Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Screaming Reality

Screaming Pods! Screaming Children! Screaming Reality!

Since August 12th we have had 6 malfunctioning pods. SIX!  When a pod malfunctions it starts SCREAMING at you.  It is annoying, loud and a wee bit frustrating.  Don't get me wrong I would much rather have a screaming pod than a malfunctioning pod on my son since those cute little pods keep him alive!  I am actually quite grateful that they do a self-check  so that we don't have any life-threatening issues after it is on but good hell those things are loud!  There is actually one in my freezer (Thanks for the tip, Jessica) right now because I cannot get it to shut the heck up.

We have been pumping with OmniPod for 6-months and have never had one malfunctioning pod until this month. I guess it's just our time.  Anyway, I call OmniPod after each freaking screaming pod and they are always so nice -- they ask the same questions each time so I just go along with the flow now ---

Patient's Nate - Nathan Houston
Confirm Address - Yep
Was the pod at room temperature?  Yep
Was the insulin at room temperature?  Yep
Alarm Code?  000-000-00000-00093 - ummm - do I always have to say all of the zeros or can I just say 93?  All of the zeros - Ok!  Great!

So, 4 of the 6 were actually this week.  Two were in 1 day.  Awesome good time that was.  I've learned to suck the insulin out of a pod like nobody's business.  When I called for the replacement pods they told me that they would send them in my next shipment unless I needed them sooner and without thinking I said that that would not be a problem.  Yea - here is where the screaming reality comes in!!  There is no next shipment.  Nate loses his insurance coverage on September 30th.  They have already sent us our last shipment of pods.   After we use this shipment - that's it.  The end.  No more!

I called customer service back and asked them to go ahead and ship all of the replacement pods now.  They happily said they would and I sadly sat on my couch and cried.


Unknown said...

WOW! That is a lot of screaming! What is the "plan" after Sept 30th Laura? That stinks. I know up here we have "Katie Beckett" which is a plan to cover children with "disabilities" @ 100% via Medicaid...everything is covered...pumps, CGMS, everything.

Your poor frozen peas must be over the POD screaming! LOL

Penny said...

Oh no!!!! My heart goes out to you hon. Where is TX's coverage for uninsured kids - kids Nate's age do not have to wait at all for coverage, once they lose it, the state picks them up. He should be getting 100% coverage. What can I do to help? You need some pods? I can always spare some. You just say the word dear. My thoughts are with you.
And damn those screaming pods!

Lora said...

I am am crying with you Laura. Its BULLSHIT that it is so hard to find coverage for our kids. Or that it hangs you out to dry financially if you do.

I have faith that you guys will be okay. I am praying that you find your answer soon.

Meri said...

Poo on losing insurance. Poo to screaming pods! But yay to them getting your pods replaced right away! I'm praying that all will be well...that you will find some insurance for your awesome children. ((HUGS))

Diane said...

Considering you've had so many, maybe it's a bad box or a bad batch. One is just one of those things but several. Have all the pods come from the same box/shipment?

I find that with my Quicksets. Sometimes I get a bad box with lots that go bad.

Unknown said...


I'm screaming over here!!!!!!!!

Not only am I screaming over your screaming pods, but I'm screaming to God for an insurance solution STAT!!!!!!

Jen said...

Ahhh crap Laura! I am so sorry. I am over here crying with you too. Big hugs!

Oh, Laura, I feel your pain! I've been in your shoes. It's so upsetting, stressful and scary, I know. I hope you're able to resolve the insurance situation, not just for Nate, but for Sophie, too, soon. Sending you hugs, love and good luck wishes!!!

Cindy said...

Big hugs, Laura! Pump issues can be so scary and frustrating! I hope you get the insurance situation resolved quickly. That's an added stress that you definitely don't need! You'll be in my prayers!

Denise said...

ALL the 0s...lame! Hope you get your pods and insurance figured out...no fun! Best of luck to you.

Amanda said...

I am so sorry - I hate insurance problems! Have you talked to Danielle (where candy is medicine)? They are having some similar issues! I will pray for you guys for sure.

That is total bullshit! I am so sorry about the insurance. I agree with others comments, is there any state programs you can look into. Alot wont cover Omnipod but they do cover Pings, etc. Just to keep him pumping atleast.

I would def check out your options.Sorry your having such a shitty time, always here if you need to talk!

Heidi =) said...

((HUGS))...I'm sending lots of prayers your way as well. I have learned that God is rarely early but is always on time. May you feel His peace that passes understanding as you wait on Him for a miracle for your kids.

Sarah said...

eeek...they scream at you?! I'm amazed you're able to answer all of their questions with all that noise...
I wish I had insurance answers, we're fighting for a lot here and I can understand the frustrations. You are all in my thoughts.
Take care.

Shannon said...

I am so sorry you are having to deal with this!! IT SUCKS and we should not have to be going through these things for our kids in this country! I am sending you a HUGE HUG!!!

Cdejulius said...

Take a deep breath and breathe . . .for now, take it one day, one hour or one minute at a time . . .we still have 30 days . . .30 days for a miracle and miracles still happen . . .keep the faith, my sweet girl . . .Momma, Gran and many others are praying for you and our family . . .I hope you have a good night tonite with no singing pods! But thank goodness for those pods . . .they have made our Nate's life and yours so much easier . . .xxoo

Hi Laura, My heart goes out to you for both the problems with the insurance and the pods. I hope the following info is helpful. We had a miserable 2 weeks beginning with the new box of pods we started on, appropriately, Friday, Aug 13th. Several pods buzzed and the others kept Alex in the 3's, 4's, and 5's, with some "normal" numbers in between. I thought that it was maybe due to the altitude, since we were in Colorado. But no, same numbers when we returned to Dallas. I was about to lose my mind last week. I increased doses, gave shots, etc. Nothing! Still high! I talked to Insulets local specialist and his prognosis was that the insulin was the culprit. He said it could've deteriorated. I switched to a new vial and I had some weird numbers the first day, but we now seem to be back to our "normal." Anyway, the pod lot number that has caused me problems is L30348. I don't know if this is the one you have right now. I'm holding my breath that the insulin was the problem and only some of the pods are bad. Take care

Oh, I'm so sorry Laura.

Firstly, does the error code 93 have a definition?

I'm sorry other coverage options aren't being realized. I hope some of the above suggestions may bear some fruit, though I'm guessing not.

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