Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Making the low go . . .

Depending on the situation and the low we treat with different things.  Our typical daytime 'low' snack is a banana. Nate loves bananas and peanut butter. We give him 10g - 15g of banana and a spoonful of peanut butter and it's all good.

Of course, super lows are a different story.  We keep an ample supply of Juicy Juice (15g) juice boxes on hand & we are not afraid to use them!

At night . . . depending on the low we may use the little Danonino yogurts with 7g of carbs, a drinkable yogurt with 15g of carbs or if we're not messing around we always have the Costco supply of Juicy Juice in the pantry to combat the low lows.

And that is how we make the low go . . .


Anonymous said...

Bananas are a good fix. Nate rolls pretty well. He looks very happy double fisted with his PB and banana.

Heather said...

I like the idea of bananas! I hadn't thought of that before. I have no idea why, but I really like it. Especially because my daughter LOVES bananas.

Tracy said...

Great post, Laura! I love the pictures of Nate!

Meri said...

Your banana is so cheerful! And Nate is gorgeous!

Joanne said...

Elise and Nate are banana twins! We've been doing banana and almond butter for her afternoon snack lately, and she loves eating the almond butter right off the spoon!

connie said...

My girls looooove bananas, I may try this the next time one of them has a low blood sugar. Thanks for sharing!

Nate is so Cute :)

Penny said...

Bananas are great but Nate is greater! What a cutie! And I think between the two of us, we should buy stock in Juicy Juice. I have a serious collection growing, with summer coming up, I am stocking up!

Nicole said...

Love the way Nate rolls ;)that is one cute kid!!

Unknown said...

NATE is soooo stinkin' CUTE...LOVE the pic of him with his banana and PB...CLEVER!!!

Donna said...

Add me to the line-up for buying stock in Juicy Juice! =)
Jacob loves Banana's too - we have used them many time for lows... they work GREAT! =)

Lora said...

love your pics... too cute :)

AjsMommy82 said...

We have a fridge full of those drinkable yogurts!

Karen Angleton,Texas said...

We love bannana's too, but we also use fruit gummy snacks called NEMO's or little bag of skittles for the hard lows..also a tablespoon of chocolate icing for the more difficult times..they never fight me with the icing. There is also a gel candy that you can squirt in their mouth...my girls say the icing and gel candy is easiest because they have difficulty chewing when they are really low. Those are those scary lows..not that they all arent scary but you know what I mean...

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