Thursday, November 11, 2010

Catching up --- Halloween & Nate's NEW gecko Tummietote!!

We took a little vacation and now I am beyond behind in bloggerville.  These awesome peeps are participating in the NaBloPoMo...... this month

Lora - My Diabetic Child 
Rachael - Pumpsley and Me

so I have a lot of reading to do!!  I'm trying to catch up - I promise!! 

I'm also WAY behind on posting so bear with me while I try and catch up!

Today's catch-up (not ketchup or catsup) post is from last month. 


We had a funtabulous Halloween weekend with our annual Family Fall Festival and then trick or treating in my parent's neighborhood on Halloween evening.

This year was our 4th Annual Family Fall Festival and we had such a great time.  We had sack races, played Red Rover, had a 3-legged race and ate lots and lots of goodies.  Nate and all of the children were running around like crazy and having an absolute wonderful time.  Lucky for Nate all of that running caused his bg to run a bit low so he got to enjoy A LOT of goodies --- including marshmallows!!  He didn't so much like his roasted like the rest of us ---- he liked his straight out of the bag!!

Here are a few pictures from our 4th Annual Family Fall Festival

The Houston Five

GaGa and Nate

Gran (my grandmother) & Nate

Poppa with his prize winning pumpkin

The Cousins

Having a fun time at the FFF

Nate loves marshmallows

Below are some of the pumpkin carving contest entries:

Spooky Right?

On to Halloween . . .

I thought you all might enjoy seeing Nate WEARING pants and his AWESOME NEW TUMMIETOTE from Tallygear (this is the one that we won in their give-away):

We love Cowboy Nate (wearing pants) and we love his new Tummietote that Donna custom made for Nate -- 1 pocket only for DexCom, clear window, super cute gecko print in size EXTRA SMALL!!  PERFECT!!

On to Halloween . . . just as we imagined it would be . . . SO FUN!  The girls were both mermaids (again!!) and Nate was a cowboy.  We trick or treated in my parent's neighborhood and had a wonderful time.  Nate was right on track with D --- low from walking so much and then HIGH from the entire bag of M&M's that he devoured but with all of the walking that we did he ended up right on target and it was a prefect night.  We got home, pulled out all of the yummy candy to keep and put a huge bowl out with the rest of the candy on the front porch and it was gone before we knew it.

Our entry for the pumpkin carving contest - we came in 2nd!

Emma and Sophie with our pumpkin carriage

and with Poppa's pooping pumpkin!

The Houston Five on Halloween

Taking a little break from walking

The bag is getting full and Nate is getting tired!

Mmmm!!  Lollipop!

Goodbye Candy!

PLEASE - can't we keep just a little bit more??


did i tell you how i have missed u so!? Loooove the pics and what cute pumpkins!!

Joanne said...

The pooping pumpkin? AWESOME! I love your pumpkin carriage as well... you are way too crafty!

Can't wait to see you and catch up... Monday?

Nicole said...

soooo glad to have you back :) and I loved all the pics and I think 1st prize for Cinderella's carriage...very creative!!

Missed you and the kids look so much long have you been gone for? :)

Unknown said...

OK...Poppa with the "POOPING PUMPKIN" is hysterical! Love the carriage pumpkin as well. Looks like tons of fun and lots of treats to keep Nate in on the action with adequate BGs.

Love the photos Laura!

Penny said...

Love the photos - the pumpkins are fantastic and Nate is a rockin cowboy with his pants (imagine!) and his tummytote. Wonderful Laura!

Denise said...

Was thinking how I need to do a 'catch up' post since we have been so busy and then my mind got caught on 'catsup', 'ketchup' funny that you put that in your post.
Great pumpkins, cute kiddos!

Unknown said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE the pictures :) Some of those pumpkins were amazing!!!! And, btw, we had a pooping pumping 2 doors down :)

Your family is beautiful, Laura. xoxoxo

Such fun! Those pumpkins are incredible!!!! I am impressed!

AjsMommy82 said...

Great pictures! Loved the pooping pumpkin! Too funny!!!

Jen said...

Looks like a great Halloween Laura! Nate is so cute...I love his little tummytote..

Meri said...

This was a post of love. SO many GREAT pictures! Thank you for taking the time to fill us nosey blogger friends in. :)

And Joanne...monday is good for me too. :)

Anonymous said...

Wow - your family goes all out with the pumpkin carving contest! What fun!! I LOVE the cinderella carriage - beautiful!

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