Friday, November 11, 2011

# 11 - People with diabetes ROCK - Dr. Nat Strand #NHBPM

I would NEVER, EVER ---- EVER, EVER, EVER, EVER go on the show Amazing Race. Isn't it weird that Joanne and I are such great friends and we are complete opposites.  She totally wants to go on that show and I can't think of anything I would want to do less --- I'm a total wuss.  Opposites.  

Anywho -- one thing we do have in common is thinking that Dr. Nat Strand (and every time I type her name I type Nate and have to go back and delete the e) winner of the Amazing Race is so completely amazing.  After listening to her speak last week at a JDRF luncheon I have so much more respect for her than I already did.  

Oh wait . . . just in case you didn't already know (although surely you do) Nat has type 1 diabetes. Oh yes she does and she won the Amazing Race.  Amazing! Awesome! Amazing!

I loved chatting with her after the luncheon.  She was so open, honest and she genuinely seemed interested in meeting Nate and Elise.  Neither of them was quite as excited as Jo and I though.  

Every time I meet an adult T1 that refuses to let T1 slow them down my little heart just wants to explode.  The mommy in me comes out and I just want to hug their necks.  Thank you, Nat for never letting your diabetes slow you down.  Thank you for taking the time to tell us your story. Thank you for meeting with our children.  Most of all thank you for being so amazing.

For more on our meeting with Dr. Nat check out Joanne's post on Death of a Pancreas.  If you scroll down to the comments section you'll see a comment from Nat. 

OMG ---- I'm squealing like a 2nd grade girl right now!!

Here are the pics we took with my iPhone . . .

I've included the pictures of Joanne crying while talking with Nat.

 It was so cute!!  

That is one thing Jo and I are same - same we are criers when it comes to D.  We can glance at each other across the room during diabetes speeches and know that we are both crying.  Unless, Joanne decides to do the Robot because then we are both laughing hysterically!  Thank you too, Jo for letting me cry about diabetes and helping me laugh my tears away.  

This post was written as part of NHBPM – 30 health posts in 30 days:


Joanne said...

Bahahahaha! I am both laughing and crying right now because of your post!

Love you, chickie!

P.S. If I ever do go on the Amazing Race, will you be my partner?

Misty said...

Nat is awesome! So very awesome that you all got to meet her!

Sara said...

The Amazing Race is the only reality show I have even thought about participating in. And that was years before Nat's effort. Now I KNOW it can be done - just like anything else with diabetes. I'm 30 and stories like Nat's are inspiring, I can't imagine how great it is for a child with diabetes to see it.

Sarah said...

awww man I would have loved to be there with you guys, and yep I would have cried, too!
I agree with you totally about Nat, AMAZING and just makes me thankful all over again for wonderful role models for not only our kiddos but the whole world!

NikDuck said...

I am crying and have goosebumps too! I am so jealous you got to meet Dr. Nat. I loved her on the show and especially love her name! I know just what you mean about wanting to hug her neck....adults with type 1 who do great things give us such HOPE. BTW, I have NO desire to go on Amazing Race either. I would so watch if you and Joanne were a team though!

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