Thursday, August 26, 2010


Thank you to my super hot  D MOM, Reyna over at Beta Buddies for introducing me to my new love!  She 1st introduced me to my new favorite product on her post titled Product Palooza Baby!

I finally got around to ordering the Tallygear that she mentioned in her post and Oh! My! Goodness!  I love it!
Nate has been wearing his DexCom reciever (Beep-Beep) in a SpiBelt for about a month but the SpiBelt is a little too big for Nate.  It often would slip down --- and I mean all of the way down to the ground and then OOOPS - where's Beep Beep??

Side Note - Nate just had his 2 year check up (yea not fun - 2 shots) but anyway he has really slimmed down!  He's now only in the 20th percentile for weight and height (I'm not going to blame D but let's just same the doctor did mention it).  He's gone from my chunky little monkey to my skinny little monkey in no time flat!

Oh ok - so anyway - we got the Tallygear yesterday and it FITS!! It doesn't just fit - it's PERFECT!
~~**Hallelujah**~~   <---- Angels singing!!

So -- you know -- I gotta add some pictures!!

REMINDER - pants are always optional at the Houston house (if you are under the age of 5).
Clearly he was not quite ready to give up his Spibelt - seen here dangling from his neck.

Can you see?  Can you see the awesome clear part of the belt?  I love being able to see Beep-Beep whenever I want without having to try and pry it out of a little pouch.  This product is genius!

Oh and Yes - Nate had to get the bad A double S skeleton version.  That's just how he rolls!

Just before bath time -- checking out his post dinner number!!

Chilling out watching a little Scooby Doo before bed!!

I should point out that you can see the Tallygear in all of this pics (above) but today he has it on under his shirt and you can't see it at all and even better it doesn't bother him at all!  There's no bounce!!

See - you can't even tell it's there. Nice!!  Oh --- Oh --- and what's that there in the yard??  Yep - uh-huh!  Nate got flocked by the Diabetes Dude.  Stay tuned for a post on that along with more pictures!!

And . . . don't forget to check out Candy Hearts tomorrow for the announcement of the WINNER, WINNER Chicken Dinner!! 


Unknown said...

SERIOUSLY COOL!!!! I am so happy that others are finding out what an AWESOME product this is. This brought tears to my eyes...and my husband was so excited for Nate and YOU too. WOOT WOOT!

P.S. Joe opted for boring old BLACK. I love those skeletons!!!!

I love him! I want one for Justice is it have a spot for pump though? With tubing?

Unknown said...

Ahhh.....DANG I LOVE HIM!!!!!!!

I can't wait to get Sugar's :)

Tracy said...

He looks SO grown up now! He has changed a lot since I "met" you!

Can't wait to try this product!

Meri said...

Wow! You can't even tell he's wearing it when he has pants on! Love him! Love the tallygear!

Cindy said...

Awesome! Now he can really amp up his Super-Nate activities! Such a cool little dude! Love it!

Penny said...

Love that tallygear - awesome product!

Amanda said...

He is darling. I felt a little sad to see his new pump pack, his old pump pack, and his medical alert bracelet all in that first picture. He is too little for so much hardware!

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