Sunday, January 7, 2018

Baby Steps

Journaling from January 7, 2018 (9:17 PM)

I’m super tired tonight but wanted to document my day. - Today was so much better than yesterday. I had brunch with a great friend, and we spent hours chatting about our dads. It was therapeutic for us both.  ♥️ -Bonus! I put on jeans AND a bra today! 🙌🏼 Baby Steps.

My mom & pop came over to bring some of my favorite comfort food this afternoon. I do love food! I think the entire family was thankful for some home cooking. Three of our neighbors have either brought food or offered to bring food, so my kids are feeling more confident about their ultimate survival this week. We somehow have 16 boxes of cereal, but we seem to be entirely out of milk. It’s fine; it’s fine.

It was nice to sit and chat about Dad. Being an only child, I’ve felt a bit alone with my childhood memories of Dad. It was nice to talk with my mom about my dad and look at super old pictures. She helped fill in some of the gaps.

I read her what I’ve written so far for my dad’s memorial we both laughed and cried. Which is about how my entire day has gone. Laughing and crying. It felt good to laugh today.

This week will be tough. Saturday is going to be wonderfully awful. I need the closure, but I also know it will make everything feel so final.

Thanks to everyone for all of your kind words, comments, private messages, texts, and calls. Each one has touched my heart.

This picture has been framed on my dad’s desk for as long as I can remember. It’s now perfectly placed (in the same broken frame) on my bedside table. ♥️

Again, FB automatically tagged Dad in this photo. It missed me this time. Thankfully FB didn’t recognize my naked little booty.
 — with Bobby Williams.


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