Monday, January 8, 2018


Sunday, January 8 @9:46 PM

Today was a day of denial. I cried very little. There’s just a constant dreadful feeling that I can’t shake.

All day I kept thinking that I wouldn’t even see my dad on a random Monday, January the 8th. So it should be fine. He would have, however, most likely, butt-dialed me a few times, then called me back to see why I had called him. It was a hilarious vicious cycle.

I still have two voicemails from him on my phone. They both say the same exact thing ...

“Laura Leigh, call your father. Thank you” ❤️

He always called me Laura Leigh never Laura and usually still... Laura Leigh Williams when I was in trouble. I never called him father so it always made me laugh when he would leave that message.

Facebook didn’t tag dad with this photo tonight - it tagged me.

 — with Bobby Williams.


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