Friday, March 4, 2011

A Play Date Picture Post

If you are on Facebook than you know that I hosted a T1 and Sibs play date today.
O M G! It was so fun. Oh yea - and the kids had fun too. I love all my D-Mama pals - new and old!! The kids had a blast and each and every one of them pouted when it was time to leave --- I pouted too!!

Quick introductions ----
In attendance today:

Joanne, Fred (he's cool like that), Elise (3) and Mattias (5-months)
Jessica, Liam (4) and Peyton (1)
Heather, Parker (4) and Avery (2)
Becky, Hudson (5) and Sophie (3)
Me, Sophie (5) and Nate (2)

So, yep - we had 10 kiddos total.  5 of which have T1D - 3 pumpers (2 OmniPod and 1 Pink Ping) and 2 MDI.  Liam was running a little HIGH and Nate was running a little LOW but you would not know it by looking at any of the kiddos!! 

Nate and Peyton

Liam (Both Elise and Sophie have a little crush on this cutie)

Parker, Elise and Sophie



Elise, Nate, Becky, Sophie and Sophie
 This picture is so funny --- Nate loved Becky and even went and got a chair so he could sit by her! Then he kept bossing her around telling her how to color his Scooby Doo coloring book!  She was SO sweet and did everything he told her to do.  :)

Tea Party in Sophie's Room

Parker, Nate, Avery, Liam and Elise


Jo and Heather in the background

OMG - Jessica and I were laughing SO hard!!!

Peyton say AHHH!

Jess and Nate

Jo and Mattias

I didn't get a picture of Hudson - how did that happen?  But - he's a super cutie just like the rest of the sweet boys that were here today.  

Diabetes brought us all together (bleck!) BUT - I'm so lucky to be surrounded by such wonderful ladies (& Fred) and all of their wonderful children.  And . . . my favorite part of this post of pics is that unless you know who has T1 and who does not . . . you can't tell by looking at the pictures. 


Nicole said...

I'm sooooooo jealous but soooooo happy for you!!

Joanne said...

You know Fred had as much fun as everybody else! Thanks Laura for being such an awesome hostess... we had a BLAST!

And what is up with my smile in that picture? I look like I'm trying to take a poop or something! Or I'm about to eat Mattias. So very unphotogenic!

Ok first of all OMG Nate was totally digging that cutie pie and then the drill in the head?! haha!

Second. Your house=my dream.

Third. Amazingly awesome!! I wish I could have been there, what a blessing to have each other!

Stephanie said...

Oh my gosh....what fun, a T1D playdate! Thank you for sharing - love seeing all the kiddos together. :)

Michelle said...

A T1 awesome & fun!!! Thanks for sharing the pics...and I love that your fave part is not being able to tell who the T1s are and aren't unless you already know :)

Meri said...

I'm practically exploding from all this cuteness!! How could you take it all in?

I'm so glad you all have eachother. You are all blessings!

Denise said...

Oh my...the drill to the forehead is hilarious!!!!
How great to get all those kiddos together...what fun!

Unknown said...

Seriously COOL BEANS! Jessica and Jo!!!! Jo - you do not look like you 'need to take a poop!'....and honestly that looks like such a blast Laura! I too, like that you cannot tell which kids have 'd'...the double-edged sword of 'd'...the "invisiblity" of it.


Lora said...

SO.. was he trying to drill hoe awsome he is into her head?

Looks so fun... :)

Anonymous said...

Thanks so much for hosting! We had a blast! Parker didn't even know which kids had diabetes...they didn't care, they just played hard and came to us with all their beeps :)

Heidi =) said...

What a fun time! I love all of the pics! What cute kids you all have!

Jen said... I wish I lived near all of you. Looks like SO much fun!

Sarah said...

I was looking for the "like" button...what a fun playdate and I, like Jen, am so wishing that we were closer as it looks like a blast!

Oh My GOSH - how cute are you all??? I LOVE this! I think this sounds like a wonderful tradition for you to start! So good for Mommys and kiddos alike!

Donna said...


It makes me want to plan a get-together will all our local D Mama's STAT!!!


Holly said...

What adorable kids! They are precious, and it looks like they (you) had so much fun : )

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