Thursday, January 4, 2018

Grief is Exhausting

Today was much like the days before except I got up out of bed this morning and helped get the kiddos back to school. That was exhausting.  

I put on pants. Sweatpants. But no bra. It’s fine; it’s fine. I took Emma to the orthodontist, but I didn't go inside because... no bra.

I mostly went through pictures of my dad all day. I love looking at pictures of him, and today I super love this one ♥️. Facebook tagged my mom, my dad, and me which is rather impressive. 

My dad’s pants are amazing! Does that tie match the pants? What is happening there?

My mom’s outfit is on point! She looks so cute. I bet she made my dad go to church for Easter. I bet he rolled his eyes - a lot.

And you can see - I’m a snappychat filter before snappychat filters were even a thing.  🐰

My parents divorced before my 1st birthday, so I don’t remember them being married at all. They couldn’t be more opposite, so I always laugh a little when I see them together as a couple. They both have told me that I’m the only good thing that came from their marriage, but I only remember them getting along always and loving me so well my entire life. All (almost) 45 years of it. Parenting goals!
 — with Cheryl Doublin DeJulius and Bobby Williams.


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