Monday, January 25, 2010

Surgery, Recovery and Dirty Laundry

One week ago today I had my hysterectomy and I need to give a few shout-outs to my peeps for helping out!

First and foremost, my mom. She totally rocks. She took me to the hospital, stayed with me until I kicked her out Monday night and then took care of me at her house for the rest of the week.  She rocks!!  I didn't lift a finger.  All of my meals were prepared, clothes washed, and prescriptions filled.  She checked on me throughout the night to make sure I was pain free and medicated, not too warm or not too cold and she always heated the bathroom before I went in to shower. She even put lotion on my legs and feet.  Yep - she rocks!

My neighbor and friend, Sally doesn't read my blog but I think she still deserves a shout-out for taking Emma to and from school everyday.  Thank so much, Sally!!  What would I do without you?

Helen and Lisa both helped tremendously with the girls and the week went on without a hitch!

Jim told me several times while I was recovering how easy it was to take care of 3 kids.  Boy, that really got on my nerves!! 

The surgery went well, nothing unexpected, easy peasy!  I was feeling good after surgery and the nurse came in and gave me some more meds in my IV and so I really felt great all night.  I slept most of the night without interruption and later found out my doctor had given orders to drug me, drug me good and let me get some much needed rest.  I love him!  Tuesday I was still feeling pretty good until the pain meds went away but nothing I couldn't handle.  Wednesday night I had the worst headache of my life and thought I was going to die!!  The doctor thought it was from my ovaries being in shock from the surgery so my hormone levels were all wacky but I found out later that 2 of my aunts get terrible migraines from Hydrocodone and that was what I was taking at the time.  It was a very bad night but once we got rid of the headache, I stopped taking the Hydrocodone and all had been good.  I'm still taking some Tylenol or Aleve for pain and Tylenol PM at night but will probably be able to stop all meds by tomorrow. 

Here is a pic of me before surgery but apparently after some good drugs -

I stayed at my parents house until Friday night when Jim and the kids came over for dinner and then drove me home. I had such mixed emotions about leaving. On one hand I really missed Jim and the children but on the other hand I really didn't want to leave the nice, quiet, and peaceful recovery room at my parents house.

Now for the dirty laundry . . .

When I returned home I thought surely I would return  to a nice, clean house. After all, Jim had repeatedly told me how easy things were without me.  WRONG!!  I walked in to a disaster zone!  What the heck?  Had a bomb gone off over here?  A Tornado maybe?  It smelled terrible too.  Like cat pee - - - AND WE DON'T HAVE A CAT!!

To prove that I am not exaggerating here is the proof -

Sophie's Room/disaster Area

Emma's Room - not TOO bad

And now for the laundry . . .

My bathroom floor - NICE!

My bathtub with still soaking wet clothes on top.
Jim thought it would be fun for the kids to take a shower with their clothes on!
HAHA - Good Times.
I guess he didn't think it would be that fun to wash the clothes or maybe this was his version of actually doing the laundry.  I didn't ask!!

Not done yet . . .

closet laundry basket

laundry room

See what I mean??  How did 4 people dirty up SO many clothes??  I promise you I had ALL of the laundry done before I left.

Oh and for the cat urine smell??  Well, that was coming from Nate's room.  Apparently, Jim was using some old size 4 diapers he found in the garage and Nate's diaper leaked every night.  Nate has been in a size 5 for about 3 months now - hello!!  After I washed his sheets, lovies and blankets the house was starting to smell a bit more on the fresh side.

Husbands - gotta love 'em!  No wonder he thinks my job is SO easy.

That's all I've got for tonight - the Tylenol PM is kickin' in.

Good Night!


Nicole said...

I'm sooo happy that you are back and feeling good. I missed you! I love the before surgery shot...very cute. And I need to get my hands on a doc that can drug me and give me the best sleep I have every have....maybe for a weekend! :)

BTW your house looks very Familiar....unfortunately. This is what my house looks like after a day of me gone!!

Meri said...

I'm glad you are back...but showering with their clothes on??? That says husband-in-charge all over it!!

Don't try to get it all perfect all at once. You are still recovering friend! And now on top of it you have to recover from the heart attack you had after seeing the house! :)

I'm so glad your recovery is going smoothly! Yay for your wonderful mother and wonderful friends! And for wonderful husbands too...even if they are messy!

Amy said...

WOW! Your mom deserves the Mom of the Year Award! So glad that she was taking care of you so well! And your friends sound wonderful!

And honey...your least the children were all safe and taken care of right??? That's how I try to look it when I've been gone or sick and dad's in charge!

Take it easy...the house will eventually get back in order. So glad your back and blogging! :)

Ok- first of all, I about peed my own pants laughing at the cat pee smell! OMG- too funny! Ok, so not if it's your own house. That would stink. Literally! I could keep going but Ill stop!

So glad you are feeling better!!! Hooray for a great Mom! Is she taking reservations?!? Yay for good friends and neighbors, too! And for a hubby who handled it all! As I sometimes say about a day at school- everyone is still alive so it's a success!

I hope you've been able to get some rest! Take it easy for awhile- don't overdo it!!!

Glad you're back! I missed you!!

phonelady said...

Oh so glad to hear you are fully recovered and resting my dear . Hope all is well and yes hubbys think they have all the answers LOL !! and yes your house looks like mine did after I had been in the hospital a few days and you only wait it tends to get worse as they get older the hubbys and the kids LOL !! glad to see you are well and back get some rest and God loves you .

:) Tracie said...

Isn't that just like a husband? The kids KNOW what they can fart around with when dad's in charge! The great thing is, he kept them distracted from the seriousness of what was up with mommy so they wouldn't worry. He's a keeper! ;)

Glad to hear things are well with you and the surgery. Here's to no more problems!
Take care still, the warzone can wait a little longer for the calvary!

Interesting to hear about you surgery. I am scheduled to have a partial hysterectomy on March 29th (they are leaving in one ovary). Did you have yours laproscopically? That is what I'm having and am planning on one night in the hospital. Glad yours is over and you're feeling better.

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