Sunday, May 23, 2010

The New, The Improved, The Smaller OmniPod!

Update - 1/2011
To read more on the Smaller OmniPod please check out this informative post over at DiabetesMine by clicking here.  


My next few posts are all about OmniPod - a bit of a continuation on the Parade of Pumps and OmniPod, OmniPod - Oh How I Love Thee!

I am not trying to push the OmniPod ---  just passing along a few facts and a lot of personal stories about our journey on the pod.

I don't know about you but I cannot WAIT until the next version of the OmniPod comes out.  Here are a few of the things that I am SUPER excited about:

* The new pod will be 40% smaller.  That is a huge difference on Nate's little sweet spot!!  

* The minimum amount of insulin required will go from 80 units to 65 units.  Yippeee!  

* The cannula will be BLUE so that you can see it more clearly through the window.  Call me a dork but I am SUPER excited about this feature!  It might be my age but I find it really hard to see that cannula.

* CGM receiver integrated into the PDM (Personal Diabetes Manager or Remote).  It will be the 1st three in one . . . glucometer, CGM and pump remote.

I heard a rumor that the 'Idex' which is the OmniPod PDM and Dexcom receiver was submitted to the FDA 2 weeks ago!!  Woot-Woot!!

I love all of the progress being made by Insulet.  They are truly a 1st class organization.  Everyone that I have met at Insulet Corporation has been kind, compassionate and knowledgeable.   One of the things that touches me personally is that so many of the employees that work for Insulet have first hand knowledge of Type 1.  Many of the employees have type 1, the Chief Operating Officer's wife has T1 and the original Venture Capitalist has a son with T1.  This company is not out to make a quick buck on diabetes.  This is a company that knows and cares about diabetes & knows and cares about the 25,000 patients that trust OmniPod to keep them alive every day.

Update - 1/2011
To read more on the Smaller OmniPod please check out this informative post over at DiabetesMine by clicking here. 


Tracy said...

I will be anxious to hear your review once you can try it all out! Sounds promising. :)

AjsMommy82 said...

I'm so happy for you! Smaller would be much better for Nates tiny tushy! :)
At 1st I thought they were coming out with the cgm IN the pod and almost had a heart attack from the excitement! Can't wait for that day! But smaller, less insulin and a blue canula is good too! ;)

Penny said...

Hey - thanks for the update! I am super thrilled about the size of the Pod being reduced - what a great thing! Love the 65 units to, especially for our kids. I have heard that the people who are already on the OmniPod will be the first ones to have them shipped to them when they roll out. Have you heard the same thing?

Wendy said...

Yup! Technology is an awesome thing!

When Addy first started pumping, it was almost unheard of to put a toddler on a pump, and the Omnipod wasn't even an option. When I wore a pod for 3 days out of curiosity, the Omnipod rep in our area was using the "smaller pod" thing as a selling point during their presentation at our JDRF walk in 11/07...for almost 3 years now I've been hearing this "smaller pod talk". Hopefully it really is getting closer!!!!

I'm equally excited to see what's on the horizon for Animas...their Dexcom combo pump is due to be released this year, and JDRF has partnered with them to the tune of 8 mil for plans to have a 1st generation closed loop system available in the next 3 - 4 years.

MM has a patch pump (Paradigm Veo) already on the market in the UK. They are a leader in technology development, and have been working on a closed loop system for quite sometime.

Solo? Aviator? D Techno Land, there's plenty of possibilities circulating.

Even with all the excitement, however, I've learned that, when it comes to D technology, I'LL BELIEVE IT WHEN I SEE IT!

Wendy said...

Sorry...I'm a little hazy this morning...

I MEANT to say (and don't want to start rumors) that MM is WORKING on a patch pump and their Paradigm Veo has an automatic low suspend using CGM technology is already available in the UK. The automatic low suspend thing is a BIG step towards a closed loop system.

Forgive me...I was up until after 1 am with work, and the girls had me rocking and rolling by 5:30...with that, I think I'll go find a java so my brain cells can connect before something serious happens around here!

Diane said...


My name is Diane. I am 22 and from the UK. I've been diabetic since age 9 and only recently got my first pump. It's a MiniMed but not Veo, as I couldn't convince my NHS trust to pay for that. The NHS are quite strict about pumps. You can only get one if injections won't work and very few children, in particular, use them.

The Veo does sound quite good but the person I know with one had to pay for it privately and I can't do that. However, I don't mind as the CGM sensor for the Veo- which is the same as the one which works with the standard MiniMed- looks so brutal. Ouch! I would love a CGM but I can't do with the MiniMed sensors. Dexcom sounds better.

I am excited about the progress on the horizon. The Animas Ping should be here soon (only the 2020 is right now), although I doubt it will be NHS-funded as the only added benefit is a remote and the non-diabetic penny-pinchers who decide on funding would never accept we 'need' one.

The OmniPod (my dream pump)should also come here this year but I think pigs will fly before the NHS pay for that. Sigh.

Woooooooooo Hoooooooo! Can't wait for the smaller Pod! As much as I love the Pod, we've had a tricky transition with it getting bumped around...three Very Active Boys wrestling on a trampoline every day will do that. Still working on T-Bear's "Pod Awareness" (i.e. DON'T fly down the slip-n-slide on your Pod!!!!), but we're getting there. A smaller Pod will be soooo much better!

Oh, yeah, and Virtually Blind Mama will REALLY appreciate a blue cannula!

BTW, I was told by our rep that as soon as the smaller Pods are available, they will be automatically shipped to existing customers in their "next batch". Cool. Love their Customer Service :)


LaLa said...

Wendy, WOW! An entire blog post as a comment. Thanks for all of the great information!

The good news about the OmniPod smaller pod is that I have actually seen it and held it in my own hands. It is the real deal.

I am so happy with the pod that even if it takes another 2 years for the smaller version to come out - that's ok. The pod is working out so well for Nate we are happy to see a smaller version but still loving the one we have.

The odd thing is that the research that I have shows that Insulet did not start working on the smaller pod or the idex until 2009. I am sure the rep you spoke with in 207 was excited that some day there would be a smaller pod but the actual design and research for the smaller pod did not even begin until last year.

I am aware of the JDRF and Animas (J&J)closed loop system - that is exciting! I, like you will wait and believe it when I see it. I remember when J&J made the generous donation to JDRF just after Johnson & Johnson heiress Casey Johnson passed away.

It is all good and exciting! -- I am hopeful that with all of the great companies out there doing so much research that the quality of life for all T1 patients will do nothing but improve!

Penny & Mo - - - I heard the same thing. Won't that be exciting! Open the new shipment and SURPRISE --- smaller pod!!

We've had a few issues with Nate knocking off his pods too. I have a post brewing in my brain about it. :)

Hi Diane, I am not familiar with the NHS at all but here in the US OmniPod has a promotion called 'cut the cord' where you can get the OmniPod 'starter kit' for $299. Hopefully,they will do the same thing over there. :)

Meri said...

I am so excited for you! A smaller pod on Nates bum will be so cool! I know if I had the pod, I would be over the moon too! Can't wait for a better technological future for us all!!!

Diane said...

Hi Laura,

It would be so cool if the OmniPod did get over here. I think the main issue the NHS would have with it, though, is that the pods are about $30 each. They don't even like giving us test strips on prescription and they're only $1. I only get enough for 8 tests a day so I often buy more.

Plus, before the OmniPod can come here the PDM will have to be changed to give BG's in mmol. I personally prefer the mg/dl system you have, so I use an imported meter but the NHS would only accept mmol. I think mg/dl is easier because you don't get any decimal readings.

Thanks for the info!! I can't wait for the new smaller pod to come out.

Karen said...

Thanks for passing along the info. I have two years left on my minimed pump warranty and have been very happy with it. But a smaller pod that had CGM integration might make me seriously consider switching in two years!!

Kirsten said...

Hi Laura. My name is Kirsten & I have had Type 1 diabetes since I was 21 months old. For many years I thought I was one of the youngest to be diagnosed, but hearing your Nate got it at 18 months - wow!

I use the OmniPod & I do like many things about it, but I have some serious frustrations that have me thinking about changing pumps. I have lots of trouble with the cannula coming out of my skin. The adhesive works just fine & I hold down the pod when I do the insertion, but b/c the bottom of the pod is flat & I'm not, it tends to rock side to side, dislodging the cannula just enough to allow any insulin being administered to leak out. So I have to change my pod, "harvesting" the insulin from the loose pod so I can use it in the new one. I'm sure that admission will make medical professionals scream, but it's worked for me. I know I can use Hypafix tape to secure it, but I feel that I shouldn't have to do that. Maybe the smaller pod will reduce or eliminate that problem.

All that being said, I do love the fact that I don't have any tubing to mess with. I've had a MiniMed and a Deltec Cozmo (loved that pump!) & finding places to stash the thing when you're trying to sleep or to dress up to go out was a royal pain.

I'm pretty interested in the Medingo Solo, which was just sold to Roche Diabetes Care, by the way. I like the idea of being able to change your site without wasting any insulin that's leftover. The algorithms for programming & dosing are unclear so I don't know if it would shine in that area or not.

Your family & Nate are very lucky to have gotten diabetes now, as opposed to in 1969, when I was diagnosed. We used U-40 insulin, glass syringes, harpoon-sized needles, and Tes-tape to check for sugar in the urine. Type 1 is still a crappy, crappy disease that can really wear you down mentally, but with the tools available today, Nate has the opportunity for a much more "normal" life, and a very long one. I am now almost 43, and virtually free of complications; so far, so good!

I have a family member with Crohn's disease so your comments re Sophie were very interesting. I sure hope she's feeling a little better too & hope that's not what's causing her distress.

I live in Plano too, so if you'd ever like to get in touch or get together, I'd love to meet you and Nate!

Guess I kinda rambled there. Sorry! But thanks for posting about the upcoming OmniPod improvements. I missed the meeting so this was very helpful!

Anonymous said...


I hate refilling our current POD orders in hope the next gen will be out SOOOOON for our 6 year old.

Hope the screaming stops witht he next gen. Have had more than our share out of this last box.

Mike said...

Anymore updates? 2010 is almost over now...

Leigh said...

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