Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Fiddledee Ids

I am about 3 posts behind but I want to share this great site for ordering medical ID bracelets and accessories.

Fiddledee Ids

Look how stinkin' cute this charm is . . .

and this one . . .

We use this one for Nate (although he has already lost it so I am ordering another) . . .

This site was sent to me by my dear friend, Celeste Dunbar and I just love it!
I get 15% off of my order for linking back to this site but I promise I would have posted this anyway. :-)

I am pretty strong in my belief that Nate must wear a medical bracelet because he cannot speak for himself just yet.  I would actually tattoo his forehead with the information if that were not such cruel and unusual punishment!  I'm a nervous Nelly anyway but when I asked about them in the hospital the doctor simply said that it would be a good idea for Nate to wear one in case there was ever a situation where Jim or I could not provide the life saving care or information for our precious son.  Enough said.

I have also contacted On-Star which is a service in our GM truck that provides emergency assistance in case of an accident and put his medical history on our account so that if we were in an accident they would relay the information to the paramedics.

Any other tips or suggestions for keeping our wee ones safe?


Tracy said...

We use the same bracelet for Zane that you are using for Nate. We actually lost ours for a while too, so I ordered another one. Then we found the first one. And now, he won't wear either of them. :( I usually force him to wear them when we leave the house.

We have also used (and lost, and just re-ordered) these ones:

They don't hold as much info, but we get his name, T1 Diabetes, and my cell phone on there. I have new ones on their way now. :)

There are also stickers for the car you can get. I like the idea of telling your onstar support.

So Cute! Ave has some cute bracelets with crowns and gems. One has a little Hello Kitty clay thing with sparkly beads. They are super cute and she loves them! She would never wear anything before dx but she helped pick them out andnits never been an issue. I think I ordered from petite baubles. It was one of the few places that would make one tiny enough for her!

AjsMommy82 said...

We have 2 id bracelets for Alivia that we got from American medical, I also keep a medical information card in her backpack, my purse and my car.
Good idea about the Onstar! We no longer have Onstar though since I totaled that car this summer :(
Here is a link to an alternative to the medical bracelet...

phonelady said...

I think those are so cute . when I was a teenager all they had was the ugly steel and medical sign ones now I have some pretty ones i ordered off of ebay . I also have a plastic one if I want to go swimming . Thank god that they make them cuter now .

Jill said...

We've ordered that bracelet for Kacey at I LOVE IT!! Once you buy the metal part with a bracelet then you can buy additional straps for only $5. I blogged about their company and how great they were before. Kacey has 3 different straps to go with it. On the top its the medical sign with DIABETES and then under it it says "See back for more info" when you turn it over, it says
In Case of Emergency
Call Mom
(my cell phone number)

I love their company and I love the quality of the straps. We've used a scrub brush to clean them and let them dry overnight and they're very durable! Also...I LOVE LOVE LOVE the clasp! They lock down and you don't have to worry about it coming lose :) It would be a perfect choice for Nate! If you start it now then he'll always be used to wearing it :)

Meri said...

These are so cute!!!! We signed up with Medic Alert...and I think it is stupid. The kids are with me, or near me, or with someone who knows my number at all times. I want cute tags or braclets!!!

BTW: Thanks for the heads up with the onstar. I got to take care of that!

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