Friday, September 24, 2010

Diabetes Dude Webathon - - - Raising money to raise awareness! NOW!

We interrupt your regularly scheduled broadcast to bring you the diabetes dude (DD) and his webathon.

Click HERE

DD Webathon

Friday, September 24th from 6 pm til midnight, The Diabetes Dude will be holding a webathon to help support his Flamingo Flock Campaign.  Noah's campaign is growing and in order for him to continue with his campaign and send out his flamingos all over the country, he has to rely on the support of his friends to donate to the cause. 

Throughout the webathon, The Diabetes Dude will be constantly updating his website, Twitter, and Facebook accounts.  Every person who makes a donation will be mentioned by whatever name they choose through these media outlets.  Donations will be accepted through PayPal only at the link below. 

Noah has some great prizes to give away as raffles including his autographed flamingo, Doppler, who flocked the Sept 19th Boston Red Sox game and was autographed by Wally The Green Monster.  Doppler will be presented to the winner along with a commemerative photo collage autographed by The Diabetes Dude. 

Please help by donating to this great cause!  If just 300 people donated even $5, he would reach his goal and be able to further his campaign!


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