Tuesday, February 8, 2011

More OmniPod Projects - Someone Please stop me!

Oh yea - I've been at it again . . . More Pod Projects for your viewing pleasure!

I believe it was my lovely friend, Alexis that gave me the idea to make magnets out of the pods . . . So . . . magnets we made . . .

They would be SUPER cute on the fridge!  Ours just doesn't happen to accommodate magnets --- so the filing cabinet works too!!


Tracy said...

OMG! I LOVE them! Cute idea!

Penny said...

They are adorable!!!

Joanne said...

You need to make one that looks like a mouse... they look like little mice scurrying all over your cabinet.

Or perhaps I just need to get some sleep...

connie said...

ADORABLE!!! These are so flippin cute, Laura!!!

Donna said...

LOVE them!!!!!

We have the same trouble with our fridge, so I have the hubbs making me a "magnet board" kind of like a post-it board, where I can hang up the kids stuff. :)

Those are awesome, and I love that your turned them into magnets. You can have magnets to suit every holiday and season now! :)

Tracy1918 said...

You KNOW my husband is going to flip when he sees these!

Andrea said...

LOVE THEM!!! I agree with Joanne....add a tail and some pop up ears and wiggly eyes for mice!!

Misty said...

You are so creative! Love them!

I love them!!!! Youre so awesome #dnq

cant waaaait to see biggahs! ;) love u mucho!

I LOVE it! I swear, we're gonna have to switch to the pod just so I can get my craft on!!!

Amy said...

Now . . . . . why would we stop you when these things are so darn cute!

Unknown said...


I'm going to cry.

I love your pods and think you could have a little business going!!!!!

Magnets are a PERFECT use!!!!!!!

Meri said...

No Laura...I will not stop you! I will never stop you!! These are just TOO cute!

Heather said...

Those are just too stinkin cute!!

oh my goodness so cute!!! I am inlove!!! :) I am seeing a holiday themes all year long!

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