Saturday, May 15, 2010

Diabetes Snapshots -

Ok, I am going to have to cheat today -

This week has been crazy busy with things like - - - Sophie's last day of school, Emma's field day, Emma's spring concert and well, just the everyday stuff that comes along with having 3 active children.

So, I am going to post my 'Save the Date to Walk with Nate' video. After all, I am gearing up to start raising money for our JDRF walk . . .


You can always check out our life in pictures by clicking HERE.


Cdejulius said...

I know several have already planned to walk . . .I hope for over 100 to walk for the cure for Nate and all type 1's! We have a big red circle on the date . . .send out the official paperwork and we will officially get signed up!!! Team Nate, GaGa and Poppa are walking on your behalf!

Karen said...

This is not cheating because 1) there are no hard and fast rules for Diabetes Blog Week (because D-Blog Week is a stress-free zone) and 2) it's pictures!!! All good!

Hallie said...

How have I not seen this before? It is BEAUTIFUL! You made me cry! I hope you get 100 plus walkers! We'd come walk if we were just a wee bit closer!
And Jason was super excited because he LOVES Steven Curtis!

Heidi / Jack's Pack said...

Wonderful video!!! So moving!

connie said...

Beautiful, moving, tear-jerker...that made me pull out the kleenex.

Good luck with your walk and I hope you get 100 plus walkers this year!!!