Wednesday, November 10, 2010

6 Things the Houston Family would like you to know . . .

I'm a day late for dblog day but I still want to participate so here we go - - -
The Houston family took our 1st family vacation since D came into our lives (we returned home late last night) and while gone I thought and thought about the 6 things that I would like people to know about diabetes. Ok, maybe I didn't think about it that much but here is what Jim and I came up with on our way back home.

1) The obvious #1 ---- There are several 'types' of diabetes ---- the most commonly known are Type 1 and Type 2.  When I say commonly known I mean that I believe people know that there is a type 1 and a type 2 but they have no idea what the difference is between the two.  Our immediate family (The Houston Five) is living with Type 1 or Juvenile Diabetes.  Type 1 diabetes is an autoimmune disease.  Nate's pancreas does not work.  Period.

2) Type 1 diabetes cannot be controlled with diet and exercise. Although diet and exercise are very important for everyone to stay healthy it has nothing to do with 'controlling' type 1 diabetes. 

3) There is no way to prevent type 1 diabetes --- Nate did not do anything to cause his diabetes and his humongous piece of birthday cake on his 1st birthday had nothing to do with his diagnosis 2 months later.

4) It's more than a shot!!  Yes, insulin dependent diabetics do require shots of insulin or insulin pumps to infuse the insulin into their bodies BUT there is SO much more to it.  The amount of insulin required throughout the day is a very carefully calculated amount that changes often in growing children.  Insulin is also given with each meal based on the amount of carbohydrates eaten.  Even that is not as simple as it sounds.  There are even more complicated calculations used to determine how much insulin should be given for every gram of carbohydrate eaten and even that changes depending on how much fiber or fat is involved and the ratio is often different for each and every meal.  So, all of that to say diabetes is much more than just a shot --- it is extremely complicated.

5) Diabetes is a family affair.  Our son, Nate has diabetes but it certainly effects the entire family.  Nate's sisters worry about him, his health and what he is eating constantly.  Jim and I work hard at keeping Nate safe, healthy and happy without disrupting the entire family but sometimes that is just not possible. Everything stops when Nate's blood sugar is low, meal plans change when Nate's blood sugar is high, and it seems everyone in the family always has an ear and an eye on our youngest little one.  We do the best we can at keeping our lives as normal as possible but the fact is that diabetes controls a lot of our decision making and ultimately that effects everyone in the family.

6) We hate it when you say --- "he looks so ______" 
you can insert the following words ----> happy, healthy, or normal.
Yes, Nate is all of those things!   Diabetes is invisible.  You cannot see Nate's diabetes and although I often post pics of him sporting his OmniPod and DexCom in reality most days you cannot see either one or his disease. He is happy, healthy and a very normal 2-year old little boy but he does have diabetes and it is sometimes very challenging.  Just because we make it look easy does not mean that it is. 


Unknown said...

Welcome HOME Houston Family...Welcome home!!!

Love the VERY last sentence Laura. So, so, so true.


Renata said...

I like your number 5, wish I had put that one in!

Denise said...

Hope you had a great vacation! Wonderful list.

Unknown said...

HI FIVE!!! Happy to hear you're home safe and sound ;) Awesome list and HI FIVE for # FIVE!

Penny said...

Hey there hon - welcome back! We have missed you! And right on for your list - yes, all these 6 and more. Shame we were limited to 6. Good to have you back!

:) Tracie said...

Aaahhh...#4...I tend to use the "it's a couple of shots every day" line. Didn't quite look at it the way you described it...go figure.

Great list!

i have missed you soooo much! Welcome home! And you nailed every single one!

i have missed you soooo much! Welcome home! And you nailed every single one!

Joanne said...

Welcome hoooooooome! I have a shoe with your name on it. Actually, it has Nate's name on it. And you can have it in exchange for a frozen yogurt.

I missed you!

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