Saturday, November 5, 2011

#5 - Invisible Diabetes #NHBPM

I was going to go with the prompt today but it's actually 11:45 PM on Friday night and I'm tired.  I got through 1/2 of my post and changed my mind when I saw this picture on my phone . . . 

Diabetes is often called an invisible disease which I understand because when Nate looks like this . . . 

all you see is a precious little 3-year old boy.  Most people would never know that he has diabetes or anything else for that matter.  This is the little boy that I want you to see but please don't forget the little boy that I see at home has 2 life saving medical devices attached to him at all times.  His insulin pump infuses a life-saving and potentially fatal man-made insulin through his little body.  If his pump malfunctions it quickly becomes a life or death situation. 

Diabetes Awareness Month means a lot to me because Diabetes is NOT invisible to me. 


Anonymous said...

Oh but what a cute tushie he has! I wonder if I'd get the same response if I posted a picture of mine... ;)

Ok I almost choked at Elizabeths comment.

Great post my love, people don't see all we do. The battle scars of it all. The neverendingness of it.

Love that tush though ;)

Stacey said...

The JDRF should have used this picture for their full page ad in the NY Times , last week...

Donna said...

How conflicting that these pictures make me smile and break my heart all at the same time. <3

Misty said...

How in the world am I supposed to pinch that cute booty with those things takin up all the real estate? Cutey pa-bootie!

Sweets looks the same way... Visible to us. And that's enough.

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