Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Helping a DUDE out . . .

I've been meaning to write this post for a while but I've been very focused on raising money and awareness for Team Super Nate that it got placed on the back burner.  Well, no longer will it sit there . . . it is time to help a Dude out.

A little boy named, Noah and more commonly known as The Diabetes Dude has a mission and I want to help him!!

You can read Noah's full story by clicking here - - - THE DIABETES DUDE.
He was diagnosed with T1 in September of 2007 while in the 1st grade.  His diagnosis story hits home as they all do. As a mom of a T1 - I've been there. I have a story and it is always heart wrenching to read similar stories.  Please read Noah's story.

Noah is a HUGE advocate for Type 1 Diabetes ---
please click here --- FLAMINGO FLOCK to find out how he is doing it. It is great! It is fun and I want to be flocked!! 

Most importantly I want to help Noah get on the Ellen DeGeneres show (I LOVE HER).  Here is the information from his website on ways you can help him reach his ELLEN goal:

The Diabetes Dude takes on Ellen DeGeneres!

Noah, The Diabetes Dude, is on a mission!  He's already sent Ellen DeGeneres one of his flamingos, but he wants to "flock" her on her show so he can talk about his unique diabetes awareness campaign.  He's asking that everyone send an e-mail to Ellen and tell her that they want to see The Diabetes Dude on her show!  He's hoping that a little persistence will pay off and he can show all the kids (and grown-ups) with diabetes that they can do anything!  Write into the Ellen show here:  
www.ellentv.com, click on "be on the show" and the "dear ellen" link (all the way at the bottom of the page)!  Thanks for your support!

So . . . won't you please take a moment to help a Dude out??  Please let Ellen know that you want to see the Diabetes Dude on her show!!  Wouldn't it be great to raise awareness for TYPE 1?? To get accurate information out there - - - information on T1 not T2?  Please, Please, Please help the The Diabetes Dude out.  I've already done it  -- it takes 2 minutes.

Thank you Diabetes Dude for all that you do to raise money and awareness for T1.  Nate and the Houston family thank you and want to send you a GREAT BIG TEXAS SIZE HUG!!



Nicole said...

This is great, I love the flock idea and of course a visit to Ellen Degenere would be amazing for T1....I think that he will make it on there to, for sure Ellen has to love this Flamingo Flock!!

Hi Ms. Laura! My friends from OmniPod sent me a link to let me know that you had this blog up about me! I just want to say thank you so much for your help! We all have a story, and mine is just one of many, but I think if we share our stories with as many people as we can, then more people will understand this disease more and hopefully one day there will be a cure.

Every time I pass a wishing well, every shooting star I see, and every year on my birthday, I spend my wishes on the same thing, a cure for diabetes. A cure is so important to me because, not only do I want my life to be back to normal but finding a cure would mean that me and other kids with diabetes don’t have to use our wishes on a cure anymore, instead, we can wish for other things that kids our age wish for.

Thank you again, Ms. Laura, for sharing my story!

Pam said...

Just posted my letter to Ellen. Thanks for the info!

Cindy said...

Aw, this is such a wonderful thing to do! I'm definitely adding my voice!

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