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Super Nate Running on OmniPod for 1 Year

Super Nate Runs On OmniPod!
1 year ago today I posted Pumping, Good Grief and Hope - if you have time you should go back and take a look. We've come a long way. Nate and Liam started pumping with the Pod on the same day. They both look so little and oh so very brave!

Liam and Nate - 3/1/2010

1 Year pumping with the OmniPod!


12-Months of Podding

How did a year slip by so quickly?

For a super fantastic review of the OmniPod Insulin Management system - please check out Lorraine's review here.  I would love to write a fabulous review but there's no need --- Lorraine did an outstanding job so I'm just going to use hers.  Thanks, Lorraine!

Speaking of Lorraine . . . she and Caleb have provided an amazing amount of support, knowledge, and kindness. I'm not sure we would be where we are today without their paving the way and sharing their knowledge.  Thank you, Lorraine and Caleb for all that you have done but thank you most of all for your friendship and support!

Jessica and I both had an uphill battle getting the OmniPod on our 2 sweet boys.  We dealt with opposition around every corner it seemed.  The doctors, the nurses, even other pumpers tried to convince us that this was not the right choice.  We held firm in our belief that we, as mothers know what is right for our children and I have not regretted our choice - - - not even once!  I am BEYOND grateful to have gone through this journey with Jessica and Liam.  We've made quite a team over the past year!!  Although our friendship extends beyond diabetes and podding I know that it is those 2 things that brought us together and I am thankful every day to have Jessica by my side in this journey!!

Team Super Nate and Team Liam! 

Pumping with the OmniPod is by far the best thing we have done for Nate's D care.  Our life before the OmniPod was pure hell. The agony of multiple daily injections and NPH was almost more than I could stand. The OmniPod changed everything for us - everything! For more on how the OmniPod helped us reclaim our lives - please read OmniPod, OmniPod Oh How I Love Thee.

Everyone told us that beginning the pump would be like being diagnosed all over again.  Our experience was the complete opposite!  I fell in love with the OmniPod the moment I stuck it on Nate's little bum.  It was an easy transition for us and I cannot imagine caring for Nate any other way. Nate was 20-months old when we started pumping so I was already dealing with irregular blood sugars - - - a lot of highs and a lot of lows so switching to a pump and dealing with tweaking basals was not that challenging for us.  I was already used to all of the crazy numbers.  I wish I could tell you something negative about the OmniPod but I just can't do it.

I honestly believe that upon diagnosis they should send the parents home with an insulin pump and a case of wine ---- wouldn't that make the blow of the dx much more manageable!?

I didn't really plan out this post the way I should have --- I don't really have anything profound to say.  So, for Nate's Pod Anniversary Jim and I decided to count all of the test strips in our test strip jar.

Yep - that's right!  We put all of Nate's used test strips in the above jar and we decided to count them! Every. Single. One.

Can you guess how many are in there?

Here's a little hint:
We've been putting them in this jar since October.

One drop of blood for every strip in the jar.  Pictures like that make the reality of what I do every day sink in and yet Nate doesn't even flinch.  He says 'No ouch, Mama - no ouch!'  I guess he's just used to it because he always says no ouch when I ask him if it hurts.

So, can you guess how many test strips are in the jar??

Leave me a comment with your guess and the person closest to the actual amount will win a few of our super fabulous Pod Magnets.

Check out some of our latest designs:

. . . and because every year on the day we celebrate Nate's 1-year OmniPod Anniversary we will also celebrate a day of HOPE! Here are our HOPE pictures for 2011 . . . 

Big Strong Nate runs on OmniPod!!


Such a cutie. I have to say, it feels like a year ago to me! lol

Thanks for the wonderfully kind words. I'm touched and yes wiping a tear from my eye.

Hearing about you and Jessica having to fight for what you know to be right for your son sounds all too familiar. You are my kind of ladies and I'm so glad to know you and count you among my friends. :

Much love,

Nicole said...

great post :) and I'm going to say 4,352 test strips for one whole year??

Rachael said...

He's so little! I look at that HUGE POD on him, and it really makes you realize they are just tiny babies! A very wonderful post! Thanks for being so amazing! :)

Michelle said...

Great post! So glad you're here celebrating a year with the Pod and you were able to overcome all the obstacles along the way with a great support!

Nate is adorable! Love all the pics!!!! And as for the strips...my guess is 1,660 (assuming you started collecting in October 2010)???

Jen said...

Nate is getting so big Laura! I am so envious that you have Jessica to share in the journey with you and support you. If there is one thing I feel my life is lacking in at the moment it is a D mama in my neighborhood to hang out with! My guess is 2,250 for your jar....

1652 strips in the jar.

What a cutie! Happy pumpiversary!

My guess is going to be 2011.

We're thinking of the omnipod. I like wireless. Just like the Dex. I've heard that it doesn't dose as small as other pumps, but i'm sure it will beat syringes...also, I've heard that the pods will be smaller soon...good news.

Penny said...

Happy Pod-versary sweet super cute Nate! You are glorious and have such a great Mama Pancreas! We use the OmniPod too and don't have one single regret, it will be our 1 year in April. It rocks in so many ways. As for the strips, well, October was 5 months away, 30 days in a month, so that's 150 +- days, and you test on average 10 times a day, but I know there are days when you test lots more than that, so I am gonna say 1,750.
The magnets are absolutely marvelous, but definitely not cuter than Nate :0)

Andrea said...

I just want to reach into the computer screen and pinch that little bum!!! He is so stinking cute and really has gotten big. From a baby to a little boy!!

My jar guess, since October, is 1394.

I so miss the OmniPod!! Allergic reactions bite!!!

Stephanie said...

Happy Pod-O-Versary! And is it wrong that I just want to squeeze those cute little bum cheeks? Adorable!!

Nicole said...

OK, I need to change my # if that is OK I did not read it clearly :) my new number is 1,815 since October!!

Hope that's OK...I did not read any rule;)

Robbie K said...

2920 test strips

Keep on keepin' on and happy podding!

Robbie K said...

Changing MY guess too! Miscalculated! 1467 is my new guess!

Unknown said...

YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I LOVE THIS POST....and such a great idea to celebrate.

Here's goes...1412!

I LOVE this post!! AWesome job!!!

Hmm my guess: 2250 :)

Ill take my magnet hand delivered please. xoxo

Unknown said...

I love this post...and your creative selves...and your fightin'-for-your-kid self... and for all-your-test-strips-stored-in-a-container-since-October-self...AND, my guess is 2005.

Oh my, me and Reyna are just six test strips different -- a real nail biter!

Jill said...

Those magnets are ADORABLE!!! :) Kacey saves all of her strips too! ****sigh**** We moved to a bigger container to save them. She needs to get working on more test strip pictures :)

My guess is 1685 :)

Meri said...

My guess: 1775

Pumps are such a blessing! I'm so glad you stuck to your guns and advocated for what YOU KNEW was right for YOUR child!

Congratulations on pumping success!!

I'm guessing 1520.

The pod magnets are so cute...but not as cute as Nate!!!

I'm really glad that the OmniPod has been such a positive experience for you. :)

Jessica said...


So proud of our little guys for rockin' the OP for a whole year! Woo hoo!

Kris said...

What a cool way to celebrate! Love it!!!

My guess is 1,973. :)

Donna said...

I am going to say 1,352

Can I copy this idea at some point? LOVE IT! :)

I'd estimate 645 strips are in the jar.

Carrie Greenwalt Brett (facebook) said...

It's really something to see all the test strips together like that. My guess is 1,437.

Tracy1918 said...

Congrats on a year with the pod! We LOVE podding, too. No regrets!

I'm guessing 1260. I hope it's not as high as some people have guessed. That's a lot of pokes for little fingers.

Cdejulius said...

1050 is my guess . . .GaGa needs new easter pods too!! :)

Michelle Golladay said...

Great Post:) I think the idea of sending parents with newly diagnosed D kids home from the hospital with an insulin pump and a case of wine is the best idea since sliced bread:)

I am guessing there are 2,125 test strips in the jar:)

Happy Pod-O-Versary! XOXO

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