Monday, November 1, 2010

It's November and I have a lot to SAE!

November is diabetes awareness month and I have a lot to SAE.  

Sarah ( had a great idea to make November 1st SAE DAY!  Today is a day to intentionally SUPPORT, ADVOCATE, and EDUCATE the world about diabetes!  So here we go . . .

This month I will be supporting my fellow D Mama bloggers that are participating in the NaBloPoMo (National Blog Posting Month):

Please help me support them too - - - they will be working hard posting something new everyday so let's show them some love and leave lots of comments to encourage them along the way! 

This month I will advocate for for diabetes awareness by supporting Dallas Mayor, Tom Leppert's upcoming Passport to Health.  Last month we attended the mayor's press conference to announce the passport to health event and this week we will attend the Mayor’s Passport To Health Community Appreciation Luncheon presented by the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation and sponsored by OmniPod.  

The luncheon will be held at the Morton H. Meyerson Symphony Center and the featured speakers will include former Dallas Cowboy legend Tony Dorsett; triathlete and motivational speaker Jay Hewitt; Dallas City Councilwoman Delia D. Jasso, a type 2 diabetic; renowned dolphin trainer Robyn Cox, a type 1 diabetic; Regina Taylor, a Golden Globe and NAACP Image Award-winning actress; and gospel singer Angela Blair.

Nate will be participating as a JDRF Ambassador welcoming guests and standing on stage during the opening prayer.  (Yea - wish us luck!)

Here are some pictures of our family at the the Passport to Health press conference and a link to watch the news coverage:

JDRF Ambassadors with Dallas Cowboy, Keith Brooking

GaGa, Emma, Sophie, Nate and me with Rufus

The Girls with Rufus

Nate and Mayor Leppert - High Five!

Me, Nate and Mayor Leppert
The educate is easy.  I try to raise awareness and educate about type 1 diabetes everyday.  We do not hide Nate's diabetes and when asked we are always happy to share our story.  I would have to say our hardest audience to educate are those with Type 2 diabetes or those that know someone with Type 2 diabetes --- ummm --- yea so that pretty much includes everybody.  
This month I will post daily on Facebook about Type 1 and help raise awareness for all my non-D Facebook friends.  
We will be traveling this month and I hope to be able to educate those around us every step of the way. When you have a 2-year old with Type 1 diabetes people tend to naturally look at you, shake their heads in sympathy and give you a little look of pity.  So, instead of just smiling and nodding as we get those looks this month I will be sharing our story, educating about type 1, telling the truth about diabetes, stopping the myths & hopefully helping to find a cure. 

I will also be participating in D Blog Day on 11/9/10 - - - 

**D-blog Day was started on November 9th 2005 (by Gina Capone) during Diabetes Awareness Month, to help unite diabetes bloggers and create awareness about diabetes.

This year’s topic is: 6 things you want people to know about diabetes.
Hashtag on twitter will be #dblogday

For more information head on over to Diabetes Talkfest with Gina (your diabetes BFF)

Also, on the 14th we will celebrate World Diabetes Day! This is the day where we turn everything possible into the color blue and participate in the Big Blue Test to raise awareness for diabetes! We will participate in the Big Blue Test but I have no idea yet what we are going to do for the big day.  No worries - I'll think of something --- What are you doing??

For more information on the Big Blue Test - click here and watch the video on You Tube.

If you are interested in T-Shirts for WDD - check out We CARA Lot Blog ---- Nicole created an awesome Tshirt design for World Diabetes Day!

And . . . I think that's all I've got for today!  


Unknown said...

WOW girl you are BUSY!!! Thanks for all you do to SAE it. We truly appreciate it.

Good luck with the Passport to Health event. That sounds awesome, Laura. :)

Nicole said...

WOW and that is the way we do a SAE post!! thanks for the links and support :) and way to get involved and make some change to better our children and people living with type 1 all over the USA :) Great JOB!!

Heather said...

I love that you are advocating for our kids. Thank you! I'm happy to be with you on the crazy train of NaBloPoMo.

On a side note,thanks for grabbing my button! :)

Meri said...

That is A LOT going on! Your family is so awesome. I am so glad Nate will be representing the community at the dinner!

Cdejulius said...

you make Poppa and I so proud! keep up the good work .. .we support you! And November 9 is a special day for me . . .it was Grandma Cook's birthday and she would be so proud of you too!!

Tracy said...

Love it! You are such a busy mama!

Jen said...

Wow! You are one busy mama! Thanks for your support ..not only for all the November bloggers but for all of our are a fantastic advocate!

You're amazing for all that you do to improve the quality of life for other DMoms and Dkids. Thank you so much! In particular, thanks for posting those cute pics of Nate at Halloween. Alex looked at the pic of Nate with the pod on his leg and was a bit less reluctant to try a new site. He's only 2 so you can imagine change isn't easy. His arms have gotten too banged up from the pod. So we're following you're lead and trying the leg. LOL

I'm attempting NaBloPoMo again this year as well.

I am looking forward to reading the daily posts of you and all of the other D-Moms participating this month.

Love your wrap up of all things Diabetes Awareness Month!

Unknown said...

So proud of you, my friend!!!!! YOU ARE AMAZING!

Rida said...

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