Monday, August 23, 2010

Nate's (NOT) 1st Day of School

So many mixed emotions today . . .

I have loved having all three children home all summer.  We have had so much fun, swimming, playing and well, just be LaZy!  Although, we have had fun I also somewhat ready to return to a normal schedule - - - a routine of sorts.  Although with 3 children - a routine around here is best described as whatever happens - happens!!

Emma & Sophie - 1st Day of School

Today is the 1st day back to school for Emma (1st Grade) and Sophie (last year of Pre-K). Last year at this time it was Nate's 1st day too.

Sophie and Nate last year - 1st day of school

Nate had only been to his little pre-school class a few weeks when he was was diagnosed with T1D.  Oh my - just typing that sentence brought overwhelming heartbreak and many, many tears steaming down my face.

We went from this . . .

The Happy Houston Family!  (minus Emma)
 to this . . .

EXHAUSTED Mommy & Nate at Children's Hospital

In the blink of an eye everything changed.  Rocked to the core by a disease that I knew nothing about.

And so today as my girls started another year of school with little problems like - 'I don't have any friends in my class" and "I don't want peanut butter and jelly today" --- I am brought to tears by the bigger problems that we face.  The one that is not allowing Nate to go to school this year.  He is only 2 years old and cannot verbalize his highs or his lows.  He is two years old and since his diagnosis has only been away from him mommy for maybe 2 hours max at a time.  I am not ready - he is not ready and the schools here are not ready to take on a two year old Type 1 momma's boy like Nate.

Next year he will be able to attend the public school system's early childhood development school (Sophie is attending this year).  They start at the age of 3 and have 2 full time nurses on staff.  I spoke with the nurse on Friday (for Sophie's UC/Crohn's) and started the ball rolling for Nate's enrollment next year.  The nurses were so super nice and told me that this year they actually have their 1st T1D student enrolled.  Woot-Woot!

I am excited about Nate's future and look forward to him being in school but this year he is stuck with me again while all of his little buddies head off to their super fun pre-school classes.

So today to celebrate Nate's NOT 1st Day of School -- GaGa and I took him to IHop where he got to enjoy . . . cheesy scrambled eggs and bacon because his damn bg was 250 with an up arrow.  AWESOME!

This post is probably a little more rambling than I would prefer but it is just one of those emotional days that slap you in the face every once in a while.  I think also that as the 1-year anniversary of his diagnosis creeps up you are going to be seeing a lot more of these emotional rants from a passionate mom that is dealing with some pent up anger & sadness about my beautiful boy and his diagnosis. 

So, here are some pictures of Nate on his Not 1st day of school . . .

HaHa - Funny man!  He refused to look at the camera today!  Little TOOT!

But I was sneaky and shot this one while he thought I wasn't looking . . .

Alrighty then --- I've got to go reapply the mascara and head out to carpool line pretty soon.  I can't wait to hear all about the 1st day of school from my 2 little princesses.


Meri said...

This is exactly why August is so hard for me, and most other T1 moms. Reality sets in. The world tries to show us what our children CAN'T do, rather than what they can. It is a hard time, but soon Nate will be feeling his lows and he will conquer school with his Super Nate style!

Penny said...

oh he will be So ready when his time comes and it WILL come! You are a great Mom Laura!

Unknown said...

Sugar didn't head to preK until she was 4. At 2, there was NO WAY we could even think about it!!!

BUT...Nate will also get the gift of mommy time all to himself this year. There's not a school under the sun that can replace YOU in his heart :)

Donna said...

(((HUGS))) Laura. When that time comes to send Nate to school, I just know you are going to do great! And so will he! And so will those nurses... after-all, they have a T1D this year to practice on before they get your kiddo!! j/k =)
In the meantime - ENJOY your time with him. And revel in the fact that he is there with you. <3

Cdejulius said...

Sweet post . . .soon we will celebrate one year and roar right past that anniversary date! We have the big walk to look forward to with 81 plus of Nate's biggest supporters . . .you have outdone yourself by surpassing your aggressive goal for the JDRF walk . . .and we are not done yet . . .I am hoping for much more! No looking back from this SUPER NATE TEAM . . .its full steam ahead! He is such a beautiful and sweet boy . . .enjoy every minute . . .he will be grown before you know it! Listen to the voice of experience! Love, Your Biggest Fan/Cheerleader

April Ann said...

Yesterday was 6 months since T was diagnosed. It is our first Aug with T1 and our youngest starts K in two days. Between the three I feel like I am on an emotional roller coaster.
Enjoy your time with sweet Nate, before you know it he will be telling you he is a big boy and "doesn't need mommy to take him to Kindergarten." Oh wait, thats my girl. Bwahahahaha. Lots of hugs sent your way Laura.

phonelady said...

Oh that is so awesome that you got sophie and emma going still sad about Nate though . I feel bad for Nate though . Oh well maybe next year he will get to go .

Pam said...

You have such a beautiful family! You're truly blessed. Take this year with Nate for what it is - extra time with your extra-sweet boy. I know you'll look back and treasure this time.

But for now, know you're not alone. We're all here for you - some going through similar stuff. You're a strong mama.

Misty said...

Oh Laura, you made me cry! My stomach is in knots today because Ally starts back to school tomorrow. I keep thinking and rethinking...did I tell the teacher and the nurse EVERYTHING that I wanted to. So, while it is sad that Nate won't be starting school this year, secretly I wish that Ally wasn't either! Enjoy your time with the little man!!

Nicole said...

wow looking back he has grown sooo much, even though most pics were of the back of his head I can see how much he has changed from last year...even the back of his head has grown :) and I think that you will enjoy having some alone time with your baby boy!

Good luck on your 1st day at school girls!! Hope you have a lot of fun with all your friends :)

Youre doing great! He will be ready when hes ready, and until then I am sure he is just elated about being home with Mommy!

Im not gonna lie if I could homeschool Justice I would. We are their lifelines, who could do it like us? NO one. I understand your frustration and hurt.

Justice's 2 year D'versary is just 4 days after his bday in Oct and I am already getting emotional.

Youre amazing, and I love your writing. Not rambling at all!

Tracy said...

Enjoy ALL the 1 on 1 time you will get with your little man! Believe me, I know it is hard to send them to school with D. Take this time now to enjoy D while it is simpler and you are the main care taker. :-)

Unknown said...

OK...first off YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL! I love seeing the other D moms!

Secondly, my heart is tied up in knots thinking back to that time in my life with Joe. Not too much rambling, beautiful, thank you for sharing OUR story with is stuff like this that increases awareness, understanding, and empathy.


Cindy said...

Oh, Laura, my heart broke for you when I read about the before/after. It's so hard coming up to that anniversary. My advice...plan a fun, fantastic day on the anniversary so you'll be too busy to stop and cry!

That said, Nate is absolutely awesome! You'll be so surprised by how quickly he starts to "get it" and tell you when he's high/low. Until he (and you) are ready for school and the separation, enjoy the time you have to spend alone with just him. That time will be so incredibly precious for the both of you!

You're an awesome mom, Laura!

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