Saturday, September 4, 2010

Custom 3D Bands and My Cutie Patootie Super Nate

Another post on a product that I love!! Love, Love, Love!!

Nate just received a couple of the Custom 3D Bands which came just in time - - - his 3rd medical alert bracelet (in less than a year) crapped out on us this week.

I had no idea if the XS (Toddler Size) would fit Nate or not and guess what - - - it fits PERFECTLY. Check this out (Yes, another shameless excuse to post pics of my little man):

To say that I love these bands is an understatement!  Dana, the owner is awesome, amazing and VERY helpful.  These bracelets are so perfect - - they are stylish, affordable and durable!  They are so 'stylish' that Emma and Sophie have both put in an order for a pink and a purple band.  Ummmm - No that don't have diabetes.  They just want them!

Nate has diabetes and I don't let the word DIABETIC define him but it may just save his life someday so I am grateful for these awesome bracelets that keep my precious boy safe.


Jessica said...

Laura, you're in my head, I swear. I think we got our Tallygear belt the day before you and we ordered these a few weeks ago and I literally have one sitting on my counter that I was going to give you for Nate when we were supposed to get together a couple weeks ago! I totally thought it would fit! Liam loves his too. :)

Denise said...

My boy got one of these at the hospital when he was diagnosed almost 2 years ago and still wears it every day. Perfect for active kids and long lasting. Love it!!

Meri said...

I think he should be their model who sells these, because seriously his cute little face makes me want to buy 100 of these things!

Unknown said...

I want to pinch his cute little rolls!!! Gosh he is adorable. The bracelets are cool too!

Penny said...

Cutie patootie little boy with cutie wristbands on - seriously, he should be on their website/catalog to promote them!

Scott K. said...

Laura, those are are the pics of little Nate!!! If you ever want to switch things up with the IDs, check out the ones here:

Inexpensive and high quality...though I am's my wife's business...

Cindy said...

Oh, he is so cute! The wristbands are cool too, but they don't begin to compare with how cool Super Nate is!

Jack LOVES these too! And Madeline and Max also want to wear them! :) I think they should have Nate be their model, too! He is absolutely adorable!!!

Sarah said...

what a cutie...he's one of those that probably gets the horrible comment "but he's so healthy." Yes people amazingly cute children that have the most beautiful faces get this horrible autoimmune disorder, too...
Sorry a little of a rant.
Your child is beautiful and I think those bracelets are great, even if they say diabetic rather than t1d. Maybe we'll order a few. I'm amazed he keeps them on :)

There is so much cute in this post I almost can't take it! I better go eat something salty to balance it all out! :)
VERY cool!

Donna said...

Those pictures are SO good!!!!! They should totally use them! =)

I love the idea of these bracelets... Sugar Boy has been very resistant to wearing a traditional medical id bracelet - but I'm thinking he just might go for these!!

Unknown said...

AHHHHHH!!!!!!!!....look at that cute little guy.....SO STINKIN' CUTE!!!!!!!!!!

Love the bracelets...PERFECT!

Heather said...

I love those bands! and your son is SO stinkin cute! :)

My daughter has been wearing Custom 3D Bands bracelets too. Great for sports!

Read our review and then leave a comment on the blog to enter to win. Giveaway for kids AND adults with diabetes. Enter by 10/18/10.

phonelady61 said...

wow those are awesome and would love to have one . they look like they would last a long time as well .

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