Sunday, November 6, 2011

#6 - The Continuous Glucose Madness #NHBPM

Clearly . . .  I favor taking pictures of Nate's CGM when he is having good BG days.  
A few bad tossed in the mix for your viewing pleasure.  

This one was taken this morning at wake up time . . . he was actually holding it up pretending it was his mouth because I have an app for that on my phone.  You know the one that has the funny mouths with mustaches and beards . . . yea that one!  He was doing that with his CGM.  It was funny!!  

And here he is with the real app (sorry for the poor quality pic --- they can't all be winners) . . . 

Continuous Glucose & Mustache Madness!! 


Donna ((Sweet Momma)) said...

Really now! Can he POSSIBLY be ANY cuter?!?! :)

Love those great CGM days!!! Our CGM only has a 3 hr screen and a 24 hour screen. I want a 6 hr and a 12 hr so I can take pictures too. LOL Oh, the silly things that make us D Mama's happy, hu? :)

Roselady said...

I love the dex montage.
And, Dex mouth was good too...

Misty said...

Haha! Love the mouth pic!

@donna, our MM cgm does have the 6 hr and 12 hr graphs too. Yours doesn't?

Kelly said...

Wow, seeing all those Cgm pictures together really shows what diabetes is like! I love those flat lines, but the climbing mountains and dropping slopes make my heart sad!

I'm SO happy you this technology for your super Nate!