Tuesday, November 8, 2011

#8 - Weighing it all out . . . #NHBPM

Yesterday Nate wanted some chips for a snack (yes, he can eat that) so I grabbed a handful of chips, threw them in a bowl and handed them over to him.  I told him to put them on the table so we could 'check his sugar' and then 'bolus him' for the chips.

I turned around to grab his PDM and when I turned back around I found Nate . . .

weighing his chips on the Salter scale to find out the carb count.  I was totally going to SWAG the carb count because I was feeling a little lazy but Oh No!  No swagging for this mama ---- Nate made sure we did it by the book.

Yep --- with type 1 diabetes we have to weigh and measure all of the food that Nate eats to accurately determine how many carbohydrates are in the food.  Once the carb count is determined we then use a complicated (for my math challenged brain) math equation to dose the correct amount of insulin to keep his blood sugar in range.

 The life of a pancreas is a lot of hard work and it's certainly not glamorous but it's awfully rewarding.

The reward is keeping my son alive and healthy --- is there any greater reward than that?

Keep calm and weigh on . . .