Monday, March 21, 2011

Diabetes - In Real Life

This post is way over due.  Way over due.
I met Tracy from The Superhero and the Princess in real life (IRL) back in early February.

I was standing on my tip toes and Tracy was bending her knees!

Tracy and I met online shortly after Nate's dx in 2009.  Her son, the Superhero was dx at 18-months.  She had been where I was and was always there to encourage me when diabetes got me down.  We  connected through our common bond and became fast friends.  She took the time to chat with my by phone, answer texts and always had encouraging words for me as we were starting our pumping journey.  I feel like I've known her forever.

The funny thing is - - - I'd never actually met her before her whirlwind trip to Texas.  We hooked up for lunch in a small town about 90 miles away from our house.  I was so excited to meet Tracy and family ---- there was no nervousness or any apprehensions about meeting someone IRL that I had met online.  It felt like I was about to go to lunch with my best friend or my sister (I don't actually have a sister - just a stinky brother).

We got to the restaurant 1st and grabbed a table. As soon as Tracy and family pulled up I was out of  my seat and on my feet to give Tracy a big hug!  She's much taller than I thought she was - - - she was probably thinking ---- that Laura is a lot shorter than I thought she was!! 

We chatted throughout lunch which wasn't easy with 5 kids between us but again it just felt like we were eating with and chatting with close friends.   The thing that struck me as odd was that when I went to hug and chat with the Superhero and the Princess they were both super shy and kind of hid behind their mom.  Tracy and I were laughing because we feel like we know each others children so well but the fact is they've never even seen me before! I'm sure they were thinking ---- who's the CrAzY woman trying to hug me --- save me, Mom!!!

Isn't it funny how well we all know one another?  Yet, most of us have never met IRL. I've made some wonderful friends through the DOC. I feel so close to so many people that I otherwise would never have had the wonderful opportunity of knowing.

Before finding friends in the DOC I thought meeting people online was kind of creepy.  Please don't judge me - - - just hear me out!  The only thing I really knew about people meeting online was what I watched on Dateline (To Catch a Predator) - - - and that ain't the kind of meeting I wanted any part of!  I'd never been in a chat room, or on Twitter and I was just really starting to feel out Facebook and connect with people that I had at one time already known.  So, for me now to feel so close to people that I've never met IRL is quite the turn of events in my life.

Diabetes has given me several gifts one of which is friendship.  I have friends all over the WORLD that lift me up, understand my feelings and are holding my hand every step of the way.  What an amazing gift - right?

I've met some pretty amazing people IRL that I would have otherwise never crossed paths with if it were not for Nate's T1 dx.  Locally there are many - - - Joanne, Jessica, Heather and Becky just to name a few.   I live within 15 minutes of each of them (all different directions) but I don't know that our paths would have ever crossed without diabetes.  My life is so much better for knowing each of them and each of you!


Stephanie said...

Great post, Laura! I'm so glad you got to meet Tracy! I was lucky enough to meet here here in AZ and she is just fabulous and so welcoming. :)

Joanne said...

And mine is better having met you... thank you for all your support and encouragement lately. Sorry I've been such a mess!

Lora said...

You guys are too cute!!!!

D mama meet-ups are the best!!!

Meri said...

I'm with you on the train of thought that meeting people from online was creepy. BUUUUTT...when you read the words from peoples heart, and whisper to yourself time after time, "same," it just isn't weird. I always talk about you girls as my friends. "Oh, I have a friend down in Texas that has a toddler with Type 1..." Love you! And yeah, I DO love you, and I haven't even met you IRL. DNQ of course...

I want to meet you IRL!!! Jealous!

Such an awesome D fam meet up!

Michelle said...

How fun! Glad you got the chance to meet IRL!

Sarah said...

I am always so jealous that you have so many awesome DOC mama's close to's even better that you weren't an internet addict before but have allowed yourself to find a place to connect at a time of need. I appreciate your post and want you to know that when they find a cure and our babes are done with this d business I hope you'll keep on blogging as I don't just feel like you're "somebody in TX" but an incredible person and mother whom I would love to meet someday IRL!

Unknown said...

Me too...on the "freaky-deaky" part of On-Line relationships and meet-ups. Funny how much the on-line world is now part of my everyday life. So glad you and Tracy met IRL and I have to say I am a smidge jealous!

Penny said...

Oh what a wonderful meet-up! It is kinda creepy that we have such intimate relationships with our DOC gals online and have never met IRL. But no matter, it's just wonderful when it does happen isn't it? So glad you got to meet up with Tracy! LOVE the pic!
When are we ALL going to to meet somewhere???? We can all fly somewhere for a short weekend and meet up, I am dying to plan something like this!!!

Denise said...

I like Penny's idea...big meet up! I would LOVE to meet you all IRL.

Love hearing about the IRL meetups. Can't wait till ours!

Heather said...

I love it! Can't wait to meet both of you someday! :)

:) Tracie said...

Nice! Bending knees and on your toes...ha! But great picture!

I think the knowing each other through the DOC and blogs is definitely what helps to keep our sanity. Little do we know, we're all just this side of crazy! :)

Anonymous said...

So great to meet IRL! It is just nice to be able to vent at a playdate or have coffee with someone who doesn't stare at me while I poke my kid.

Tracy said...

FINALLY have a moment to myself to comment! I have had your post here in my browser, open, waiting for me to comment. Thanks for sharing a great post about our meet up. I loved meeting you and your family. It really felt like we have all known each other forever. Even if the kids didn't recognize us. :)

Love you!

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