Thursday, October 28, 2010

Our 2nd Halloween with Diabetes

Diabetes came into our lives just a month or so before Halloween last year.  Nate came down with a stomach bug and it landed us back in the hospital just a week before the big candy fest.  So, pretty much all that taken into account and the fact that Nate was only 15-months old - Halloween was pretty much a non-issue for our family.

Nate had a costume last year but he HATED it so he didn't even wear it to go trick or treating --

No devil costumes for Nate!!

Nate & Jim Trick or Treating 2009

OH BOY! How things have changed in a year!  Nate is is now 2 and we've been living with D for just over 1 year now.  Oh yea and did I mention that Nate LOVES candy, cookies, cupcakes -- well, pretty much anything sweet?!?  Biggest Sweet Tooth EVER!

So, this year I am quite sure he will partake in the family tradition of chili dogs, trick or treating and then the candy fest!  This year he is ready to GO - - -

I promise he is going to wear pants on Sunday! 

Trick or Treat - GIVE ME ALL YOUR CANDY!!

I know it will be trial and error but this year we will just do the same thing we have done for the girls every year.  We trick or treat until their little hearts are content and then head home to pass out the candy we just received to all of the trick or treaters that come to our door.  Don't get me wrong --- we eat plenty of candy too but we always get SO much there is no possible way that we could eat it all.  And - Hello it saves me money by not having to purchase Halloween candy. The girls have always been allowed to eat their candy in moderation and I see no reason to make any changes here for Nate.

I mean really - do you really think little Emma could have eaten all of that?  Ok, maybe she could now but NOT GOING TO HAPPEN!!  She got to pick out her favorites, we handed out the rest and then Jim and I devoured all of the leftovers after she went to bed!!  :)

Am pretty sure Sophie would have loved to eat all of that candy!  Instead she ate a few that she picked out and we handed out the rest to all of the little urchins that came to our door.  :)

All of that to say Halloween is not a huge issue with our family.  I sweat a lot of things (Christmas and Thanksgiving are currently more stressful because of the excitement of the day causing high bgs and just overall timing of it all with extended family in the mix - - blah blah blah) but Halloween I can handle.  Everything in moderation and we'll be just fine.  Plus if it is anything like Easter - - - Nate was low for hours from all of the running around looking for eggs that he got to happily munch on many treats throughout the afternoon.

I believe this is just another one of the things that everyone handles differently.  What works for me may not work for you and what works for you may not work for me.  That's what I love so much about the DOC -- it's about sharing your experiences and not pushing your theories, ideas or beliefs.  Just sharing and trying to help one another.

Happy Halloween Y'all!!


Denise said...

What a cute lil cowboy!
Even before D, we let the kids pick out a few pieces, then we saved the good stuff to dole out over the next couple weeks, and the rest went to my hubby's office for the vultures there to feast on. When Bryce was diagnosed 2 years ago, we were released from the hospital on Halloween so were thrown into the "what to do with D and H" from the beginning. We did nothing different and all was fine. Bryce was actually low from all the walking that he got more treats than we would have given him without D!!
Anyhow, have a Happy and FUN Halloween!!

NO pants!!! Lol omg I could devour him! This is our second Halloween as well and with the first we ddint stress either. No child D or not should be allowed to be a piggie and eat all the candy! We trick or treat and then dh buys the candy from the boys that we either dont allow or have a carb count for then they eat 2 pieces a day after veggies or something. . Also we stash the smarties and stuff like that for lows. I def agree its not a big deal xmas and turkey day are harder cause theres sooo much complexs carbs and the eating can take hours. But thats just my opinion. To be honest I get fuckin pissed when I see stuff online "diabetes and halloween how to trick or treat withh a diabetic" or something to that affect. They can eat what they want in moderation! So have fun and save me snickers!! Xoxo

Amen Laura! And Amen Alexis! I know- this is NOT a taboo holiday for our kids! I love the idea of passing it back out! Its like regifting for Halloween! And how darling! Love the guns and Holsters! What a cutie he is.... And look how big he is this year! :). Happy Halloween!!

Meri said...

Amen! How cute is your cowboy? He COULD NOT be cuter! (I think I have typed that 100 times on your blog!)

I'm with you! Get er done! Eat and be done with it. In our house, we usually somehow OVER bolus and the kids end up a bit low, and guess what...they get more. :)

Unknown said...

Seriously a diaper, a holster, and a POD!!! Go NATE...Go NATE...Go,Go,Go!

I am in agreement. We TOT to our hearts content. We then come home. I let the kids eat quite a bit of candy on Halloween Night...then they bag up some to get rid of for like a prize or money. The rest of the candy... well, we dole a piece or two out after dinner for a few days and/or use them for lows.

Pam said...

I vote for no pants! He looked perfect just the way he was! (You know he's going to kill you one day for all the nakey pics! Keep 'em coming!)

I'm with you in feeling that Thanksgiving and Christmas pose more of an issue in our house. Halloween is one night and done. The other holidays have left Grace lingering high for days.

Good luck on Sunday and have lots of fun!

Anonymous said...

He is a doll and the girls are so cute! The pictures are great!

I love this post!! Great pics of Nate!! He is as always so darn adorable!! Halloween is at our house much like yours... with 2 kids under 5 we dont really do much eating of the candy but they love collecting... then we give it out to friends and I use it for events. Joshua cant eat 1/2 of it anyway cause of his age so Im not too concerned:)

Sarah said...

Love the cowboy outfit!
As for what we're doing for's the Great Pumpkin, but not due to diabetes but rather the kiddos cousins do it and it'll be easy to implement. Last year we handed out their candy to the kiddos that came to our door, too...our oldest thought it was great. And they definitely eat along the way as they go door to door, but never too much as they're going so quickly.
Enjoy your cuties this Halloween!

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