Friday, February 25, 2011

Lowest Low

We've had lows.
We've had low lows.
Today's low was our lowest low.

Yesterday Dr. T called with some changes to Nate's morning basal and breakfast I:C ratio.  I was excited to make the changes because sometimes it's just nice to have someone look at things from a different view.  At our appointment last week (remember the one where I forgot our bg logs) we discussed Nate's morning spike but we didn't make any changes since we didn't have the logs.

It was a big change so she warned me to be on the look out for lows.

This AM was pretty - - - no breakfast spike.
Although excited about achieving pretty numbers after breakfast Jim and I were keeping a close eye on Dex.

I checked his bg at 9:58 - 134

I checked Dex and it said 130 but no arrow. I hate it when Dex doesn't have an arrow. Come on, Dex - that's what we hired you for - - - the arrows!!

20 minutes later Nate was crying and fighting Jim about getting dressed.  It just didn't feel right.  I grabbed the meter and checked his bg again --- 39.

We've seen lower numbers.  Nate's lowest low is 30 but this 39 was far worse than the 30 we saw shortly after Nate's diagnosis.

He was crying.
So tired.
So lethargic.
He wanted his mommy and his mommy wanted him.
Juice box down.
More crying.
So, So, So Sleepy.

He kept falling asleep on my shoulder, he couldn't hold up his head, if I didn't support his back he was falling backwards.

Down - Down - Down - he wanted me to put him down on the couch.
I put him down and he fell backwards - he couldn't sit up.
He fell back.
Closed his eyes.

No Nate - NO NO NO!
Please don't close your eyes.

Jim got him to eat 10g of banana
He was sleep eating.




Finally Jim could tell he was coming around.  I was holding him now with his head on my shoulder and Jim was watching his eyes.

Glucagon is in the kitchen.
Glucagon in the D Bag.
Glucagon is in the truck.
Glucagon is in my purse.

We were seconds away from using the glucagon for a 39.

To say that I was scared would be an understatement.

I was terrified.

I wanted to curl up into a little ball on the floor and rock back and forth.

Fortunately, in moments like this we are able to pull down from deep inside and find the strength we need to get through the moment.

Today I found some extra strength and got through the moment.

I waited until later to fall apart.

Here are 2 great posts from PWD on how it feels to be LOW:

I am Low - Haley @ Naturally Sweet
He Held Me - Sarah @ I don't have Diabetes - I've got 'Tha Suga'


AjsMommy82 said...

SCARY!!! We had a similar low last christmas eve she passed out right in my arms... Scariest day in my life! Glad Nate the great is alright!!!

Heidi =) said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Heidi =) said...

(HUGS) So scary! I'm glad things turned out ok for you and super Nate.

Oh Laura!! How scary! Im so sorry Nate had to deal with such a crappy low. You and daddy did good!

Glad to hear it ended well. Dex. Get on it!!

((hugs)) love you guys!!

Valerie said...

Ugh...heart-wrenching! Glad he is okay!!

Unknown said...

Oh dear God.

I've been in that place. Way too many times.

So hard to, so, so hard to read. I can imagine it as if I were sitting in the kitchen with you.

I have resorted to cake mate/honey on the gums and **ALWAYS**, always, always pay attention to symptoms. Who gives a flying FLIP what the meter reads. Head bobbing, confusion, weakness...chills. It makes me want to curl up in a ball and cry with you.

Great job, Team Nate. God bless your sweet boy.

Suzanne said...

So happy he is okay and that you all made it through that. So very scary! You guys are one amazing family!

Michelle said...

So glad you were able to find the strength to get through the moment and that you all are okay!!! I know all too well how scary that can heart was racing just reading your post.

what an horrible experience! i know what it feels like to have a low and i'm glad you guys made it through ok!

Unknown said...

AWWW Laura, that is a tough moment. It is momenents like this one that slap you right back into "reality". The reality that this disease means "business"...every morning...every afternoon....every evening....every night...


Celeste said...

Oh Laura, that made me cry. I can't imagine how scary that was. God bless you and all your D parents out there who deal with this Love you, dear friend.

Andrea said...

Wiping away tears right now! ((hugs)) We have yet to experience anything close to that! You guys did great! Way to be strong in front of - and for - Nate!

Penny said...

Oh sweetie, I am so sorry you had to go through this! How very scary. G had a 27, twenty frigid seven, when I left her to sleepover with her friend. Scared the begeesus out of me! So glad that you got through it and SuperNate is ok. We will all survive this, together.

That's always my fear. What you went through. When they are that little, they are just so vulnerable and you're all they've got. Glad you and your husband were together when it happened. And, hope you get your carbs figured out soon...

Pam said...

Oh Laura, I'm so sorry he, and you, had to go through this. So scary! Situations like this remind me how close we live to the edge every single day. I feel like I get lulled into a comfortable existence, then WHAM! You get that smack in the face telling you how quickly everything can change.

You're a strong, smart and brave d-mama!

Heidi =) said...

I tried to take a video of David for you last night. After I read your blog, with no prompting he starting taking about Nate. "I like Nate. I want to play with Nate. We play toys. I like Nate" It was adorable!! But once I got the camera out to video tape him, he clammed up.

Jen said...

Oh Laura - I am so sorry! Glad though that Jim was there too and you weren't dealing with this all alone. I dread the time that will happen since i am alone with Addison most of time during the week. Glad Nate was ok and no glucagon was needed scary!! XO!

Anonymous said...

This happen to us at Olive Garden last night. We don't eat out with abby because its so hard to get food at the right time. It was a birthday part so we went. She was 18 min. late for dinner and I looked over she was white as a ghost. We checked, she was 44...she couldn't really hold her head up, we grabbed the juice. I ran over, dropped to my knee's and put the straw in her mouth. She was dx 1/4/11, I didn't realize how out of it they were when they got low. I cried later, my heart breaks at how these sweet children cope with type 1.

Amy said...

Oh Laura, I am so sorry you guys had to go through that. We all know the possibilities of this happening but when we hear a story first hand like this it just pierced my heart. ((hugs))

Oh, Laura, lows like that are so scary!!! Take comfort in knowing how well you handled the situation. You did GREAT! Still, I'm sorry you had to experience that.

Tracy1918 said...

Oh Laura, I had chills reading your post. How very frightening! I'm glad Nate has you taking such good care of him. You are a great mom.

Isn't it weird how some lows are worse than others. Matthew hit 29 once...sounds scary...and it was in hindsight. He had very few symptoms.

And then he's had 40s and 50s where his symptoms were horrible.

So scary.....out kids need us so much....

Oh Laura, I am so glad that your hubby was home from DC when that happened, I cant even believe you had to experiance that. I am so glad he is okay now. ill be saying a little prayer for you tonight to have a restful sleep after all that. BIG HUGS

Renata said...

This is going to sound horrible, but I'm gunna say it anyhow. I was driving, somewhere, and my daughter was next to me up front and out of the corner of my eye I see her checking her make-up in the sun visor mirror. (she was 11 or 12, so not really wearing make-up) At first I giggled to myself and then I looked again, she had her eyes shut and she didn't have the visor mirror down. Then she started to fade off, I was driving and the only thing that came into my head was to open handed pop her in the upper chest. It woke her up long enough for me to get pulled over and get a drink into her. I'll never forget that feeling of her her passing out and my feeling helpless. Thank you for posting this, it's helpful to others I am sure.

Oh, Laura! So scary!!! I would have been terrified. I'm so glad he's ok. Must be in the air... Sweets was 28 last week. :(

This comment has been removed by the author.

Trying again here:

Ug. A. Roonies. So, so sorry. It's so very scary.

This video of Kerri's left a lasting impact on me - it was the first time I heard someone describe the feeling -

Anonymous said...

So awful! I just hate that Nate felt tat bad. Super mommy and her super gut instincts to the rescue. Glad you were listening and knew things weren't right. Hugs!!!

:) Tracie said...

Poor Nate.....poor mom! Sounds like you guys handled things well, but how frightening. Jessi's lows seem to not go any lower than 45...and that's rare, usually the 60's are caught. But she is 10, so as he gets older he'll be able to 'warn' you ahead of time and hopefully that will help. Glad everything's ok now.....whew!

Donna said...

I feel horrible that I am JUST NOW reading this... I am so behind.

I am SO sorry you guys had to go through that... poor little Nate. Thats what stinks about the meters... they can still have a variable of 15 to 20% When it says you are at a 39 that is a HUGE variable!!! :(

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