Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Alert! Alert! Read This NOW! DOC Unite for the Diabetes Dude!

Want to take part in a flocking & raise awareness of diabetes? Please email a pic to & w/something diabetes-related in the subject line only. They will send you an approval code for your pic. Txt that code tomorrow, 08/26 to the number they give you between the hours of 11 am & noon eastern time. We are having an hour of diabetes!  All of the pictures will be displayed on the Kodak jumbotron! Let's show Times Square what we deal with as type 1's every day!  Please tell everyone you know!  We are working on someone getting a video of it so we can play the whole thing on my website. 
Your Friend,
The Diabetes Dude
HOW COOL WILL THAT BE??????????????? 
I wish I could be there to see it.  The very thought of it has me a mushy and weepy!!  

Go Diabetes Dude!  Thank you for raising awareness to Type 1!! 


Nicole said...

First off love the new header and button...very cute!!

Second this is soooo exciting I can't stop thinking about it, WOW how huge is this. I can't believe what this one family is doing for All of us...amazing! The things you can accomplish when you but your mind to it!!

Heather said...

I LOVE the new header! :) I can't wait to watch this on the Today Show tomorrow morning. I emailed him a picture yesterday of Lovebug!

Denise said...

Loving the new name and header!

April Ann said...

We did it!!Thanks for sharing and raising awareness! I love the new look and especially the new name! Awesome!!

Cdejulius said...

I have my codes to text tomorrow and will do it! Am so excited! Our Nate in Times Square for such a worthy cause! Thanks for sharing the info!! TIVO is set for the Today Show!!

Shannon said...

I love the new heading!! It looks fantastic!!!

To all who can't be in Times Square with us later today (BTW, I'm posting from the bus) there is a live web cam for the Kodak jumbotron, I hope you can catch a few moments of it, visit

Mom of The Diabetes Dud

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