Friday, January 1, 2010

So much for that HAPPY New Year!

Day 1 - January 1st, 2010.  The ball just dropped.  I am so excited that I am still awake to see it.  Jim is beside me in bed - SNORING!  He didn't make it to midnight.  I am really surprised that I made it - I took 2 Tylenol PM and then a hot bath in hopes of some good sleep.  I roll over and start to drift away into dreamland - it was a good dream.  It was a dream where all children are disease free and all mommies get to sleep through the night - every night!  Oops - but then I hear it.  A little noise on the monitor that I keep right beside my pillow. What is that noise?  It wasn't so much a cry - just a noise.  Being the mom of a child with T1 - a noise is a noise is a noise and I must investigate.  Uhhhh - out of my dreamland and into reality. 

I trek across the house to Nate's room where I am hearing the strange noise and some labored breathing.  Oh no - this is not good.  I grab the bg monitor and check him immediately.  He is so sleepy - too sleepy - he won't open his eyes.  I move closer to the door to be closer to the hallway light so that I can see the reading.  WTH?  40?  Does it really say 40?  Why is he making these strange sounds and yet he won't open his eyes?  I am kind of freaking out.  I carried him to the kitchen - banana?  No - he wouldn't open his mouth.  Juice - yep!  He drank all 15 carbs of the juice and then went into bed with me for further evaluation. 

He slept on my chest for most of the night while I lay there holding him tight.  I stayed awake most of the night holding him, checking him, snacking him, holding him and checking him. He hovered around 69/70 all damn night.  Finally around 5:30 AM I broke out the big guns!!  M&Ms - not even the minis.  He got a (Halloween Size) bag of regular M&Ms and I finally just collapsed.  I slept until about 7:30 when Nate woke up again. I checked him at 115 handed him off to Jim and headed back to the bedroom where I stayed fast asleep until 11:30 this morning.

Ok - so this is not exactly how I wanted to start my new year but such is the life of a T1 mom.  Just a friendly reminder from 2010 -  didn't want me to get all lazy and happy forgetting that T1 mommies don't get to sleep.  Even when they take Tylenol PM - Boo!!


Lora said...

Glad everything is okay. Those lows are scary for sure.
Here's to a goods nights rest for day 2 of the new year!

Ewwww. What a sucky night. That is so scary. I'm so glad he's ok but I'm so sorry you had such a rough time. That's no way to start the new year. :(. Let's hope that was just getting the low out of the way and the rest of the year will be great! We can hope, right?

Jill said...

Awww :( So sorry that 2010 wasn't a good start! You might wanna get you some tubes of cake icing for those really low lows. If he wasn't able to drink or eat then you could squirt the cake icing on the inside of his cheek and it would taste better than glucose gel. Glad he liked the juice and M&Ms though!!! :) :) :)

phonelady said...

oh wow laura hugs to you ,not so nice way to start 2010.I hope the rest of the wknd goes better for you . god bless dear .

Megann said...

Oh, my heart goes out to you! Too bad this didn't happen during the day. Nate would've enjoyed those M&M's more.

Joanne said...

We just had a 40 at 4:00 this morning. So not cool.

Jen said...

Aww shoot! I too hope that your crazy night paved the way to a smoother path for the rest of year! Take Care!

alix said...

Sorry babe, these things seem to happen more at night. You did a great job!
We should have chatted, Tyler was low enough that night(80's) that I could not sleep from 2-5 am...

Glad you got some sleep..
Lovie hugs to you

Anonymous said...

Not a good start! But glad everyone is okay.

I have heard that chocolate is not good to treat lows because it is not fast acting. The ft content makes it release more slowly.

I found this out Halloween when my daughter went low trick-or-treating. I asked our provider about it.

I just launched a new blog called D-Mom Blog, which I hope is a resource to other parents of diabetic children. I hope to develop relationships with more parents.

(I've included you in my blogroll already.)

D-Mom Blog


Anonymous said...

Ok - can we buy the dog, now???

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