Sunday, March 28, 2010

OmniPod, OmniPod - Oh How I Love Thee!

Nate has been pumping or podding since March 1st and I now cannot imagine handling his diabetes any other way.  Multiple Daily Injections (MDI) are a thing of our past.  Podding has made our lives so much easier, so much more flexible and made Nate's bg numbers so much better.  Diabetes is still here and is still difficult. We still count carbs, measure food, and check Nate's blood sugar 12 to 14 times per day.  We still get up with him 3 times per night to check his bg but the OmniPod is making everything easier.

We still keep Nate on a pretty tight schedule but if we get delayed or held up or just run late it's ok.  No more NPH to cause terrible lows when we run a few minutes behind.  No more rigid schedule in fear that we may not get Nate's meal prepared before the NPH peaks and he crashes.

To date there are 2 major things we have now done with Nate that I cannot imagine doing since his diagnosis and before he started pumping.

The 1st is our trip to Iowa.  We obviously would have gone with or without diabetes but the pod made the trip so much easier.  The day that we left, Nate was recovering from a horrific stomach bug that had kept us up most of the night due to his vomiting.  The days that followed were not easy.  He had NO appetite, would not eat, and was still suffering from a few other symptoms that I will not go into here.  Let's just say if we did get him to eat, he was losing a lot of the carbs pretty quickly.  We were stressed to the max with an all night drive on no sleep, driving non-stop in fear we would not make it to Iowa in time, then once we arrived we spent most of our days and evenings in the hospital with Jim's mom and the rest of his family.  Certainly not ideal conditions for a little one with diabetes.  The crazy good thing is that Nate was ok. We were able to set some temp basals, reduce his boluses and he did great!!  We did great!!  Hey, I'm just going to go ahead and say it - - - I rocked it!

The last time Nate had a tummy bug was just weeks after his dx and we ended up back in the hospital for 3 days.  Tummy bugs and diabetics are not a good combination but with the pod it is certainly more manageable.

The 2nd thing is not quite as big but since Nate's dx I have not wanted to spend any time at our lake house.  It is about 90 miles away from our house and about 60 miles away from civilization.  If anything were to happen there we would have a long drive back to Dallas because there in no one out there that would be able to help with Nate's diabetes.  The closest hospital is the one I went to when I had my miscarriage and there was no one that could even do a sonogram to confirm the miscarriage.  I'm going to go ahead and guess that they do not have a pediatric endocrinologist on staff and they probably don't even have anyone that would have a clue what to do with such a tiny person with Type1.

Well, we packed up our bags this weekend and headed 90 miles south and spent some time at the lake and it was great!  No shots, no worry about the rigid schedule, we didn't have to plan the drive at a certain time so that we could feed Nate at a certain time and all that blah, blah, blah that came with the NPH and the MDI.  It was awesome.  It was fun. It was relaxing.

Nate does always get his own suitcase for all D supplies everywhere we go but even that has become easier with the pod.  The funny thing about this trip is that I packed Nate's D bag with all of his supplies, Emma's bag full of clothes, Sophie's bag full of clothes and my bag with all of my clothes but I forgot to pack any clothes for Nate!!  The good news is that we had all of his D supplies but the bad news was he had to wear his sister's pretty, pretty princess nightgown for night-night!

The hard parts of D are still with us.  That will never change.  We roll with it and do the best that we can to care for him and keep his blood glucose in check but we have days were the meter says HIGH and we have days where the meter says LOW.  We have days where I cry and we have days where he cries.  We have days where we both cry.  Diabetes is not an easy disease.  It is hard on his body and it is hard on my mind.

The pod is making the management easier and his numbers better but with the pod has come more bg checks.  We check Nate's bg all day --- before meals, after meals, before and after snacks, before he goes to bed and as soon as he wakes up and anytime in between where we feel he may be high or low.  We also check him at 10:00 PM, 12:00 AM and 3:00 AM and if one of those number is low we stay up until it is up, if one of those numbers is high, we stay up until it is down.  I've had a lot of people ask me when we will be able to stop checking him at night and the simple answer is NEVER.  The risk it too great.  In the last 2 months there have been 2 young boys in the DOC (diabetes online community) that have passed away due to type 1 complications.  I cannot begin to imagine the heartbreak.  These are families that know diabetes, that do what we do and yet sometimes this silent killer takes our children even when we do everything right.  Therefor, as I pray for comfort for the families that have lost their precious children I will also continue to check my precious son throughout the day and all through the night and thank the Lord for giving me the opportunity to get up and check him even at 3:00 in the morning.

* This post was originally written to be a super positive tribute to the OmniPod but my heart is heavy tonight as I think about the families that have lost their children so my post made a slight detour.


Anonymous said...

Love you! So glad you went to the pump. Can you believe I went almost 20 years without one?? ;-)

AjsMommy82 said...

Love how you put stickers on the pods to make them fun for Nate! So glad you LOVE pumping!!!

Kelly said...

SO happy the POD has changed your life in so many positive ways!

Tracy said...

I am so happy that pumping is going so well for you guys! And you DO rock!

I too am thankful I have my little boy to wake up for, even at 3am!

Penny said...

I am so thrilled that the Pod has changed your life and Nate's too. That is great to hear. It sounds like it has lightened the load and allowed you more flexibility to just be more of yourself/himself. Beautiful.
We are starting the OmniPod in about a month. I hope all of these things bode for us as well. I do have one question - how best are you removing the sticky tape when it's time to change Pods. My G wore her sample one for 3 days and them when it was time to remove the tape, was absolutely in tears over removing the tape. Any tips you want to pass along?
Thanks for your story, it helps, a lot.

phonelady said...

Oh Laura Im so happy someone can pump and have a great time doing so . If I could pump I would but sadly I am allergic to any kind of adhesive I cannot even wear a band aid very long . Im really sad as a friend used to put it LOL !!!

Jen said...

This is fantastic Laura! I wish the omnipod had small enough correction factors for Addison. His correction factor is 1:300 and the omipod can only be programmed for 1:150. I know we could override it but that seems like it might defeat part of purpose of having it! I have been getting cold feet about our saline trial with animas coming up in about a week...I am glad to hear about your success so far. Hope you and the family are doing well. It is so nice to have you back and posting..

Meri said...

I am not surprised you rocked it when Nate was sick. That is what rock stars do, right?

I'm knew this would be a positive thing in your life. Flexibility makes all the difference in the world!

Hooray for pumps!!

Yay for you!! Yay for Nate! Yay for the pod!! I'm so glad you are having such success! And by the way... You ALWAYS rock it!

Dana said...

LOVE you Laura and thank you for sharing your story so well! I always CRY when I read your posts :) because I feel the EXACT same way you do as a D mom!!! Thankful for your friendship XOXOXOXO

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