!

Becky V said...

Same same on 13 and 45. And why do those 2 go together?

Loved this list.

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