Saturday, September 25, 2010

JDRF Walk for a Cure - Team Super Nate 2010

First and foremost ---- Team Super Nate has raised over $11,000 to date and we are still collecting donations! We have more than doubled our goal and just writing that makes me cry --- now I know you think I cry all of the time but I swear I don't!  We've just gone through Nate's 1-year with D anniversary and 1 week later the overwhelming support from my friends and family for the walk has stirred up a lot of emotion!!

Often I feel very alone on this journey and then today when over 100 people show up in the rain to support our son, our family and ME --- it is extremely overwhelming!  It seems like there should be more powerful words than just THANK YOU but all I can say is THANK YOU - THANK YOU - THANK YOU and THANK YOU! 

So, clearly with the monsoon that blew in around 4:00 AM --- the walk was not everything I had imagined in my mind but it was still a lot of fun (just a little wet too)!  Almost everyone showed up and walked the 5K in the rain.  AWESOME!

So here are a few of the over 250 pictures that were taken today . . .
(We got a partial group shot but unfortunately our Team Picture was schedule for 10:30 and that is when the 2nd round of the monsoon blew in - oh well!!)

We are missing about quite a few people in this picture

Sophie & Super Nate

Emma, Sophie & Nate

The Houston Five

Me, Todd (my brother), Dodge (a Diabetes Dude Blue Flamingo) and the AWESOME sign my dad had made for Team Super Nate!

That's Right Sweet Boy - - - We are all walking for YOU!
 Since you can see the back of Nate's shirt and part of Jim's shirt - - - this would be a good place to stop and thank our sponsors!!

You can't see it but the shirts says ----
Super Nate runs on . . . 

OmniPod and Texas Roadhouse sponsored the t-shirts.
 Ryder King designed the Super Nate Logo --- could it be any cuter? 
And we received VERY generous donations from my dad's company  - Knothe Apparel Group 
and from my brother, Todd who owns two gyms in the Austin area -   Anytime Fitness

We  received a $100 gift card for food and 15 cases of water for our walkers from Market Street
Kay's Naturals also generously donated 240 individual size bags of yummy snacks!  Gluten FREE!!

We honestly cannot express how thankful we are for all of the donations -- large and small. 

Haven't made a donation yet??  There is still time - - - just CLICK HERE!  :)  

And now for some D Mama LOVE in the rain . . . 

Laura & Jessica with some Team Elise walkers in the background.
Laura and Joanne - rockin' it in the rain!

To see all of the Team Super Nate pictures from the JDRF Walk for a Cure - - - please check out Nate's Journey (in pictures) with Type 1.

And to finish this post . . . 
Super Nate wearing his Super N8 Cape - - -not wanting to let go of his Super Hero status!!

Super N8 in his Cape!
 Thanks to my friend, Emily for Nate's awesome cape surprise!  He loves it!!!


Unknown said...

WOW. Speachless Laura. What a terrific turn out...with terrific friends and I am so envious of the D Mama hook-up with Jessica and Jo! Love the N8 cape - that is super cool.

Unknown said...



Congrats on a successful inaugural walk! Who knows...maybe we'll never have to walk again...HOPE is a powerful thing. But, if we do, you can bet I'll be excited to see your pictures!


Penny said...

WOW - How utterly fantastic!!!!! What a super team for such a super boy. Just love the photos and when he is an old man, he can always see how much people always loved him and cared for him. What a gift!

Kelly said...

OH MY GOODNESS!!! Your pictures just gave me CHILLS! What an AWESOME Team you have, and I LOVE Super Nate! Such an awesome little hero guy for the shirts and banner! Perfect fit!

Meri said...

Amazing. I am so proud of wonder you were exhausted this month! You were putting together an EPIC walk team!! You truly hit it out of the park!

Joanne said...

I'm glad I got to see you, even if it was only for a few minutes! Great job with Team Supper Nate... the shirts looked awesome, and it was so much fun to see so many people wearing them.

Yay Team Super Nate!

WOW!! I am so amazed with your turn out... we cant do the walk this year but we are gearing up for next fall already... Id love to chat wiht you about how you planned and how you got the sponsorships... Any info you can share is appriciated!!

N8 is super, and are you. That is crazy cool that you were able to do that!

Heather said...

I'm so glad your walk went well! It rained the morning of ours too, but wasn't raining during the actual walk. I love the hope we receive from having all our friends and family support us for the walk. It is amazing.

Amanda said...

What a great turnout! It looks like the rain didn't dampen the excitement of the day. That last picture of Nate in his cape killed me. How cute is he?

LOVE LOVE LOVE this! Love the pics! And... Sweetpea is looking at them and wants to know who the pretty lady is. She's talking out YOU, sweet friend! :) Glad you had such a successful day! And that you had fun - even in the rain! Love you!

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