Thursday, November 10, 2011

#10 - WDD is coming soon! Help me! #NHBPM

World Diabetes Day is coming!  Hello ---- I've made no plans.  I have no grand ideas.  I am so lame.

I wanted to do something BOLD. I was thinking about a post based on the JDRF ad about 1 in 20 people with type 1 will - - - - you know the rest.  I was going to post 20 pictures and try and make my point to the FDA because I know they must read my blog.  The more I thought about it and the more my sweet friend, Jessica Apple and I emailed it over (it's hard for us to just chat since there is a 9 hour difference in time) --- it's just too morbid.  I don't know what I will do now with the sweet pictures people sent but I will figure something out --- it just won't be that.  

I still believe we need to be bold!

My idea is to have as many bloggers as possible write a letter to the FDA on WDD.  Penny came up with FDA Letter Day!  

I was thinking on WDD we try and get as many bloggers as possible to write an open letter to the FDA about the AP, VEO, or just the way they drag their feet (so it seems to those of us anxiously awaiting much better technology). You are welcome to mention the 1 in 20 statistic the JDRF used or if you didn't like that than feel free to avoid that all together. If we all post about it on our blogs and on Facebook  maybe we could get a lot of participants to post on WDD - FDA Letter day.  

Why are these things important to you? How would they impact us or our children? Or ourselves? Use  pictures of all of our kids or type 1 friends or just use a photo of your own children to show the FDA who we are talking about. I would love it if T1 adults participated as well. I don't really have any adult T1 followers so please share the idea if you think it's a good one. 

Thoughts, please? Any other ideas you can think of? Please share --- I'm just throwing it out there. Come on, people we have to do something!!  


Hell yea! I'm going with Dear FDA, why are our meters allowed to be...well wrong! A 280 vs a 200 on another meter means a whole unit difference of insulin for my kids. So if he crashes and has a siezure its because your damn meter told me to give too much, but if we don't give enough and....well ill write it out on my blog.

I was thinking of organizing a picnic too where everyone where's blue? Can you make it? ;) love you!

Donna said...

Well, if your lame then I am too! And I am not willing to go there! So, nope, not lame! You have given this more thought than I have this year. :o)

I love the open letter to the FDA idea. I also love the idea of us all flying to Vegas and going to Lexxi's picnic!!!! LOL How FUN would that be?!?!

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