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#12 - C-Difficile Colitis #NHBPM

It's 11:10 PM CST ---- not much time to bust this post out.  I normally write my posts the night before and post them the next morning.  Things got hairy yesterday and I haven't had any time to sit down and do anything much less write a blog post.  

Short and Sweet just like Sophie:

Most of you know Sophie has been sick again for a few weeks I blogged about it here.  We've been in to the hospital a couple of times to do blood work and stool studies.  Sophie is on a 1st name basis with all the lab techs at CMC-Legacy and even tells them that she prefers room #3 because it has the best stickers (Tangled).  We are there a lot.  

As Sophie's GI and I had been mulling over meds and treatment plans we were both really struggling with our next step.  Her GI loves her, is so kind and seems to genuinely care about Sophie and her well-being.  He called Friday and told me her lab results were back and Sophie has C-Diff. 

    C - difficile is a bacteria in your intestines.  It is found normally in healthy and ill people alike.  There are millions, perhaps billions of different types of bacteria in your body.  Bacteria are an important part of your health.  They help break down and digest food.  They also ward off many "bad" or foreign bacteria that you may come in contact with.  In fact, the "good" or normal bacteria on your hands can kill certain bad bacteria which you may pick up handling food or touching everyday items and fixtures.

Your body has lots of "good" and necessary bacteria.  It also has some "bad" or dangerous bacteria.   Clostridium difficile is a "bad" bacteria.  Fortunately, when you are healthy and not taking antibiotics, the millions of good bacteria in your system keep the c - diff under control and in smaller numbers.  However, when you take an antibiotic, the levels of good bacteria are reduced down to a smaller number.  If your c-diff is strong and doesn't get killed by the antibiotic along with the good bacteria, then it is possible that the c-diff will overpopulate inside your intestine or colon.   When this happens, you may get the illness called clostridium difficile colitis.

When you have an imbalance of bacteria and c-diff takes over, it creates two main types of toxins that affect your body and give you the symptoms of the actual disease.  The toxins attack your intestinal wall and left untreated may cause ulcerations. Your symptoms may include diarrhea and cramping at first.   The later stages are commonly flu-like symptoms of weakness, dehydration, fever, nausea, vomiting and in advanced stages - blood in your stool / feces.  If a patient is left untreated, they can die from it.  It is rare for it to be left untreated.  

Patients with ulcerative colitis and Crohn's disease have been known to develop C. difficile colitis without exposure to antibiotics.

I had to pull Sophie out of school on Friday and she will not be allowed to return until we get her all better. Which could take days, weeks or even months.  We started her on Flagyl and Florastor on Friday and will see how she is responding on Monday.  

Sophie is pretty sick and she is very sad that she can't go to school or play with her friends.  We are trying to keep her in good spirits and for the most part we are pretty successful.  She's one tough little cookie.  

Ok - it wasn't that short but now you know what is going on in my world.  Oh yea - and diabetes is kicking my arse.  It may be time for me to actually log some numbers.  UGH!!

This post was written as part of NHBPM – 30 health posts in 30 days:

11:46 PM --- why did this take so long?  I'm going to bed now. 



Meri said...

On the side of your blog it says, "just a mom." Nothing could be further from the truth. You are more than "just" a mom. You are a warrior...hear you roar! I know that your children were meant to be with you...that your love will see them through every trial. Thank you for blogging, and educating. You make a difference in this big world, and you especially make all the difference in the world of your children. Love you warrior mom!

Sarah said...

((Hugs)) I'm sending love all the way from the beautiful Pac Northwest to your lovely girl...may a quick recovery and fun times come here way quickly!
BTW my mother-in-law was just diagnosed with ulcerative colitis or possibly lymphocytic colitis. She's been in a lot of pain, too - for her and your daughter's health I hope they soon find better treatments for these belly troubles. :)

Hope Sophie is feeling better very soon!

Unknown said...

Ah Geez! Give that girl and yourself a HUGE REYNA HUG! I love Meri's comment. More than a "mother" you are my dear, dear friend. xo

Anonymous said...

Oh gee, I'm sorry.
It's not fair.

Your little Sophie is always so strong. All your kids are. You, too. Good luck as you fight this. Even though she won't be at school, I know you'll be able to have some very special moments at home that you'll always remember. And...the part about logging numbers, horrid. I've totally dropped this part of our diabetes life. For now.

Stephanie said...

Oh Laura. This just breaks my heart, especially hearing that Sweet Soph has to be out of school. I will be praying that you can get this under control soon! ((hugs))

Scully said...

I've been following along as you write Sophie's story and it's been difficult to read nevermind live it. I am always hoping to read some good news that you've found a treatment that helps or works or something. Anything. What an awful thing to go through. Your kids are strong because you are strong. Keep doing your best.

Kelly said...

Thinking of you and your sweet family!

Donna said...

Oh, Laura. My heart goes out to you and Sophie. I am so sorry she is having to go through this. I can only imagine how hard it all must be.

What I do KNOW is that there are few mothers out there like you. You are a true blessing to your girls and Nate. God gave them you as a mommy for a reason!!! He knew you were strong, and he knew that you would fight for them! You can hold your head high knowing that you are their hero.

Cindy said...

Laura, everytime I see a picture of your little Sophie, I can't help but tear up and smile at the pure joy and beauty that shines from her face. That kind of beauty doesn't come just from her gorgeous features. It has a lot more to do with the strength of her spirit and the security that comes from knowing she is loved and cherished beyond reason. I can't even begin to imagine how tough everything she goes through is on the both of you, but once you've both won these battles, she is going to be one amazing, gorgeous and incredible girl! Know that you're all in my prayers and if there's anything I can do for any of you, it'd be an honor to be called on to help your family!

Misty said...

Laura, I just shake my head and wonder why these sweet little people have to endure so much. I have to believe that it is bigger than we are...the reasons. You are so so strong Laura and Sophie is so lucky to have you as her "so much more than a mom"! Praying for your sweet girl.

NikDuck said...

Laura, I am catching up on blogs now. I am so sorry to hear that Sophie had another setback and especially that she has to miss school. It really breaks my heart to hear this. I will be praying for her and are an amazing Momma! Hugs to you and your girl.

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