Sunday, August 1, 2010

From Beep Beep Beep to Buzz Buzz Buzz

Bad News:
Nate's DexCom receiver (Beep Beep) stopped beeping

Good News:
Nate's DexCom still vibrates (Buzz Buzz)

Bad News:
Nate's DexCom receiver stopped beeping

Good News:
DexCom is over-nighting a new receiver

Bad News:
It crapped out on Friday and the new one will not be here until Monday (no Saturday delivery)

Worse News:
Nate was dx with strep throat on Friday and it was time to change his sensor.  Boo!  The trouble with changing the sensor (which was very close to falling off at this point) was we would have have to change the sensor AGAIN when we receive the new receiver on Monday.  But with Nate having strep I decided to go ahead and insert the new sensor.  I was feeling like it was a total waste until this happened . . .

High blood sugar and LARGE ketones.  After a pod change, an injection and a lot of fluids it was nice to watch Nate's bs come down on the DexCom.  After 2 hours he was 150 or so with a double arrow down so we gave him a snack and then he remained steady at 130.  Without Dex we would have had to do a million finger pokes on Nate's already chewed up little finger tips so I guess the extra sensor was worth it!


Joanne said...

Poor guy... glad to hear he's feeling better though. When we told Elise that Nate was sick, she was very sad for him.

Tracy1918 said...

Awwww.....I hope he gets better soon!

Sarah said...

that so makes me want to do a is tough to do so many finger pokes. How often do you think you're checking Nate now with the CGM as opposed to without it? We average 15 checks a day, mostly due to double checking after a high/low. I'd love, love, love if we could just cut that in half!

Heather said...

Oh, extra sensors will always be worth it! I hope that he starts feeling better soon!

Amy said...

Ohhhh Super Nate...feel better buddy!!

Amanda said...

Sick kids are super hard, but sick kids with diabetes? Sheesh. I'm so glad you had the DexCom! I hope he is feeling better!

Cindy said...

Poor Nate! Sickies are no fun! I hope the strep clears up quick and he can start to feel better!

Meri said...

Strep throat is SO sucky!! Poor Nate!! Poor Momma! Hope his meds work quickly!!

LaLa said...

Sarah - I was so mixed about the CGM but now I cannot imagine life without it. We have gone from checking Nate's bg from 12-14 times per day to 7-10 times per day. Closer to 7 except during these past few days while dealing with strep.

Unknown said...

What is it with our equipment this week girl!!!? Are your sure you have to change out the sensor with the new receiver? I though that you could couple the receiver with your current transmitter? And/or if they send a new there any way to remove the old transmitter and pop in the new one? Sorry, just thinking out loud.

I hope Super Nate feels Super Great real soon Laura. xoxo Oh and on those pump packs from tally gear...I love that they have the x-small size (18 - 24 inches) - it is so hard to find belts small enough for these guys.

OK...I think I am finally done with my long you!!!

Good job mom and yay for Dexie. Those are they times when it REALLY, really pays off. Makes such a difference.

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